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Green Broke
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No, not until she tries to take your foot off because you hop on her in the field without any warning! lol I actually think that Annalie and Willow are lifers. I may end up selling Alice and Davinci just to get a couple more of these nifty ponies!

100% Anti-Slaughter and PROUD of it!

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Green Broke
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Originally Posted by kevinshorses View Post
I forgot to add Kiwigirl. She hasn't been heard from much lately but her thread aqbout the injury to her horse was awesome. It may very well save a horses life someday. I know that if I found one of my horses with a wound like that I would have reached for my gun but now I'd have to give it a go.

Also Riosdad was quite a character. He's no longer a member here but I get e-mails from him from time to time and he is quite funny.
Very much so agreed! I wouldn't have even thought twice before having my horse put to sleep I don't think, and seeing what she managed to do was just awe inspiring!

And I miss RiosDad a ton. He was always good for really getting the party started!

Also, I forgot Spastic_Dove! I earned a MASSIVE amount of respect for her after the gay marriage thread. She's a fantastic debater, super intelligent and just really able to keep her cool and explain her points!

I hope God tells her to smash her computer with a sledgehammer.

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Originally Posted by MacabreMikolaj View Post
Very much so agreed! I wouldn't have even thought twice before having my horse put to sleep I don't think, and seeing what she managed to do was just awe inspiring!

And I miss RiosDad a ton. He was always good for really getting the party started!

Also, I forgot Spastic_Dove! I earned a MASSIVE amount of respect for her after the gay marriage thread. She's a fantastic debater, super intelligent and just really able to keep her cool and explain her points!
Spastic was amazing on the gay marriage topic. I have to very much agree with you there.
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This'll take forever, haha.

First, I have to blush at Macabre's post about me. You made my day, hun!

So in no particular order;

Speed Racer and Alwaysbehind. It seems you never find one without the other, and I'm betting they are the most "famous" pair on the forum. They are both excellent at telling you like it is, being hilarious at it, and yet not get themselves banned for being such meanie heads!

AlexS is probably the sweetest person I've ever come across. How she packs so much heart into such a small frame, I have no idea. If I had a chance to meet any ONE person, it would probably be her.

Macabre, because she has my other heart horse, Jynxy. =P Haha. This woman is freaking hilarious. I have to admit, I kind of stalk her because 9 of every 10 posts have me doubled over from laughing so hard. If I ever need to laugh, I know who to find. And underneath that hilarity is a very, VERY smart young woman, and she will make **** sure that you know it. =P

Cori [corinowalk], is just so... real you can't help but love her. I have a feeling that if I met her in real life, she would be exactly the same person as she is on here. And that is a very admirable quality.

inaclick, I just love her. She is so smart, and so funny, I love reading her posts. She doesn't post near enough as she should, I would enjoy hearing more from her.

JustDressageIt is the perfect diplomat. Even when she disagrees with you, she is always very mature and respectful. She is one of the few that can get you to see her side without being one of those fanatics that just want to shove their beliefs down your throat.

Smrobs is another poster I greatly admire. She really wants people to learn and she is more than happy to supply you with her copious amounts of knowledge. From bits to training to prison life [haha] she knows a whole heck of a lot. If I ever end up in Texas, I'm certainly hunting her down, whether she wants me to or not.

Kevin, oh Kevin. He's smart and blunt, and lives a life everyone could be jealous of. Who doesn't love a cowboy? And plus, he has confessed that if the price is right, he will do just about anything.

Wallaby and Lacey are probably my favorite horse/owner combo, both here and real life. They have a bond that would bring tears to your eyes. You also know that she will do ANYTHING for everyone's favorite geriatric. That's very admirable.

And then there's Gillian. She's crazy and smart and funny, and I just have a feeling if we met in real life, we'd be good friends. Even if she does want to leave me for the gators. O_o

And then a small shout out to all my Saloon ladies, y'all are fantastic!

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

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Smrobs and Wildspot are at the top of my list. Both are so knowledgeable but not the type of people that rub it in your face. If you have questions, they are willing to answer to the best of their ability and never once make you feel less for asking. Both women are willing to offer amazing support and a kind word when you need it. It's their knowledge that I find myself coming back for time and time again.

"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion. It seizes a person whole and, once it has done so, he will have to accept that his life will be radically changed." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Green Broke
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AlwaysBehind She's always got such good advice and I love that she won't sugarcoat it. She just says what needs to be said. Not to mention she is in love with my pony! Haha

Kayty Always such great advice, definitely someone I will be turning to more and more as I bring Rex in to full training.

Kevinshorses I always look forward to his posts. Large amounts of know-how sprinkled with just the right amount of hilarious!

Smrobs If I had half this woman's training ability I would be a very lucky lady. Not too mention her horses.....

MacabreMikolaj Another one who's posts I look forward to. Always there to deliver the slap in the face that we all need sometimes! haha!

And while there was a great many things I disagreed with him on, add me to the list who wishes Riosdad was still around here. He always added a new perspective to a discussion. He is on another forum I visit, but he is not very well received over there.

Trojan 09.11.02 - 26.10.10 // Kody 01.09.89-25.06.12 // Rex 05.11.95-21.12.12
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I'm sure I'm going to forget people that I love so if your name isn't on here, don't feel disheartened! I still love you!

In no particular order:

Alwaysbehind and Speedracer (I agree with Ricci, it always seems like you find them together!). They have such insight to things and often say things that I SO want to say, only they know how to spin it to make it more elegant than I ever could. I love how they tell it like it is and totally cut right to the heart of the matter.

Smrobs. She has so much wisdom and she always has great answers for my relatively dumb questions! She's also a great trainer and she's who I think of when I think of someone I "know" who should be famous. And, she's always very encouraging!

Kevinshorses. He's hilarious and he has so much wisdom that he shares upon occasion. He also gives great guy advice!

MacabreMikolaj. I basically stalk every thread she posts. She seems like she has such a great sense of humor and she always has so much fun with her ponehs! And I love Zierra, that doesn't hurt.

DisneyCowgirl and MIeventer. Old pony club unite!! I love that they both have older horses and they aren't afraid to use their oldsters. They both love their horses so much and it's just amazing, it really gives me something to look up to. And it doesn't hurt that DisneyCowgirl's Bella is basically Lacey's soul twin!

I also love Maura. I don't think we've ever had a reason to speak for realsies but I always look for her responses to threads. She's always so well thought out in her answers and she gives such good advice!

Spastic_Dove. We just kind of connected from the time I first joined the forum and we're still buddies. I'm always amazed at how she juggles her life and taking care of Diesel as amazingly as she does. I don't think I could do half of what she does, ever.

Riccilove. She just loves Ricci and Gracie so much and I'm always impressed by how much love and time she puts into her two girls. And it doesn't hurt that Ricci is just so darn cute! Gracie is cute too, of course, but I'm on board with Team Ricci.

I also really appreciate JDI and My2Geldings' insight to things. They have the art of keeping their cool down pat and they're both so inspirational. They're also SO nice to talk to. Dang! They're great.

There are a lot of people, that I really appreciate, that have such great things to say. This is just generally a great forum!

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Ahhhh! This thread is my worst nightmare! I know I am going to forget someone. I have gained so much in such a short time from this board. I different perspective on riding.

AB (alwaysbehind) - What a funny, sensible woman! Cracks me up daily! If you need no nonsense advice, between her and SR (Speed Racer), they can give you great advice without all the fluff. Love them both JUST THE WAY THEY ARE.

Indy- If I could trade lives with just about anyone on the board, it would be Indy. What a loving, sweet woman who would gives the absolute best advice. Even more, I respect her as a fellow Mom. And a great mom she is!

Alex- I have only 'known' Alex for a bit but wow can we relate! On everything but Peanut-butter. I admire her so much for her heart and character. Alex saves the souls of young men. She also is going to hate me for saying that....*sticks out tongue*

Smrobs- My horsey-hero...and owner of one of my current horse crushes. If I have questions about training...I go directly to the source. She doesn't own one horse I wouldn't steal. Not ONE!

Sandy2U- What an awesome person! Sweet, caring, picks great horses...quick...someone distract her so I can steal Major!

Maura - She made me totally rethink the way I felt about riders outside my discipline. Smart, witty, and extremely knowledgeable. I haven't really 'ridden' english in about 8 years...I haven't jumped in 10...If I ever do...Ill have to take a road trip, I wouldn't want ANYONE else to teach me.

Kevin - What a trip! Straight up. No BS. No *****footing. Just exactly what you need to hear exactly when you need to hear it.

If I keep going, I am going to list the entire members of the forum. Everyone on the paste thread keeps me going daily. I am very thankful for all the great friends I have made...and I am even thankful for the people who have challenged me. I am going to have to post another response for this one...thats how much yall mean to me!
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Originally Posted by MacabreMikolaj View Post
I'm so bad, I start giggling when I read the topic title

MIEventer - Super knowledgeable, and yet never a "know-it-all". I enjoy reading her posts, and I love any advice she has to give because she has such an amazing way of presenting it without making you feel stupid or below her. She admits her own mistakes, and laughs at them, and is always so friendly and helpful!

kevinshorses - Where would we be without him? His knowledge is limitless, and he's about as close as you can get to that stereotypical grouchy old cowboy who has more love, respect and fondness for his horses then most teenage girls. He is brilliantly sarcastic, and manages to pull it off from years of experience with you feeling like you're not sure if you've been insulted or not!

riccil0ve - I love her attitude, her openness and her constant essence of innocent joy. She strikes me of someone almost incapable of malice, even when she's angry at someone, it's like being gently chided by someone who is very disappointed in you! She's always so happy, and she truly loves her horses in the truest sense of the word!

Speed Racer - Like the female version of kevinshorses! She's brimming with wisdom, if you're willing to sift past her sometimes daunting exterior! Her dry wit and never ending supply of the best LOLcat avatars the internet can find always have me in hysterics.

smrobs - She's quite possibly the best individual I've ever "met" at staying completely neutral! She's here to offer people her help, guidance and experience beyond her years and simply doesn't got involved in the drama and semantics! I would have trouble believing ANYONE could have a bad word to say about her.

wild_spot - Very much cut from the same mold as smrobs! She has morals and a respect for horses that isn't often seen in people her age, a sort of wisdom that takes a very humble and open person to earn so quickly. She has amazing horses, and fantastic advice.

There's obviously tons more, but I think the obvious ones come to all of us right off the bat!

I have to agree with this post. Very true words about some of the amazing members here on the HF. I couldn't have put it better :)
I also have to agree with riccil0ve.

There is one principle that should never be abandoned, namely, that the rider must first learn to control himself before he can control his horse. This is the basic, most important principle to be preserved in equitation - Alois Podhajsky

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I think I'm going to have to go with AB and SR. Ever since that first thread when we three ganged up on....erm, I mean, tried to help...a certain clueless person, I can't get over their hilariously honest comments.

When it comes to knowledge, I love the comments of smrobs, JDI, and Spyder, and I have immense respect for Spastic.
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