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Temporary lay off in the worst season! :(

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    11-13-2012, 02:58 PM
Originally Posted by Speed Racer    
Depends on what job for which you're applying. They do need shipment warehouse workers, but they're also going to be adding more drivers on for the season.

The requirements for lifting are 50 pounds unaided. Anything over 50 pounds, they don't expect anyone to lift by themselves.
Do they hire more for their stores, maybe? Where you don't have to lift as much? I probably can't reasonably be expected to carry more than 20 pounds on a regular basis. Heavier than that is unfortunately very day-to-day with my joints.
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    11-13-2012, 03:45 PM
Minimum wage to me is still better than no wage.

My awesome full time job is at the airport. My main part time job that I just landed is at a movie theatre at min-wage(JUST called me. I have been at a movie theatre for seven years. I have been missing it terribly). My one day a week jobs, I scan displays at Kroger to make sure they are in company/contract compliance, and the other, which I should start this week or next will be stocking and servicing an IPad/electronics vending machine of all things.

If you would like, I could try to get you some links to some nationwide retail merchandising companies. I think one is NARMS. Just google it. I am sure it will come up with something.
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    11-13-2012, 03:50 PM
Sure enough. National Association for Retail Marketing Services

This was the website my manager for my scanning job suggested to me.

Retail Merchandising is a really awesome thing. You get a fairly flexible schedule depending on what type of thing you are doing, so you can still have another job or jobs. And be making money.
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    11-13-2012, 03:57 PM
Green Broke
Red......I found myself in a rather bad position financially in the early 1990's.....first, I had to much debt....home, two cars, land, 5 credit cards maxed out plus the other re-occurring bills like phone, electric etc.....then I got laid off in January 1990 and a week later my wife got laid off. In two weeks we went to no income and a ton of debt.

I worked over sea's for 18 months, made enough money to get my debt under control and manageable.

When I got back from working overseas I worked two hard jobs...7 till 3 in a sheet metal shop and 5 till 11 washing dishes in a sports bar. My wife also worked two jobs....we both did this for probably three years.

Skip forward......I have no debt. Home is paid off and I drive old cars. I haven't had a car payment in over 10 years. My wife was able to quit her job and has been a home maker for several years now. We trailer and ride somewhere togather almost every weekend. (our one vice is our horses) I don't live first class but I don't live like white trash either......if we don't have it, we don't spend it. Simple as that.

So, don't spend all you make. Budget your money and save what you don't have to spend....yea, I know, right now it takes all you make to live.

Dave Ramsey does a workshop called financial peace university....his principles are solid......if you get the chance to do it....take it....

In the mean time, you need to be working if you're not sleeping. Get three part time jobs if you have to.

Hang in there......work hard to get where you want to be....It'll happen.
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    11-13-2012, 04:10 PM
Dave is the MAN! I listen to him as often as I can. Check his radio listings.
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    11-13-2012, 08:57 PM
LadyDreamer, I'll check it out for sure! :) I think one of the ladies that used to board at my barn does that for Hallmark and she enjoys it a lot.

Gunslinger, I am PARANOID of getting into debt! The only thing I'm in debt for is my car and fortunately it's a very low interest loan at a reasonable monthly rate, but I can't wait to pay the darn thing off! I was doing the 2-3 jobs thing until a week ago and I have one lined up for after Thanksgiving, but that's still another week and a half of searching for a day job. :P

Good news, though! I was able to cut my board by half. Moving Mr. Sock into the gelding pasture tomorrow morning. Phew!
    11-14-2012, 04:55 PM
Green Broke
Good news Red.....good news indeed!
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    11-16-2012, 09:39 AM
Can you find a waitress job somewhere to hold yourself over? Only go after places that serve alcoholic beverages. Those will bring in the most money for you. I will make a suggestion and advise you to always set money aside for a raining day, no matter what, even if its only $20/week.
    11-16-2012, 09:57 AM
Three weeks is not forever. Most bill collectors will wait three weeks if you're up front with them. Swallow your pride and accept help for things like food, etc. if you need it. Look for other jobs in the meantime (JobsHQ.com, careerbuilder, etc.) but don't let your anger keep you from taking the job back in three weeks if you need it. I don't know your location but if you worked there long enough you might be eligible for unemployment. Check it out.

I just got permanently laid off from a job I'd worked for nearly eight years. Our mortgage is over $1100 per month and we have an 18 month old son.

There are worse things than being broke for three weeks.
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    11-16-2012, 06:22 PM
Wetrain, that's what I'll be doing after Thanksgiving, hopefully. I just can't get hired anywhere where I can make good money serving alcohol for another 3 days (21) at least. The waiting game is almost over! And I do save as much as I can, but it seems that every time I have a halfway decent amount saved up something happens and I have to spend it. :/ I've been working my butt off to try and fix it but oh well. Hopefully this new job will help with that!

Nickelodeon, I'm going to be upfront about the crappy jobs I had and say that neither of them were run legally by any means. They pay all of their employees under the table (I report my income and pay my taxes anyway, though), allow smoking indoors in CA and encourage their waitresses to drink with the customers-even the girls who are underage. You CAN choose not to drink, but there's a lot of pressure because that's what the customers are used to. I could report them to the authorities, but there are so many Vietnamese bars in San Jose alone that it's just another drop in the bucket. Whenever they shut these places down, they just have another family member reopen it under their name anyway so it's fairly futile. I can't wait to get away from these places, but of course I'll go back if I absolutely have to. Back to you though, I'm terribly sorry that happened! :( I know there are people out there in worse situations and I most certainly feel for them as well!

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