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I sure do. I was always open to it, but since the passing of the guy in my signature, the entire family is a believer, and we are really comforted by him being around. We never "see" him, as such, but he makes his presence known, usually through lights, fans, etc. and it happens in several houses, and at times when he knows we need his comfort or, sometimes just to make us smile.

What I find strange is that I have no doubt it is him and not someone else (like my parents) who have passed. Not sure how we know that, we all just know.

He has made believers out of my entire family, some of whom were pretty serious doubters.

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I certainly do.

I have always been a bit fey and on more than one occasion have felt the presence of an entity. Sometimes I thought I had seen someone but was not certain.

Summer of !976 the UK was hot by a bad drought. I was staying at an elderly friends small holding, she was spring fed with water and this had dried up so all water was having to be carted for her stock and as she had broken her leg, I had stepped in to help her out.
One of the yard cats had taken to hiding her kittens in the wardrobe on my bedroom. I awoke to see a woman bending over as if to see if the kittens were there. I, half asleep said I had taken them out. The woman never spoke and I had the sense that it was not my friend. I followed the woman to the bathroom and she was not there.
Thinking that I was dreaming I went back to bed. In the morning I asked my friend if she had come into my room. She said "No" and added "What did you see?"
I knew that I was not the only person to see this apparition.

Moving on several years, I was woken one night to stones being thrown at my bedroom window. When I looked out there was an older man, dressed in old fashioned farm labourers clothing and he was pointing to the back barn.
I went down and when I went outside the man was at the top of three steps leading to the back stables and barn. I followed him to find one of the young fillies had rolled and was badly cast under the feed manger. No sign of the man.
I managed to extricate the filly, thanked the man and went back to bed.

A year or so later I was again woken by the stones. The man was there but this time he was pointing out across the field. I dressed quickly, grabbed a waterproof coat as it was a terrible night, and followed him. As I turned the corner by the edge of the barn he was walking down across the field, stopping to see if I was following, my old working Border Collie was halfway between him and me. I returned and got the ATV out and followed on that.
Down across the home field he remained about 50 yards ahead of me. The rain was torrential and yet I could see him. Once out of the home field and going up the other side he stopped and was pointing to the woods. I drove to the fence line and shone the lights up the fence. A neighbours heifer had fallen and was upside down in the ditch and in danger of drowning. Luckily I was able to get her to flip over by roping her front feet and using the ATV and she scrambled out the ditch.
No sign of the old man but I thanked him.
Altogether over a period of about 15 years, he awoke me about eight times. Always it was an animal in trouble. Always he led me to where they were and then disappeared.
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Franknbeans- I feel the same way, I feel as if its not there to harm. I don't know how I know its him for certain but we all know it is, and if I know him as well as I think I do he is probably taking the mickey out of all of us.

Foxhunter- Your stories sent shivers down my back!
I don't think I if I were you I would ever sleep in your friends house again lol, I don't think I could.
Your second story is amazing. I'm not sure if I could have done what you did, you must be so brave. In a way it was lovely what he did for you and for you to follow him on all occasions! Your heart must have been pounding. Maybe he once lived or worked on your property and is still watching over it:)

One night my mother was in bed sleeping. She woke up and lit a cigarette in bed, whilst smoking it she fell asleep. She heard someone whisper her name just as the cigarette landed on the quilt cover. The hole from the cigarette is about the 5p, the cigarette had just touched the cover.
He saved all our lives that night.
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I've always believed in ghosts/spirits, mostly from experiences in my house.

Specifically in my downstairs hallway and staircase is where I've had the most encounters with them. Starting at a very young age, I refused to be downstairs alone because of the "monster" and there's never been a time where I didn't get a cold, eerie feeling down there. There have been lot's of occasions where I was on the stairs and suddenly felt like someone was pushing me. Maybe I'm just clumsy, but It's a completely different feeling then just falling, It's almost like I'm being thrown. Various dark figures are seen by most people that spend time in my house, specifically one of a man with long hair that stands in obvious view then fades away. I could honestly go on forever about all the experiences I've had with just that one spirit/ghost/entity so I'll just move on.

In my room there's a really tiny closet where my dad stores his guitars and right in front of it is my rabbits cage. She's extremely brave for a rabbit and is more likely to fight back aggressively than run away from "danger". The only time she ever seems to be afraid is when she stares right at that closet, wide eyed and frozen with fear (this happens every couple of weeks usually). About six months ago I was woken up at 3 in the morning to see her in a complete panic. She was smashing against the walls of her pen frantically trying to escape. Every few minutes she would stop, look up towards the closet thump her feet and take off again. At first I thought maybe she heard something outside that startled her and just needed a few minutes to calm down, but it went on and on throughout the night and I seriously thought she was going to kill herself from it until she finally stopped and I thought I could go to sleep. I looked away for a second, and when I looked back I saw a shadow come out of the crack of the closet door and go along the wall until it disappeared into the next room. She instantly became totally calm and went to sleep as if nothing had happened. It could be my imagination, but the look of fear on her face was like nothing I'd ever seen...and the whole situation just didn't feel right. In addition to that, there have been puddles of blood/some dark red liquid outside that closet which seemed completely random (there were no cuts on my rabbit and bleeding that much would have killed her instantly) and the shelves next to it constantly seem messier and more jumbled than the way I'd left them.

I'm sure all of that sounds completely insane (and maybe it is), but I do strongly believe there's something in my house causing those events.
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Yes and no. I have seen some extremely strange things. I do not believe any of them were figments of my imagination, and I know they were not magic. I believe that there are many things we do not have the instrumentation to detect - which does not mean they do not exist. Most people do not report the odd things they see or experience. It is hard to collect reliable data on "unexplainable" experiences.

I did manage to come up w an explanation for one experience. I might be wrong, but "optics" was my explanation. My husband was out of town. My dog woke me up at around 2 am and wanted to go out. We had a farm, so I just stumbled to the closest door and let him out. The moon was full and very bright. My dog started barking non-stop which meant something was wrong. I went outside to investigate. I didn't have to walk far to clearly see my buckskin standing in the hay pasture where he was not suppose to be. I ran back to the house to get halters I kept in the mudroom for "emergencies", and to wake up my children and tell them I was going to go catch the horses (I didn't want them to wake up and need me and get scared b/c I wasn't there!). For whatever reason, I did not look in the horse pasture to see if my horses were there. As I walked toward the hay pasture I could still see my buckskin, but didn't keep my eyes on him - I was looking at the ground picking my path. My dog's bark kind of "fizzled" from a "session" of barking. I looked, my buckskin was no longer there. I kept looking for him..nada. I walked back toward the house to get "higher" so I could see "farther", and I saw all three of my then horses standing right where they normally stood at night in their own pasture. I went back to bed. The next morning I went into the hay pasture and looked carefully at the ground where I had seen "my" buckskin - nothing, no tracks of any kind, and none coming in (there was only one entrance". Spoooky.
I figure either it was a ghost, or it was a full body broadcast via the moonlight and air moisture conditions - an "optical illusion" of the same nature as those that have been reported at sea. My other horses were a dark bay and a black..which explains why I couldn't see them in the "broadcast". Either way, I had a dog. :)

Gees Chips...I would just move! I don't like "spook".

There is just as much horse sense as ever, but the horses have most of it.

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I don't make excuses for the spirits I've seen, heard or encountered. I take them at face value, and appreciate what they've tried to show or teach me.

I've experienced too much to try and type it all out.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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Okay, it is getting late. But I can just see a movie w all the posters to date making up all the characters that all come together by some chance happening at an abondoned farm on a moonlit night. FM would be the first to know, the complete non-believer. Then there would be the occasional thumping of the rabbit (like a parakeet in a mine), the old guy pointing out animal mishaps, and the evil shadows spilling out of closets yelling "dude!". Spoooooky.
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There is just as much horse sense as ever, but the horses have most of it.
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You guys sure have some creepy stories.

I myself am a complete believer. I believe in greater powers, not necessarily 'God', or 'Buddha', or 'Allah', or whoever else religions deem to be out there (no offense to the religious people here!), but many powers. I believe in reincarnation, and I believe in ghosts.

I've only ever had a couple of personal experiences with them. When I was a young child, my grandfather had a wonderful dog, ironically named Angel. One day she went missing and never returned. Years later, I awoke late one night. I shared a room with my older sister and I saw what was unmistakeably the shape of Angel hovering over her bed, even though it seemed to made of the most beautiful, rainbow coloured static. She turned to look at me when I sat up, and gave me her trademark doggy smile. She disappeared after that, and I simply rolled over and went back to sleep.

Another night, only a few years ago, I woke up and could smell my grandfather - you know how people have their own scent? I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night, the smell was so strong and I couldn't understand it. I spent the next day with friends and, upon returning home that afternoon, learned that my grandfather's brother had died early that morning.

As for physical evidence... I went on a ghost tour for my sister's 21st birthday. I was looking through the photos a year later, and saw something in one of the photos. In one of the windows, I saw the face of a little girl. I showed my mother, she saw her and a woman. My grandmother looked and saw both of our figures, as well as a man. Earlier this year I sent the image to a new friend who was very much into ghosts. She played with the photograph on the computer, adjusting brightness and contrast, playing with everything she could. She found one face that just would not disappear, and it wasn't any of the ones we had seen. It was a woman staring out of the window, and we had never seen her before, although she was so clear now. But of course, that isn't the creepiest part.
I was researching my grandmother's family for a family tree and found some information on what would be my great great great great something or other uncle, and when he came to Australia. He came over with a good friend of his, his wife, and their daughter Mary Elizabeth. The same Mary Elizabeth who was married to the man who built the building where I took the photo.
A few months after this, I was doing some more research on the house, and found a blog from the new owners. It said that the building was reported as haunted and, although they themselves hadn't seen anything, there were many reports of seeing three figures in the halls - a man, a little girl, and a woman, believed to be Mary Elizabeth.

If you ask me, that's either something 'supernatural', or one heck of a coincidence.

This post is getting long, so I'll just quickly summarize a few other things. My friend and I did some 'ghost hunting' around town last year and got a few interesting photographs. One was taken from inside the car whilst we were travelling at around 60 km/h. There was a blur of bright white through the photo, going the same direction as the car. Another featured a misshapen bright gold 'orb'. Another was a pale blue orb in a photograph of my father, and when I zoomed in on it, I swore I saw my nan, his mother. There are plenty more, including strange 'orbs' in my house, and then there's the case from a few years ago of my MP3 player which went missing, only to be found weeks later on my book case, still working but with all song names etc written in Japanese.
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A boyfriend from way back, had a big job doing stone masonry for a man building a big hose. It was to far to commute so he rented a cottage nearby. I stayed at home because of the horses.
Bill had told me that there were several strange events in the cottage, in the bathroom toothbrushes were always on the floor in the morning, the glass often broken in the basin. The TV would switch on and of or change channels. Food in the fridge would be moved.
I never thought much about it but one weekend went down to stay.
I had three dogs at the time. One a big GSD, the dog of my life, a loyal companion, highly trained and my shadow. A Border Terrier and Bill's old GSD x Lab. Non would enter the house. They did eventually come in. The old dog was shaking and shivering. The terrier was doing her best to sit in my pocket and the GSD was on guard all the time.

Several times I felt someone there. I thought I had sen a man on the stairs but would not have sworn by it. The dogs spent as much time outside as they could.

There was something about this entity that was not just playful. I would not say it was totally bad but it was certainly not so good.

Neighbours said several people had bought the house and sold it very soon afterwards because of 'events'

A couple of weeks later on my return, I immediately felt that this entity was shadowing me. I was getting mad with it as things were continuously being moved and hidden.
I turned and said in a very low voice "Look, you are dead, passed, no longer of this world. Whatever angered you here had nothing to do with me or this house. Go go find others who went before you and find peace. You do not frighten me, just make me very angry and my life a lot more difficult. Please go and find peace."

That was more or less the end of it. I was never pestered by it again nor was Bill although this was shortly before he finished the work. The dogs were normal after my conversation with 'it'.

I will post some other experiences later when I have more time!
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I def believe in ghosts/spirits. I believe my house to have something or someone living in it (besides us obviously!). We bought an old cottage, and extended/renovated it. We live close to towers and castles and there is a lot of history in the area. I can clearly see the ruins of one such tower from my house and it is that close that myself, daughter and 1yo son walked to it just the other day.

When we first build the house, we moved in as soon as possible, and just had the necessities. my husband came home one day and could hear a baby crying upstairs. He thought somebody from the travelling community had moved in for the night thinking that the house was empty, upon getting upstairs there was nobody there and the crying stopped when he opened the doorto the room. We have never heard the crying again.

I can't physically make myself walk out of my bedroom at night without turning the lights on. My bedroom is new house, the kids' bedrooms are old house. My daughter has spoken of the man visiting her during the night. My son has been found sitting in his crib laughing at the corner of his room.

Only once have I had a bad experience... but I don't know if it was my mind or something that happened. Asleep one night, I felt something grab my ankle, I panicked and was wide awake by the time it "let go". I'm not 100% certain if I was just dreaming or if it really happened. I do remember when I did eventually fall back asleep, tucking my feet up right underneath me though :) lol

Whomever is visiting isn't hurting us... it's to be expected in such an hold house.

On another note, The woman I bought Bandit from lived in Kildare... I had gone up to try out Bandit and we went into her house to discuss things. The moment I walked in the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I felt unnerved. I sat there awhile before I couldn't help it, and mentioned it to her. She then told me that the house was on the same land where the wolftones had burnt down a church full of people and they had all died. She said that for years she would wait outside for her parents to get home as she couldnt bring herself to go inside. Her sister had serious trouble in the house and constantly saw spirits to the point where she refuses to go into it. I don't remember ever feeling so unnerved, and I can honestly say that if it came down to it I wouldn't go back into the house.

A few months after my mom passed, we were driving through a town and I either saw her twin or her. I can't explain it, but a woman walked up the street and looked right at me and it was the image of her, so the point if I had been driving I would have stopped (try convincing a husband to stop the car because you think you see your dead parent!). My brother and father have both been visited by her... bar that experience, I haven't as of yet.

Stop for a minute, open your mind, learn. You may not agree with what I say, I may not agree with what you say but we will both learn something new.
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