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Apparently you have to be skinny to wear certain things :/

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        01-23-2013, 08:10 PM
    I don't care what size a woman is, if she is comfortable in her own skin then she can be sexy as hell. The only time this has any exception is when a girl, no matter what size she is, is convinced she is smaller and buys her clothing accordingly - usually 2 - 4 sizes smaller. That is just wrong, you are beautiful the way you are, stop trying to squeeze your luscious curves into something for the bonier ones among us.

    Cut wise, wear what you want. Sure, some cuts flatter different body shapes in different ways, but if you are comfortable it is going to suit you much more than if you feel awkward. I think too much emphasis is put on "style" these days.
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        01-23-2013, 08:31 PM
    Trained a guy, even an old guy, I cannot say that "if she is comfortable in her own skin then she can be sexy as hell". There is a point of having too much skin...

    Truth in advertising: I could loose some 'skin' too!
        01-23-2013, 09:06 PM
    Quote: a guy, even an old guy, I cannot say that "if she is comfortable in her own skin then she can be sexy as hell". There is a point of having too much skin...

    Truth in advertising: I could loose some 'skin' too!
    And who gets to choose what that point is?

    That's one of the things I don't get about fashion. As I've said, I think brown and black look fine together. Who decided that they don't? Why? Same goes with any other rule of fashion.
        01-23-2013, 10:22 PM
    Woah woah woah.

    Yes the stuff she said was kind of out of line, but so is criticizing a model looking "fake" and "needing makeup" and "looking creepy"

    And I wear yoga pants all the time. Stuffed in my boots, to work, with flats, with heels, heck I'm wearing some right now to the airport!

    Sheesh, some of you need to chill. Some of these comments.... shows you aren't being respectful and leading me to believe that currently you are no better than the lady in the video.

    Treat others how you want to be treated.
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        01-23-2013, 10:24 PM
    Originally Posted by Cinder    
    And who gets to choose what that point is?...
    I guess the guy she wants to attract. A woman can FEEL incredibly sexy and comfortable with herself, and that is fine by me. I think people should figure out what they are willing to do or not do with regard to fitness, and then accept the result. I'm carrying excess weight because I'm not willing to do the things to get rid of simply isn't worth it to me.

    Sex requires two. So if the other person is in synch with someone else's values and resulting shape, then that is "sexy". My wife & I have gained weight over the last 26 years of marriage, but we see each other thru the lens of those 26 years of shared happiness, setbacks, tears, caring, kids...she is beautiful to me, but I wouldn't expect a 20 year old guy to understand, any more than I would expect a young woman to see ME thru that 26-years shared life lens.

    One of the nice things about sharing a lifetime with someone is that you see each other in a way no one else does...and it doesn't matter what others think.

    No idea if that answers your question. But realistically, I don't go to the beach wearing tiny swim trunks. My wife is the only one with our special "26-years" glasses. Everyone else would see me and start clawing their eyes... There is a reason my mare grunts when we're going uphill.
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        01-23-2013, 10:32 PM
    I'm a size 0 and cannot pull off a crop top - not the ones in style, the flare ones, anyway. They make me look FAT. And my waist is tiny. But I have a bigger chest, and because they accentuate that, it makes me just look fat all around.

    The way you describe yourself, I think you could pull off a crop top, no problem. There's so many flattering outfits out there for different sizes these days, especially since everything isn't skin tight.

    My best advice to anyone though: Wear something that flatters your body, even if it isn't always in fashion! It always makes me grimace to see people in the grocery store (I wait on them) that are obese and are wearing skin tight spaghetti strap tops that their chests bulge out of so you can see EVERYTHING, or with pants that go so low that you can see their total crack. I would be so embarrassed if I were that size and wore that. There's outifts out there that flatter every body shape, and women should embrace that I think and understand that the lastest fashion piece may not be the most flattering, skinny, fat, busty, no butt, hips, whatever. I've definitely sworn off anything without shape, for example, because it is the opposite of flattering.

    Sorry if that sounded like a lecture guys, but I just feel so strongly about this, that women CAN look good, any shape or size, with the right clothing!
        01-24-2013, 12:36 AM
    Originally Posted by EvilHorseOfDoom    
    Oh dear, that last one happened with my new breeches once...

    Brown and black can be in the same outfit if the black is very black and the brown is a mid-tan or lighter. But there has to be strong differentiation between them.

    But I'll wear deliberately clashing stuff just to annoy people. And it's amazing how many people get annoyed by what someone else is wearing! I overheard some charming girl speaking in horrified tones to her friend about my unmatched outfit - this was at design school I might add - totally oblivious that I was trolling them because I thought that most design students were too uptight and not really creative or daring at all
    I would agree, brown and black is achievable; it would be need to be a very bold combination though. I would also say, brown-dominant/black-secondary is significantly better than black-dominant/brown-secondary. To be successful, the entire ensemble must be equally adventurous too; otherwise, it looks like a poor decision and not a deliberate statement. A conservatively cut black suit with brown shoes, no matter the amount of contrast is awful..

    Ryan Golsing's stylist masterful paired black with brown here..

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