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How to not be a Worrywart!

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        07-11-2012, 10:48 PM
    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    I think that, aside from horseback riding, I do need to find another hobby. If I'm busy and occupied with something I enjoy, I don't worry as much. I might see a regular counselor so I can get ideas on how to chill and relax!
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        07-17-2012, 09:11 PM
    I just typed so much then I clicked on a side ad and it erased it. Darn. But I had a lot to say so I'm going to retype at least some of my thoughts...

    Let me start by saying..
    I used to have such a worrying issue, I thought I had OCD. I saw one doctor who said that I had it. I saw another later on who said that I didn't. My worrying issues were really, really bad. They often resulted in a flood of negative emotion, thoughts distracting me during everyday activities... I felt horrible.

    The first piece of advice I would like to give you: get in touch with faith. OK, so I have no idea if you are religious or spiritual or anything. But, what I can tell you is this simple yet extremely complex way of thinking can save you from decades of worry. I've always been raised Catholic, and I've always had a respect and love for Jesus. However, I have incorporated prayer into my daily routine, and a new respect for Jesus. I used to get so distracted by the ways of the world... too distracted. I still get distracted, but I always acknowledge that Jesus is more important than anything to me. Nothing is more important than my God. If you just lock yourself in your room or go to a quiet place and just speak out loud and tell God about all of your worries, I guarantee you He will be listening. He WILL be. And God answers prayers in different ways. It's most likely that you won't receive the response that your best friend will give you, you probably won't get a text message from a random phone number saying, "Your prayer is answered.." I mean, hey, anything is possible but that's highly unlikely. If you have faith and really try to get to know God and ask Him to take away your worry... your prayers will be answered. You'll be amazed. And since God is divine and not a human, He can do a heck of a lot. Anything He wants to do, as a matter of fact. So, this is my main suggestion. I couldn't genuinely love God upon force. No one has forced me to love God. But I choose to do this, and it means more than anything to me.

    My second suggestion is to try and think like a psychologist. If you can learn a little bit more about the human mind and understand why the heck you think like you do, you'll be able to acknowledge your issues more clearly. For example. I had a slight issue with involuntary thoughts. Whether I would think something I didn't mean about another person, or a random worry or concern came up, and I didn't even mean what I was thinking... I spoke to my friend about it. He said "try not to think about a pink elephant for ten seconds, starting now." Of course, I had to think about a pink elephant. It was too difficult not to. Because my subconscious mind was taking over. I didn't want to think about it, it was not voluntary, but my mind made me think about it anyway. Be able to acknowledge and recognize a thought or worry, realize what you truly think or what you want to think, and then just move on and forget about it. Trick yourself out of your own mind. You have to learn to discipline your mind, well you don't have to but I think it'd help. Instead of thinking "AH, I can't stop worrying" think "I can stop worrying and I can control my thoughts." CONTROLLLLLL. It's hard, but you CAN do it. If you tell yourself you can. Okay, that sounded so cliche, but it is so true.

    I hope that you feel better with this worrying issue. Say a prayer, and think psychology. Along with that, also determine various statements or philosophies you want to live by, and keep those in mind.

    For example.
    One statement: I want to control my thoughts and stop worrying.
    THEN DO IT. Because you can, dear!!

    I hope everything works out for you.
    I still worry, yes. But it's a lot better than it was before. It is manageable. I am able to use my logic and knowledge to help me take over my flying-by worries and thoughts. And distract myself... as my friend (pink elephant guy) also taught me.

    God bless! No worries (;

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