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If you won $1,000,000.00 what would you do?

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        11-13-2013, 12:37 AM
    I'd get a job. Pay for an MRI and physical therapy on my knees. Buy myself and my folks a house. I'd save the rest and live off of the cash. 1mill, from experience, isn't that life altering and it can be gone in the blink of an eye if you're not smart with it. Just ask my grandma.
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        11-13-2013, 12:55 AM
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    Originally Posted by brightside    
    Here's what I'd do, in no particular order:

    I'd put $250k in a Roth IRA
    $200k in high interest yielding savings account
    Pay for the rest of my college education.
    Buy my dream horse (gelding, draft cross, hunter!)
    Buy a nice house & furnish it
    I'd pay off my current car, put tasteful rims on it and a rear lip spoiler.
    Pay off my boyfriend's debt
    Buy my boyfriend a truck
    Set up a college fund for my little brother

    Whatever is left will be used for bills that come w/ owning a home and a horse. :)

    I love your goals, let's see how that would add up around here . . ..
    . After the Roth and the bank account, you'd have 550k left. A house (maybe 200k?around here that would buy you a studio condo here, or a rundown cottage), a college education? Costs at University of Washington are currently @ 4k$ a quarter for tuition alone, + books and misc (assuming you lived at home) , 4 years would be about 55k$ . If you take 12 quarters and live at home. Now, a junior college could be cheaper.

    Don't know what furnishing your house would cost, but it could easily be 30k after you add in appliances and mattresses and a couch.

    A truck? Maybe 25k? Depends on how big of truck.
    So, you've got about 310k left.

    So, now you pimp your ride, pay off your BF's debt and send brother through college. I think you can make it! I wasn't sure at first, but I think you can make it! You'll be nearly broke when your done, but you'll have had a good ride!

    Oh, I'd like to know what savings account pays high interest. Most don't even pay 1%!
        11-13-2013, 02:05 AM
    I would buy a fun new horse, a new 4h head to head rig and a small acreage, then put the rest in savings and investments :)
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        11-13-2013, 02:11 AM
    I would pay off my, my two sisters and my parents debts.
    Purchase a property setup properly for horses
    And that's about it. Couple of charities I've been involved with would get a large donation and the rest would sit in the bank to accumulate interest to live off.
        11-14-2013, 12:19 PM
    Originally Posted by beau159    
    1. Pay off all our bills and debts.
    2. Take the rest of the money to our financial advisor to it can be invested and saved properly.
    This (by our I mean my parents too) plus

    3. Would buy "college education" for my kid far in advance.
    4. Would give away fixed amounts to my relatives to help with the debts (and more to those living with/watching after my grandmom)
    5. Would donate some to animal rescues and charity working with kids in need

    I'd never drop my job if I won a lottery. May be more luxury vacations once in while (now my vacation is mostly spending time with my horses and my kid), but I'd definitely continue working.
        11-15-2013, 03:20 PM
    I'd pay off the house so my folks could retire, then buy them a nice cabin on a lake so they'd leave me alone.

    Then I'd repay them for my college tuition, then buy my own place, preferably somewhere warm with lots of things to do. I'd probably pursue a Master's in fine arts, donate some to charity, travel to Europe, and save whatever's left.
        11-15-2013, 03:49 PM
    Make an offer to purchase Moorlands Totilas for $900,000 & take the rest to go shopping at Dover's Saddlery :)
        11-15-2013, 03:55 PM
    Originally Posted by frlsgirl    
    Make an offer to purchase Moorlands Totilas for $900,000 & take the rest to go shopping at Dover's Saddlery :)
    You're about a 0 and a Euro sign short of Toto! (Also he is no longer Moorlands as PS bought him) Might be able to buy one of the gelded Blue Hors rejects :P
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