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        07-21-2011, 03:02 PM
    Nope, I am done as everything I stated was repeating things that you said.
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        07-21-2011, 03:04 PM
    So do you see the difference between what you wrote and what I was asking? How one of them makes excuses and the other takes responsibility?
        07-21-2011, 03:11 PM
    Green Broke
    Seriously rolls her eyes at this thread.

    My "beloved goat I let suffer" was not suffering. His 'bad recessive genes showing' showed after he bred my doe. He was very smart and broke many fences before we found one that could properly contain him.

    You all read what you wanted to read on my doe's thread. I should have never posted that. I was wallowing in guilt and had to let it out. I said 'oh well' because it was better than feeling like poop. It's not my fault she got hit. I saw another member on here who let her dog outside. Looked away, and BAM her puppy got hit. Sort of what happened to us. A branch fell on her pen, broke it, we were about to repair it, then she got hit.

    Done deal.

    This is getting ridiculous on all parts.
        07-21-2011, 03:16 PM
    Super Moderator
    At the end of the day, I'm sure everyone is in agreement that what happened is very unfortunate.

    Originally Posted by TaMMa89
    it seems more like a mix of bad luck and wrong decisions to me
    The thing is that a lot of "bad luck" is reasonably foreseeable. If you wander down a dark alley in a bad neighborhood and get jumped, it's not just bad luck at play.

    Most people who have an animal who's welfare they care about that is about to give birth, a process that is known to involve complications a fair amount of time, take reasonable measures to ensure they can mitigate against those complications should they occur. While it might not be reasonable to ensure you have access to a vet if, say, a pet mouse had complications during delivery, a goat is arguably another matter.

    It's understandable why being invited to this thread to "witness" the birth of baby goats, only to hear that the babies and mother all died because the OP was not in a position to get to or pay for a vet, has some members very upset. That the OP has evidently reported that other animals have suffered arguably preventable deaths in her care doesn't help matters.

    Still, lilkitty90, I'm fairly confident that what anyone who has posted in this thread wants more than anything is to see you learn and grow so that nothing like this happens again. I think it's safe to say that we're all here to help you learn and grow if you want to, even members who may have had harsh words for you. What has obviously frustrated members is your pointing fingers at others for the preventable deaths that took place in front of you; if you are 18 years old and an animal is in your care, then the animal is your responsibility, and you arguably shouldn't have the animal if, between you and anyone you may co-own the animal with, you can't afford to be responsible for it.

    I can't imagine losing your goat and her babies was easy for you. You have my sympathies despite whatever role you may have played, and I hope you know that my intention for saying the things I've said here was not to be hurtful. Which leads me to this: I honestly think you would find everyone at this community supporting you if you acknowledged that, as an adult, your animals are your responsibility, as are their fates, and committed yourself to conducting yourself accordingly, whether that means giving away animals you can't afford, taking steps to mitigate reasonably foreseeable "bad luck" in the future, etc.

    I would ask that, should lilkitty90 commit herself to taking responsibility and bettering her husbandry in this way, everyone try to move beyond her past and help her progress, at least for her animals' sake.

    With that, since a fair amount has already been said on the matter of the death of the OP's goats, and I don't think anything productive can come of leaving this thread open, I am closing it.

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