Just felt like sharing...

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Just felt like sharing...

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        07-28-2008, 11:23 PM
    Just felt like sharing...

    Hello All,

    I just felt like sharing my day or better yet my week with anyone who cared to read.

    Long story SHORT I promise! I hate reading too!!

    It's been a "heck" of a week well last several months. Was living with "in-laws" since Dec. Long Story 4 another time! Anyway we found a place to rent since I'm in college & working full time ~ money is tight! Anyway this guy was draggin his feet to "fix" it up 4 us. Finally after months of dealing with the sweet "in-law" we get the GO AHEAD. We went running w/ the crap in our hands & haven't looked back. But GEEZ its been one heck of a week. Dealing with the moving, the mixing of bank accounts, full time work (my work alone is stressful) then finishing up my summer college classes that I regret taking... Talk about STRESSED! I probably looked like a psyhced up CAT on CATNIP the last couple days.

    I come to work today got to take my last N final test for Summer class. Yep get to number 36 of 40 questions on the net and what does it do... YEP the computer JAMS up on me. After freaking out calling the instructor I set back down to "re'do" the DARN test I had already taken once before... What happends again YEP you named it.. .Jams up again!!! 3rd time was a charm on that one ~ good think was I remembered all the "right" answers by the 3rd time I got a 99%.. ha ha.

    Finally *I'm at work of course* we work 24 hour shifts. Of my 12 at that point we had already run 6 calls! That's a lot trust me! And 3 of them were "serious" calls. Takes a lot out of ya~ Getting ready to eat my dinner at 8 am finally when the tones go off again! Accident truck into telepole! K sounds like BS probably BS is what I'm saying the whole way to the call! WRONG! Dude's truck is ...."bad word" big time!! Dude is sitting under "live" telephone wires & drunk as heck cussing everyone out b/c they are not "getting" him out of his truck. :roll: Fastforward.... as we get the dude on the ground and start to board him he starts swinging missing me by inches! OOOO wrong move buddy. I was already hot b/c you messed w/ my dinner plans then ou acted like a jerk when we arrived and now you wanna swing at me. I turned from nice "lady" to the devil in less then 2 seconds. I made all the FF's jaws drop when I GOT AS LOUD AS HE DID AND YELLED AT HIM TO SHUT THE HECK UP & HE NEEDS TO LISTEN TO ME B/C I'M THE SOB IN CHARGE. LOL so can you tell I was mad. He swung a few more times & by then thankfully the cops were there, b/c honestly I would of lost. I could only hold his "THINK telephone poles he called arms" for so long!

    FWWWW needless to say ~ my Man is HURT & hurt bad. He's lucky he was drunk or he probably would of been dead.

    I'm ready to go home tomorrow & just relax in my new home with my dogs and DO NOTHING all day long!

    P.s. Sorry so long....

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