Did I pull a muscle? Confused here!

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Did I pull a muscle? Confused here!

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    04-20-2012, 04:19 PM
Did I pull a muscle? Confused here!

I've been doing the elliptical for at least a month. I've been building up to it and usually didn't go for longer than 15 min. Straight at a time. I got my own elliptical a few days ago and really like it. Yesterday morning I worked out on it for about 20 minutes. Then I went to work. By 4:00 in the afternoon my right leg started hurting above the knee. It almost feels like I pulled a muscle. When I walk it hurts quite a bit, but when I'm not moving around it's fine.

Today it is quite a bit better, but I can still feel it. I'm confused, since the elliptical is supposed to be really good on the joints. I don't remember banging my leg though, that's why I'm thinking it might be from the elliptical. Even if it feels good tonight, should I give it a longer rest from the elliptical or do I just need to build my muscles up?

I hope it heals fast, because I need to keep up with my exercise!
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    04-20-2012, 04:32 PM
All weight bearing exercise is hard on the joints, but if it is above the knee it isn't a joint unless you mean right on the very top of the knee. If it is higher and in front it is likely your quad, and if in back your hamstring - or it could be a strained/stretched ligament or tendon, although I doubt that as they take much longer than muscles to begin feeling better...
    04-21-2012, 03:24 AM
Most likely you did tear a muscle, lots of little tears. Don't worry, it's normal when you increase the intensity of an exercise, that is how you build muscle. Muscle fatigue is muscle tears, little tiny ones, the body rushes into to heal it and strenghten it, that is muscle increased, odd but true. So the bodybuilders we see with massive muscles, are what we call "ripped" derived from the ripped, torn muscles they worked to achieve that. Give yourself a day off unless you feel bad pain, if that's the case, seek medical attention. If you just feel a sensation like a mild bruise, get back on the machine and after a while of steady exercise, you won't feel it so much if at all.
    04-21-2012, 03:41 AM
Super Moderator
Pulling a muscle, or tearing one, is sudden and dramatic. YOu feel what is almost a "pop" like a rubber band breaking, and sudden very sharp pain. After that, you literally cannot contract the muscle, even though you try. And the pain is sharp, not achy, and it may take as long as a month or more to heal.

I pulled my calf in badminon. It felt like a small explosion in my calf. No mistaking it. And I pulld my hamstring, including tearinf some of the muscles. It is healed but not the same as before.

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