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Concerning dogs

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    11-09-2011, 07:57 PM
Concerning dogs

It's still long before I'm ready to keep my own horse, but I'm trying to plan as much as possible. One of my neighbors is a hoarder and has about 25 dogs contained in a small area on their property. These dogs are extremely unsocialized, untrained, and have no respect for people. The owners arent quite right in the head, and these dogs do occasionally get out. First time last Thanksgiving they got into the pen with my dogs and ended up costing us over $2,000 in vet bills. Early this summer three of them got out again and took out all 25 of my chickens. They came back the next morning and went after my rabbits, who luckly made enough noise to alert us. Running out trying to chase them away the lead dog actually came towards us growling - so out comes the gun and 2 out of 3 down. About a month ago the one that lived ended up back in our yard and took out over half of my replacement flock, and then just this morning I woke up and went outside to find my rabbit hutch torn open and my bunnies dead on the sidewalk.

The Sherriff is aware, however all but the time we killed the two do we actually have proof that it was their dogs (the second time they got my birds the owners did admit to their dog getting out again) so pressing charges is going to be tough, we are out of city limits so there are no number limits on dogs, and all their physical needs are being met so can get them for neglect. At this point I can't trust keeping anything unsupervised outside, these dogs have chased neighbors horses and taken out lambs.

I'm wondering how dangerous are dogs like these to horses in a smaller pasture/paddock where they may not be able to outrun them very well? How much damage can dogs do to horses trying to defend themselves?
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    11-09-2011, 08:03 PM
Green Broke
Plenty if damage. Neighbors pit bull killed two of our family horses last year. My horse fencing is dog proof, and if I were in your situation I'd have hot wire around the outside bottom and a known agreement with the cops that you were going to shoot to kill. Keep a camera handy at all times for proof, we carry a disposable in the truck bc of my husband being a firefighter, for on scene photos, one would work well for this as well.
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    11-09-2011, 08:07 PM
Green Broke
They can kill a horse. Seriously. Especially if there is more than one dog working together. There is one user here who has had extensive experience with this, wyominggrandma, her daughter's barrel horse was nearly killed by neighbors dogs when they literally skinned the horse alive!

Have you called animal control to find out what your options are? IF you don't have animal control in your area, you probably at least have the Sheriff office who can help. Sadly this is where you are going to have to do some research to find exactly where the law is on your side.

Until then, I probably wouldn't risk putting any animal on your property until you have it 100% secure from outside animals.
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    11-09-2011, 08:15 PM
I'd be shooting to kill next time I saw the dogs step one paw on the property.

Have had neighbor pits chew my kitten to death before I could even reach the scene... I only have a BB gun but I made dang good use of it next I saw a dog I didn't know wander out of the woods. My mare is fiesty and would fight back, but dogs are made to take down large prey when working together, I wouldn't have tolerated the first attack.

Sorry for the loss of your livestock though, that is kinda sad.
    11-09-2011, 08:18 PM
I wouldnt trust a pack of unsocialized dogs one bit and if it were me darn straight I would be shooting to kill. That's really sad that you can't have your horses on your property because some loon wants a boat load of wild dogs there needs to be stronger laws about that. Do you have a ASPCA there where your at? They will look into that im sure and maybe if that don't work call APS. Good luck to you.
    11-09-2011, 08:26 PM
I second the suggestion to use hotwire to keep the dogs out. This will work on the majority of even the most high drive dogs, assuming the shock is high enough.
    11-09-2011, 08:27 PM
The cops know and actually encourage us to take them out (there have been several complaints filed about these dogs). Unfortunatly my BF is gone for 4 days at a time and I'm at work a good chunk of the rest of the time. My phone is my camera and is always on me so that will help, plus getting a smaller carry pistol to always have on me. Also tempted getting a trail cam to have out there to get actual pictures of the dogs on the property for further proof.

The Sherrif knows and expects us to shoot any of these dogs on our property so it's not an issue there. Animal control here is a joke and another rant entirely (BF was deployed and the person left to care for his pets didnt, they took everything and ended up trying to get him for neglect aswell but they ended up actually killing some of his animals keeping them they way they claimed was proper).
    11-09-2011, 08:30 PM
Find out what your law is about free roaming dogs and livestock. In
Wyoming, if you have livestock(horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, etc) if a dog comes on your property, you can shoot it and kill it and the owner of the dog is responsible for 3 times the amount of each animal it has killed or maimed. There is also: SSS. Shoot, Shovel and Shut up.
These dogs can and will chase and kill or tear up your horses if they get a chance once you get them.
If there is no law about how many dogs you can keep, what about legal rabies vaccinations? Most states require rabies, see what your laws are, then contact the sheriff's office and tell them because the dogs are out all the itme and killing your animals, you want to know each and every dog is current on rabies vaccinations for your own safety.
    11-09-2011, 08:32 PM
I understand what you mean about animal control. We live out in the country as well, the last time we called animal control (on that dog that ate my kitten alive), he actually GAVE the dog back to the owners, that's it! We couldn't do anything else, nothing got filed or anything. Not even our sheriff really cares about what other peoples dogs do here.

Glad at least yours gives you the clear to shoot.
    11-09-2011, 08:41 PM
I don't shoot to wound or scare away, if the situation requires me to bring out a gun I want whatever it is to be dead, and these dogs are shoot on sight now once they're on my land. I'm pretty sure it's been the same dog that got away, a red chow, and am worried it's going to be an issue until we catch him in the yard again. The owners know we will shoot, and we will get the cops involved to be repaid for our losses, but again there's something wrong with them and it just doesnt sink in that they need to be responsible for their animals.

How costly is it to run an electric fence for about 1/4 acre?

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