A list of the good things is opened!

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A list of the good things is opened!

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        07-29-2008, 02:40 PM
    Super Moderator
    A list of the good things is opened!

    Well, I thought to put up topic like this... An idea is that we think everything which is good, positive and enjoyable and then list them. I want to see how long is the final list we've compiled.

    Please count earlier suggestions in your message and add your suggestion(s) after them.

    Let me start:

    1. Taking a warm bath.
    2. A cup of hot chocolate.
    3. A cold night in winter when you're sitting in the front of a fireplace and looking a snowstorm outside of a window.
    4. When someone are smiling to you.
    5. Eating sweeties and chips.
    6. A feeling of success when you've solved a knotty math exercise or got on with a difficult horse.
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        07-29-2008, 02:47 PM
    7. Melted Chocolate
    8. Winning a class
    9. Jumping a clear
    10. Your horse showing it loves you :)
    11. Flat out gallop to blow away the cobwebs of school/work
    12. Fresh country air
    13. Sunrise/sunset
        07-29-2008, 02:58 PM
    Green Broke
    14. The creak of a porch swing when all else is still and quiet
    15. A kitten purring on your shoulder
    16. Holding a sleeping baby
    17. The smell of a horse
    18. A new haircut
        07-29-2008, 03:14 PM
    19. Leaving work after being there 10 hours
    20. Taking a cool shower after a hard, hot day of riding
    21. Seeing a foal stand for the first time
    22. The feeling you get when your hard work pays off (for anything in life)
    23. Getting kissed for the first time
    24. Driving in the country with all the windows down
    25. The smell of a clean barn with shavings
    26. The smell of fresh cut hay
        07-29-2008, 03:22 PM
    27. Being loved by someone you love
    28. The smell of horses
    29. Watching lightning storms
    30. When a horse puts its head to your stomach
    31. Summer days
    32. Being hugged
        07-29-2008, 03:43 PM
    33. Getting email letters from old friends that aren't just fwd jokes
    34. Hot tea and gingersnaps on a cold day
    35. The smell of leaves in the fall
    36. That first warm day in the spring
    37. Puppy bellys
    38. Sunlit shadows through lace curtains
    39. Visits with sisters
    40. Kissing baby lips and cheeks
        07-29-2008, 03:53 PM
    Green Broke
    41. Cup of ice cold milk
    42. Winter’s first snow
    43. A warm embrace
    44. A kiss on the forehead
    45. The feeling of triumph
    46. A nuzzle from your horse
    47. Clouds
    48. The smell of a newborn baby
    49. Your child saying “I wuv you”
    50. A pair of jeans that fit just right
    51. A bra that does what it’s supposed to
    52. Fresh banana bread
    53. Dogs showing they know you’re sad
    54. Brisk fall air
    55. Fall colors
        07-29-2008, 10:30 PM
    57. Waking up to the smell of cooking bacon.
    58. Discovering a new book from your current favorite author
    59. Christmas lights on the front porch
    60. The number one thing of all time - puppy breath ( number two is puppy bellies, like Vidaloco said.)
    61. New regular white work socks.
    62, the smell of burning leaves in the fall.
        07-30-2008, 12:47 AM
    Green Broke
    We missed #56
        07-30-2008, 02:20 AM
    63. The rumble of a muscle car's engine
    64. A neck hug from a horse
    65. Getting a new eyeliner pencil
    66. The smell of a homecooked pancake breakfast
    67. The smell of a homecooked dinner
    68. The sight of a favorite movie on the tv
    69. Only seeing blue at the horseshows
    69. Conquering a new, higher jump with ur horse for the first time
    70. Getting a package in the mail
    71. The feel and smell of Christmas morning
    72. Being with family on Christmas eve night

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