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Dear Santa

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        12-24-2009, 07:36 PM
    Come on guys ...I started it for all to have fun.

    Lets be creative with your own "special" "Dear Santa" letter.

    Good one still owe me a big big big carrot to TRY to replace Percy.
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        12-25-2009, 07:50 AM
    Super Moderator
    Okay... Here we come! I just made this out of blue .


    Dear Santa,

    Forgive me and that night. I'm a teetotaller but my mom didn't told me that she had mixed booze with that juice in a fridge. So actually I'm not responsible for the things I did. Except the stolen Christmas tree, but no one forest owner long for one, just one spruce, do they?

    So well, after I had stolen my Christmas tree in a forest near our house I started to feel thirsty. I carried the tree home and decided to take a great sip of that delicious strawberry juice. Dad warmed up our little sauna and tell I'd have great time to bath just with myself because he and mom were participating a Christmas party in the neigbor town. So they left and I continued drinking that strawberry juice.

    Finally I thought the sauna was warm enough, took my clothes off and climbed on the benches. I don't know how long I sat there when I found it was actually the hottest sauna I've ever sat in. I could bet there was over 300*C in that little room. Or perhaps it was 200. Or 100. Or 80. Anyway, at the very moment I remembered there was snowy outside. So, I thought, I could go outside and roll on snow. It'd cool me down a bit and there would be nothing wrong with it, I remember also my dad did it once when I was a little child and we were at our summer cottage among nothing. Oh Dear Santa, I was just... umm... a bit out of that world when I decided to do it so I didn't remember we live at a rowhouse. So that's why I didn't wear my bikini, swimsuit or actually nothing when I walked out of the sauna, during the shower room to the kitchen, took the last sip of that delicious juice and finally staggered out of our backdoor in our little backyard.

    Dear Santa, I'm sorry if our neigbors saw something obscene during that night. I heard the old lady living in the next door caught a heart attack and was taken into a hospital. I hope she's doing well. Other neigbors looked me badly when I arrived at home after they had released me out of a local police's jail in the next day.

    Well, back to the night. Finally, when I was rolled enough I found I actually felt cold so I decided to go to back in the sauna. There was only one problem; I was locked the backdoor after me when I went out and now I couldn't get in. So the very last memory I have is that I started to walk away. I don't know where was I going to or what was I thinking about but in the next morning I woke up in a local police's jail with terrible headache. They told me they had caught me wearing a Finnish flag (where I caught it?!? I can't remember) and singing 'O Holy Night' outside of a local old people's home. Someone there had called the cops and they had taken me to their jail. Luckily it wasn't very cold outside during that night since I had perhaps frozen myself then. Actually I found I already had some frostbites on my butt and soles.

    Ps. Dear Santa, please forgot that Christmas tree, really. The police told I was very social during that night and told about my little theft very willingly and without they even askeda about it. They and the forest owner charged me around 200 euro for that. So I think it's indemnified.
        01-15-2010, 07:12 PM

    Dear Santa,
    I have been a bad girl alll year, like when I puched my brother or kicked him, or when I forgot to clean my room or when I got a 50 in math. So I was wondering, how much coal do you give away?

    I was hoping to start a coal energy business and I need 500 tons of coal to start it up. Could you send it to Wala Wala, Washington? Maybe you cold get all of your reindeer and maybe Rodolph too to dump it on the warehouse for me.

    Yours trully,
    Bad Girl

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