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tough last couple of days... just having a vent

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    08-06-2012, 07:38 PM
I worry about you also because the young often end up commiting suicide because they have no frame of reference for their depression. Once you've had a few bouts, you realize that eventually it WILL end. Young people often fail to realize that. They think it's forever and sometimes severe depression can actually be physically painful. In their ignorance, they think their condition has NO solution. That's one reason depression is so dangerous in the young and should NEVER be ignored.

Please get help. It's out there. Don't second guess your psychiatrist. He or she has a lot more experience with this than you do. As far as I know, anti-depressants are not addicting.
If you're concerned about it, talk with your doctor about it...don't just refuse the meds.

Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself.
Get the help you need.
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    08-06-2012, 08:16 PM
Hagonnag very well put.
Especially about being kind to your self. Everyone deserves love kindness and understanding. Shalom
    08-07-2012, 12:11 AM
I'm glad that you are able to see that it will end, that is a very good start to understanding how to handle it. Journaling is a good idea, not just because it helps put things in perspective but because you can also see if there are any patterns. Certain things that help or don't help.

Def seek help now, the sooner you start dealing with it the sooner you will be able to get beyond it and start living.
    08-07-2012, 02:54 AM
Thank you everyone :)

I was right when I said last night that today would be good. I feel great. Got the little box of horse hair from the top shelf of my wardrobe and let my boy go.. it was a sad thing to do but it was right. He should be free, not tied to me any more. I think the reason I haven't been able to do this before now is that I don't normally allow myself to cry... it feels like admitting weakness and, being an Aspie, I find it difficult to admit that I'm anything other than perfect, strong, and unaffected by the world around me.

I think I'm starting to be able to accept that I'm not perfect, and that's ok, because my imperfections make me who I am.
    08-07-2012, 02:32 PM
There really isn't anything helpful I can think of to say that hasn't already been said.

For me, medications didn't help (at least, the ones I tried - I've lost count of the number my doctor has tried putting me on, and I had VERY BAD reactions to all of them) but that doesn't mean they don't work for anybody. Therapy has helped immensely, though it did take a lot of time. Journalling and blogging (an anonymous blog) helped me as well.

Just know that you're not alone, and - while it does feel futile and hopeless a lot of the time - there IS help and hope.
    08-07-2012, 09:44 PM
BEP just because you feel better today doesn't mean you are well.
My advice about seeing an professional still stands.
This is a serious matter and you should not ignore it.
Your belief that you are perfect ties into the Disorders that I PMed you about.
These tend to show up during your late teens and early 20's. Shalom Donald
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    08-07-2012, 11:12 PM
I don't understand why your doc won't put you on something other than Prozac. I was 16 when I was on Zoloft, and now I've also had Paxil and am currently on Celexa.

I hate changing medications. I have a fear of throwing up, so when a side effect of a medication is nausea, it makes me really reluctant to take it. Right now I'm trying to decide if the Celexa is enough or if I should go back. I was prescribed Prozac but didn't ever take it and kept taking the Celexa because I was tired of changing medications and was at a point where I didn't have the time to deal with all the stupid side effects. Now I'm at a crossroads again. I don't feel really great. I felt best on the Paxil, but it gave me RLS. So nix that.

Anyway, my whole point is I understand changing meds is scary. But you gotta take them. If I don't, I become a crazy mess of anxiety. I tried getting off the Zoloft and just became afraid of absolutely everything.

Point blank: I hate phobias, anxiety, and depression. But you gotta learn to live with them.
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    08-08-2012, 03:01 AM
Originally Posted by Corazon Lock    
I don't understand why your doc won't put you on something other than Prozac. ..............Point blank: I hate phobias, anxiety, and depression. But you gotta learn to live with them.
There is evidence that some anti-depressants can actually increase the risk of suicide in young people and therefore they are prescribed very cautiously. I am not a psychiatrist so I'm unfamiliar with which ones they are. As far as I'm concerned, medicine, and especially psychiatry, is as much an art as a science. I think that's why it's called the practice of medicine: it takes not only scientific knowledge but judgement. That's why doctors disagree and why some are better than others. It's not just how much they know...but how they interpret what they know!

Antidepressants have many different ways of working. Some are understood, and some aren't. People can react differently to the same drug, depending upon their unique body chemistries. It often takes trial and error and a long time to find which will work best for an individual.
This whole process requires cooperation and communication between the patient and the doctor. If the patient doesn't understand this and isn't cooperative, it really subverts the whole process. Some doctors are better at explaining this than others. Some patients are better at understanding this than others. It is essential to find a physician with whom you can communicate....and then communicate! Anything else is just pouring money down a rathole.

This whole process is just part of learning how to live with depression, anxiety and phobias. There are many, many different ways of coping with these problems and medication can help...but it's not the whole solution.
You have to learn how you react to situations, triggers, and what coping mechanisms work best for you. It's a lifelong process. Ignoring it, means living a life that isn't as rewarding and enjoyable as it could be. We only get one life. We should live the life we love. And we need to do whatever we can to make that possible.
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    08-08-2012, 08:53 AM
HagonNag, antidepreesants are very powerful medications.
They usually need to be adjusted or changed to get the right dosage or meds. This is normal as all do not work for everyone.
Halting or decreasing this medication without the advice or a DR monitoring you is VERY dangerous.
Doing so can increas the risk of suicide and bouts of depression.
Chronic long term depression needs to be treated by a DR.
The side effects are sometimes hard to get used to but it can take a month to get the full benefits of the medication.
Atients need to allow the time to see if the meds work.
Some do not becuase the do not see immediate results. Shalom
    08-08-2012, 09:06 AM
I gave it ages to work :/ never did. Doc didn't want to try anything else, just kept upping the dose and upping the dose... tried a different doc, same thing.

When I started on the prozac, I noticed it's not recommended for persons under 18, presumably because of the fact that you have to be 18+ in Aus to participate in a clinical trial? And thus it would not have been tested on under 18's before its approval for medical use. Prozac and Zoloft are the two most common antidepressants used in under 18's in Aus, and neither of them worked... my Dr doesn't want to try something else.

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