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Originally Posted by texasgal View Post
... or better yet ...

..when the 911 operator told him to STOP FOLLOWING HIM .. he could have walked away..



When average people take law enforcement into their own hands, lawlessness is often the result.

If you dont' like hearing all this stuff about him in the media (namely FoX and CNN) turn the TV off and do something else. It sucks that this man should be tried by the media instead of a judge and jury.
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Originally Posted by Derry girl View Post
whats the max sentance for 2nd degree?
Maximum of life in prison; Minimum of 25 years if firearm is used, otherwise a minimum of 20.5 years under sentencing guidelines for a person with a clean record.

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Originally Posted by PaintHorseMares View Post
Maximum of life in prison; Minimum of 25 years if firearm is used, otherwise a minimum of 20.5 years under sentencing guidelines for a person with a clean record.
Buck... I swear I wish theyd introduce sentances like that over here.. unreal the amount of scumbags you see leaving court free or with 2 or 3 yr sentances. Its unreal. Make you sick to your stomach. Am not saying Zimmerman is a murderer but If he is I bet he wishs he was over here, would probably get 9 maybe 10 years and get out early for good behaviour!
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Eh, there have been plenty of murderers get off over here, or get such a ridiculously small sentence it hardly seemed to matter.

Regardless of the prison time, should he be found guilty of murder, that makes him a convicted felon
Even if he gets a short sentence, that conviction never goes away and will affect his ability to find a decent job and housing, as well as stripping him of his right to vote and own firearms.
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Originally Posted by Derry girl View Post
Today I was reading about an on-going case in the states about George Zimmerman, who shot an unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, (apparently) in self defence in a gated community.

Trayvon Martin's family and supporters have said Mr Zimmerman killed him in cold blood after suspecting the teenager was a criminal based on his race and the fact he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt.......The neighbourhood watchman's supporters have said he only opened fire after the teenager attacked him, broke his nose and banged his head against the pavement.

Zimmerman has now set up a website so people can give him donations to pay toward his living and legal expenses!

Zimmerman has not been charged because under Florida's "stand your ground" self-defence law individuals are granted scope to use force if they feel seriously in danger.... and now hes gone missing..on the run in my opinion!
stand your ground means there is zero obligation to retreat or break contact. It does not mean you can draw down on someone for just being there. There must be a reasonable perceived threat, such as a visible weapon, being attacked, or otherwise in imminent danger
Whats your opinion on this case? .. To be honest I find it very hard to be certain of whos in the wrong, Like you have Zimmerman saying Trayvon attacked him and then you have Trayvons family saying he was a good lad, would'nt get involved in disputes and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time..
I don't personally believe squat in the media. Every news entity has its own agenda, puts a wicked spin on the words, and are all driven by greed instead of principle. The family will always say the victim was wonderful and harmless, never minding that he may be a multiple strike goat molester or violent criminal or juvenile delinquent.

When it comes to this "stand your ground" law, personally I find this very disturbing. Coming from a country that people used to kill eachother because of their Religion, sometimes ethnic background, but 90% of the time religion, If we had that law in Ireland it would get heaviley abused....I was called catholic scum oneday because Iv redy/auburn hair and was wearing a green dress...I would end up afaird walking through certain areas incase people thought I was a threat, could just shoot me and nothing would be done?

Like wether you support Zimmerman or not the usual proceddings would be that he would be taken in for questioning to find out exactly what happened. From what I hear on the news the police just made sure Zimmerman was ok because he said straight away that it was self defence so they let him go on home...That dosent seem normal to me when a 17yr old lad is laying dead on the road.
Obviously, the cops saw sufficient evidence to corroborate Zimmermans story, which matched the initial inspection of the crime scene. It could also be that he got a lawyer involved from the start.

I'll not go to much into what I feel about people been allowed guns in their home because I know that its a fairly common thing in America and I dont want to rattle any cages but I do think that laws should be tighter on who can get a Licence and maybe it should be complusory for them to do a training course, My granda had a shot gun for hunting but he had to a 3month course and keep the gun in a locked trunk in the basement and keep the bullets in the attic and the garda would visit every few months to check that he still stored it like that.. and that was in the 40's!!... Does that happen in America??

Like was it really nessacary for Zimmerman to shoot Trayvon dead? If he really needed to shoot could he not have shot him in the arm or leg so that it would wounded him and Zimmerman could have phoned the police...
When involved in a fight of any type, fine motor skills go to pot, and you automatically revert to your most basic training received thats ingrained into your subconscious. There is little cognitive thought happening under extreme duress-it is all automatic "fight or flight" primal instincts.
Whats your thoughts on this?
As a firearms instructor, and former Urban Warfare Instructor in the Marines, i train my students firmly and properly to ingrain the methods into their subconscious mind.
To "shoot him in the arm or leg" is beyond preposterous, and is borderline ludacrous.
I was trained, and still train, to shoot center mass. That's the center of the chest for those not in the know.
We spent obnoxious amounts of time training to shoot 2 to the chest and 1 to the head.
Why? Two reasons. First, it incapacitates the attacker, and two, it eliminates the threat.
In any fight, it is win or lose, and losing is not an option.
In a fight for life, it is kill or be killed.
Did Zimmerman murder the kid?
I don't know.
I really don't much care either.
Truth be told, it raises more questions.
What was the kid doing in that area? It's a gated community. I'm pretty sure he wasn't selling cookies door to door.
What actions did the kid do to draw Zimmerman's attention?
What did he do to create the perceived threat?
Why didnt he comply with the instructions given?
Was he confrontational? Why?
All this will shake out in the trial, and i really hope that the truth comes out.
If the kid was wrong, he owns it.
If Zimmerman was wrong, he owns it, and does time in the slammer.
I think there will be some blame to be had on both sides.
I do hope that justice, and i do mean BLIND justice prevails.
There's entirely too much political grandstanding going on to ferret out any semblance of the truth at this point.

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If Zimmerman had listened to the dispatcher and allowed the proper authorities to handle the incident none of this would have happened.
It is sad that this case has been tried and retried in the media and will for the next year or so. Shalom
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Azwantapaint said

"What was the kid doing in that area? It's a gated community. I'm pretty sure he wasn't selling cookies door to door."


Um, he was living there.... walking home from the store....

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I've testified in enough criminal casess to know the jury can come up with some very crazy verdicts! I just read where Trayvon's mother believes the shooting was an accident. (I'm not saying I agree with her assessment, though.) She sounds like a very classy lady. As a mother myself, I can't begin to know how much pain she is in.
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Originally Posted by gigem88 View Post
I've testified in enough criminal casess to know the jury can come up with some very crazy verdicts! I just read where Trayvon's mother believes the shooting was an accident. (I'm not saying I agree with her assessment, though.) She sounds like a very classy lady. As a mother myself, I can't begin to know how much pain she is in.

I wouldn't call her classy, I would call her tacky and looking to grand stand. I saw the news footage of her "plea" in D.C., were only an hour and some away and I was disgusted that she had asked to speak to the black caucus there, then you have Al Sharpton standing in the background along with Jesse Jackson. She then also trade marks her son's name...hmmm....

Then there is this:
The Miami Herald reports that Martin was suspended from school three times over the past year, including once last year for spraying graffiti on school grounds. According to the paper, in the aftermath of that incident, a school police officer who confronted Martin the following day found a dozen items of women's jewelry and a screwdriver in his backpack.

The officer described the screwdriver as a "burglary tool" in his police report, although Martin was never charged or specifically disciplined for that incident.

Here's more on the incident from the Herald:

Trayvonís backpack contained 12 pieces of jewelry, in addition to a watch and a large flathead screwdriver, according to the report, which described silver wedding bands and earrings with diamonds.
Trayvon was asked if the jewelry belonged to his family or a girlfriend.
ďMartin replied itís not mine. A friend gave it to me,Ē he responded, according to the report. Trayvon declined to name the friend.
Martin had never been arrested, according to police and his family. However, he was also suspended from school after being caught with an empty plastic bag with traces of marijuana in it, and once for tardiness and truancy.

A family lawyer, Benjamin Crump, confirmed the suspensions to ABC News on Tuesday, but called the information "irrelevant" to the case. He likewise cast doubts on the Sanford police leak confirming much of Zimmerman's account of the lead-up to the shooting, calling it a "conspiracy" to further cloud the case. ( Trayvon Martin parents in D.C., George Zimmerman says he was attacked.)

I don't know about anyone else, but I am not seeing the "innocent" young man that his parents are trying to portray and I did hear it on the news of the lawyer AND the father saying that what they had on Trayvon was irrelevant. When I heard that I shook my head and shut the tv off.

Zimmerman isn't going to ever be able to have a normal life again. I am really saddened as if this had been reversed or any other race, it would of gotten a blurb on the news and we all go on. There have been a lot of black on white crimes lately and we don't see anyone raising a big stink about them, or we even hearing about them, so is their life no less of importance as these two people?
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I can't stand AS or JJ because I think they are more about turning everything into a race issue.

Zimmerman will never live a normal life?? At least he gets to live one.

I don't care what Trayvon has done in the past. You can't justify the shooting of an unarmed teen based on his past (that you find out about AFTER he's dead).

Zimmerman, by his own words on the 911 tape, was the aggressor. You can NOT persue someone with a gun, shoot them dead like some vigilate Clint Eastwood wannabe, and then call it stand your ground .. you just can't.

LE must have some evidence to charge him with 2nd degree .. I was truly expecting manslaughter..

I guess we wait and see how it plays out in court..

imo imo imo
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