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Olympians & their horses!

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        08-14-2008, 09:42 AM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by claireauriga
    Slap them? What do you mean - are you on about giving them a great big pat on the neck and shoulder or something else?
    Yea, they seem to slap them pretty hard for a 'job well done'.
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        08-14-2008, 09:54 AM
    I know! They don't pat them...they SLAP them.
        08-14-2008, 09:58 AM
    Really? Looks like the same kind of slap I give the horses I ride at the end of a lesson. The horses know it's a signal for 'well done, you did great'. It doesn't hurt - they've got a lot of muscle and they're protected by all that hair, too. I just gave it a go on myself, and it's the kind of clap that makes your hands just sting a tiny bit for about three seconds if you keep it up for a while. I also whacked myself on my thigh and through jeans it felt - well, good makes me sound a bit kinky, but it was a robust slap that didn't hurt and make a good sound. Just like drumming on your legs!

    It'd knock the wind out of me for half a second to be slapped like that on my shoulder or upper back, but I'm not a sturdy horse. On any other part of my body it's just a good hard unhurting slap. So I doubt it causes any pain for the horse's.

    It's funny ... a good hard slap to neck or shoulder is something I've always, always seen as a reward for a horse working well. It wouldn't occur to me that someone might see it as unkind!
        08-14-2008, 10:08 AM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by xoLivxo
    i know! They don't pat them...they SLAP them.
    Thank you!

    It's one thing to pat, NICELY. But when you can HEAR the slap, then possibly that's a bit much?

    I'm not one to get on any rider for how they praise or punish their horses but, I dunno, it's just my opinion; giving a slap like that to ME, is kind of like punishment.

    And all that hair???? Seriously? I've never thought of a horse having all that much hair to begin with(aside from mane and tail). I PAT my dog when she does a great job, and she has FAR more hair than any of the horses I've ever been around.
        08-14-2008, 10:16 AM
    The hair helps protect them from a flat-palmed impact like a good slap. But there's nothing wrong with being able to hear it! I would never abuse a horse or treat them cruelly, and I err on the side of caution, but if that slap doesn't hurt me it doesn't hurt the horse either.

    I'm a total weakling, and so my instructors have to tell me to hit the horse harder with my crop when I'm riding. I usually have to turn my crop around so I can summon the necessary strength! The smaller impact surface makes it a stronger force (and it needs to be; I'm giving an aid, not praising them, when I use my crop) but I gauge my action so that you hear a slap on the horse, and possibly a slight whoosh if I'm standing still - it gets drowned out by the sound of the horse moving, I'm talking very quiet sounds - and never a whistle. Any lighter and the horse flicks its tail as if a fly landed on him!

    Can you tell that I've spent a while trying to gauge how hard to hit by slapping the crop against my leg and the wall? XD

    Slapping a horse on the head? Absolute no-no. Slapping them on the rump? Could be mistaken for aids. Slapping them on the neck or shoulder? Just another way of showing affection and praise.

    Edit to add: Perhaps we're thinking of different kinds of slap here? A good hard slap is not the kind of thing that would knock a person down, and when I say it makes a good sound, it doesn't echo around the barn - you just hear a good clap.
        08-14-2008, 10:53 AM
    Green Broke
    Alright, well we'll just have to agree to disagree here, and simply chalk it under 'to each their own'.

    I must have missed the 3-day eventing stuff, eh?
        08-14-2008, 11:04 AM
    Okie dokie ^_^

    Yeah, you've missed the eventing. It was absolutely amazing, and really exciting - particularly when the marks spread so wide in the dressage and then closed down to a single fence in the jumping!

    The BBC lied to me about when the dressage was on - I've missed lots of it; I only knew to turn it on because my best friend told me to! There's a biiig difference between the eventing dressage and the dressage dressage. And we've got a commentator who goes a lot more in-depth. She's very focused on the bend in the half-pass at the moment!
        08-14-2008, 12:34 PM
    I'm so bummed because I don't get cable right now, and NBC hasn't been showing the equestrian events, so I've missed it all......dadgummit!!!
        08-14-2008, 02:36 PM
    I don't want to start a slap debate...cuz it is impossible to tell what we are talking about over the net. I went to a John Lyons class one time and He said that he doesn't slap his horses any more for a job well done. What he said was that a horse's skin is 7x more sensitive than a humans. Now I have NO CLUE as to whether this is true or not but I just slap lightly...like you would pat a baby's butt. He said to feel free to rub the fur off of 'em so I have gone in that direction and rub the neck/shoulder swiftly. Almost like you are trying to rub sand off of your skin. (if that makes any sence :roll: )

    I just thought I would chime in and say that ^

    Oh... I only get NBC too...I missed the horsey olympics :(
        08-15-2008, 02:33 PM
    I've been watching the dressage and I didn't see anythig wrong with the "good job" pats. Remember that these horses are sweating alot and there is alot of moisture on their hides which will make a pat sound like a slap. Try it! Slap your thigh with a dry hand and then a wet one, there is a difference isn't there>

    I guess I am just used to seeing horses that are sweaty, muscular and worked well being shown appreciation in this way.

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