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GRRRRR Sister in laws......VENT!!

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        10-11-2012, 06:33 PM
    No on the bee stings-he is allergic,, and since I would rather have the MS than dead.......However, a new study just came out today-he will be starting on Vitamin D this weekend as a result. You never know, and that is a 'do no harm' kind of thing.

    He communicates with his family, lest I seem like the Bit@$. So, he did send out an email monday-no more MS emails this week-I have had enough......and yes-that was monday.....they did listen at least.
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        10-11-2012, 06:55 PM
    Green Broke
    I will be praying for you. I have had to deal with medical issues for the past 22 and out of the hospital, tests, issues and concerns of all kinds. Adding that to a bunch of fricktard in-laws is hard. I did learn one thing from my MIL and that is not to be a buttinski mother in law!

    I let hubby deal with them for the most part but when he was in a motorcycle accident I had to deal with them and my MIL really crossed the line several times. I realize as a mom he is her child but he is also my husband which she totally ignored. She is gone now and I finally had to cut off all contact with his family. He told me once "My mom is not nice like your mom!" That is an understatement.

    When he had brain surgery his sisters wanted to come. They were rude right to my face on more than one occasion so I told him at that time I didn't want them there. I had enough on my plate as they told me he could stroke and died during the procedure. I told him I wasn't sitting there with his two sisters scowling at me. At that time he did get pissy with me (I am not the girl he married by the way...I put up with their petty crap for years) and so I simply told him, "you can have your fat ugly sisters there or your fat ugly wife. Take your pick but it won't be both". And for once I meant it.

    Not telling you to cut them off...they may not be the total idiots my in laws are but do not put up with crap at this time from anyone...that includes moms, sisters, or your own kids. A sick spouse is wearing on both spouses and sometimes it is a really hard load to bear...that is when I go horseback riding. I will keep you in my prayers and hopefully his health will hold up.
        10-11-2012, 07:48 PM
    Thanks QOS-I am sure I will turn here occassionally......even if just for horsey stuff, and my horses are the best huggers in the whole world. I really hope we can keep both of them. One I ride-the other is retired, but will never be sold, since he has been with us too long and we owe him to live with us until the end. So, it one has to go-it will be the one I ride. Hoping for the best, for sure. Our kids are fabulous and live close, so they will be a huge support, of that I am sure. WE have a very close knit immediate family unit, thankfully. I may have to tell them at some point to back off.....but for now, I will let him handle them.

    As far as being a mother in law-I laugh with my daughter in law all the time. They live across the street, and we have an agreement that we do not pop in, etc. But it is nice to know the other is there for sure. When they married I told her the one productive thing my mother taught me. As a mother in law my role is to stand in back and wear beige. Be Switzerland. It works.

    Really, all in all we are blessed-just these ladies get to me. If push comes to shove my daughter will tell them where to get off, and none of us want that! Lol
        10-11-2012, 08:02 PM
    Green Broke
    That is terrific that your kids are there for y'all. My oldest sons wife if like another daughter to us. We love her dearly. My middle son is getting a divorce bless his heart and we have one daughter, our baby. My DIL is a terrific gal...we get together and cook on a regular basis.

    LOL She has had to be like Switzerland with the inlaws. I certainly never tried to make her choose me over them. I had to laugh though. The Mother's Day before my husband's mother passed away they all went to Barry's sister's house. Like I said, they are very strange where he is concerned. They act like their his girlfriends

    Brandi (DIL) and Morgan (our daughter) came back and said "what the hell is wrong with his sisters? They kept telling Daddy how hot he looked in his jeans. EWWWWWW" I just cracked up laughing. I said "what can I say? His sisters are missing a bolt or two" They gave hubby a plush stick horse for his 50th birthday. Good God what do you say to that? Hubby's older sister passed away when she was only 8 years old and he always said if she had lived she wouldn't have been strange like the other two. I always agree with him on that.

    Glad that your daughter can run interference for you if necessary and I will be praying that you will not have to give up your riding horse. Riding horses has been a major stress reliever for me. I bought Red 1 week before Barry had his brain surgery. When I get stressed I head for the barn and hug up a horse. Just brushing them helps brush away my troubles at times.
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