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The Importance of Spelling and Grammar #2

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    05-15-2011, 04:41 PM
Green Broke
The Importance of Spelling and Grammar #2

This is a reposting of the old thread. I thought it needed to be brought back to life due to some more current posts all over the Horse Forum. There has been a small bit added at the end, so please read carefully!

Spelling is an important life skill for everyone to learn. Without having a good spelling comprehension, you can miss out on things such as job opportunities and partners. Spelling and grammar are the building blocks of having a clear and concise conversation. They are there so that you can communicate with ease. Although you cannot see spelling or grammar while you are speaking, how would you know where to take a pause when needed?

Spelling and grammar do go hand in hand you see, for without them, you would just end up babbling ceaselessly, with no pauses or breaks. When I see someone who doesn’t take spelling seriously, I have a hard time taking them seriously. The person who has taken the time and effort to make sure that they have spelled their words properly, and that has formulated a solid question/answer is much more likely to get a well thought out answer or reply back.

Even though we live in an age of spell checkers and grammar checkers, it is still necessary to be able to know how to proofread what you have written so that you, yourself, can see if you have worded a phrase improperly, or in a way that is not going to come across the way that you intended too.

There is also a difference between having a typo and having a word that is “purposely” misspelled.

Sentence: I always feel ridiculed when users comment on my horrible spelling.

Typo: I alwsys feel ridiculed when users comment on my horrible spelling.

Purposely misspelled: I always feel ridaculed when users comment on my horrable spelling.

With the typo, the person has just happen to keyed in the S which is directly beside the A and is an easy mistake. The misspelled word though does not have that key close to it at all, and cannot be taken as a typo. Yes, you may type fast, but if you are always getting mistakes, maybe it is time to slow down and type accurately.

Now, I would like to make it very clear (as in crystal clear) that I have no issue with those who have a LEGITIMATE spelling problem, such as dyslexia, as long as they are not using it as a crutch. There are successful people out there who have dyslexia, but have worked hard to overcome it, and work hard at it everyday, so that it does not get the best of them. However....if you pull a "oh woe is me! I can't spell because I have (blank)", then it is an issue.

Yes, I realize this is not school, but that does not mean that spelling is not important. You use spelling and grammar every single day, all day long, so why should your effort only go to the end of schooling hours? You will need spelling no matter what you do in life, and it DOES have an effect on jobs you can get and promotions.

No, I am not going to go around pointing out spelling errors, or be the grammar police. This is just a reminder that it IS important.
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    05-15-2011, 04:48 PM
Green Broke
I always like checking to see if it was a typo or purpose
    05-15-2011, 06:17 PM
I can't stand text talk and intentional mispellings on a forum. To me, that means that someone didn't feel like taking the time to write out a response for me.
    05-15-2011, 06:55 PM
I agree, spelling is important. One or two typos are okay but if you are constantly misspelling or worst of all, text talk, during a sentence it is very annoying and really shows your age and leaves the wrong impression. You don't have to be a walking, talking, dictionary and put out all these big words but taking the time to type correctly and reviewing what you wrote is very important.

All caps for an entire post is extremely aggravating and makes you look like you're shouting whatever you're writing.
    05-15-2011, 08:05 PM
I've been viciously bashed for asking people to brush up on the spelling & grammar. I post quite informally on forums myself, because it's supposed to be more of a discussion than an essay format, yet people do take too much liberty.

One thing: The dots that you used, Velvet, in the sentence, "However..." are not properly used to denote anything other than omitted words in a quote. People commonly use them (can't think of their proper term at the moment) to denote pregnant pauses or suggestions to the reader(s) to put on the thinking cap(s): "Depends upon what she meant..." e.g..

Barbara Cartland, the famous romance novelist, had her heroines every thought & sentence filled with the "..."'s, & made a fortune doing so; c'est la vie!
    05-15-2011, 08:12 PM
Thanks for re-posting this, Velvet. There have been a lot of hard-to-comprehend posts lately.

Northern, the "..." are called ellipses, and she did not use them incorrectly. As you said, it's a pregnant pause in this case, meaning a longer pause than a comma, but not a stop for a new sentence as a period. Just because it has two [or more?] meanings doesn't mean one is incorrect.
    05-15-2011, 08:21 PM
An ellipses is three dots("..."). ".." or "......................." is technically incorrect. Though it does have the same meaning.

That sort of stuff, in general I do not mind. Unless it is smoething like:

"So my horse is acting weird.........................I don't know what to do..I don't have a"

It's more the ability to effectively communicate using basic spelling and grammar. Punctuation, lack of run on sentences, and things like that are the big ones in my experience.

No one wants you to diagram each of your sentences, but Its Really Annoying Two Read Something Like This To....."
    05-15-2011, 08:36 PM
I don't quite get how people can make so many spelling mistakes on the Internet. When writing something very quickly to someone on paper, yes you might slip a mistake here or there, but on the computer IT GET'S UNDERLINED BY A FLASHY RED SQUIGGLY LINE!! All you have to do is right click and you have the proper word at your reach.
    05-15-2011, 08:44 PM
^My computer actually doesn't do that on websites; only on MSW.
    05-15-2011, 08:46 PM
My computer actually doesn't do that on websites; only on MSW.
Really? Hmm, never knew that. Everyone one I know, their computer does it everywhere.

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