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Cool What is/was your dad like?

Ok, this is a REALLY weird sounding topic but I just would love to know what your dads are/were like.....hehehehe. I'm very curious as to what people's fathers are like....and to see if any users on here inherited lots from personality to looks.
Well, my dad is around 6'2'' and he's a typical scary-Russian-accent-expression-of-stone military man. All of my friends are kind of afraid of him and when they hear his voice they're terrified xD Plus my friend slept over one day and she almost burst out laughing when she saw him in an apron making pancakes for breakfast. It was just the expression of a brick combined with a flowery mom-apron complete with a pink spatula and blueberry pancake mix ....
I just think it's hilarious how all of my friends are terrified of him....he works out for 3 hours a day, when he was in the army he had to eat before a match burned out (meaning he can eat a huge plate of spaghetti in 2 minutes and 14 seconds, and that's his "normal" eating pace, which I timed), he has enormous muscles, and his expression is always one of stone.
Yet he's one of the biggest softies...EVER. Hahaha sometimes I come home from school and find him watching a movie on the couch, snuggling our big roly-poly cat Simon and our Tibetan Terrier Butch. He used to help me make clay Tamagotchi character figurines and helped me make little houses for them.... also when he comes into my room he makes up stories about how my goldfish got so fat
I just think he's really funny.

But seriously, dads are really special and AS WEIRD AS THIS SOUNDS, I want to hear about yours!!! Hehehe.
I know you may have some funny stories to tell....

(Please don't take this as really creepy!!! lol)
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....I will never look at pancakes the same. Lol!

My dad, for lack of a better word(s), is an ass. He just does some of the most hurtful, thoughtless things. He'll cut you down a few sizes as "motivation", and then wonders why we're all pissed at him.
He hates horses. He says they aren't worth the meat you'd get from 'em.
All together, he isn't someone you would be joyous about living with.

I may sound bitter about him, but unfortunately I'm just like him. Granted, I know better than to belittle someone or make them feel less than what they are, but I'm just as stone hearted as he is. I don't cry, I don't feel sad for others, and generally don't care. I wish I were different, and I know in time I can change, but there is only so much you can take away. I will however give him credit for how I see the world.
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I'm completely open about my father. I call him by his name because I have very little attachment to him. My parents separated when I was 5 and divorced when I about 7. I have no memory of ever really calling him "Dad." He was a manipulative alcoholic. By the time he was sober, I just didn't want anything to do with him. I have a slight feeling of guilt because he tries fairly hard sometimes to get me to have much feeling toward him, if that makes sense.

I just do not get along with him and don't want much to do with him. Maybe one day. He can't say much about it because it took him until he was in his 40s before he reconciled with his father, who was the exact same way. At this point in time, as much as he would love to be friends/rekindle some father/daughter relationship, I have nothing to say to him.

I just don't talk about it. Most people either know my parents are divorced and he was an alcoholic or they just don't ask when I only say "My mom this" or "My mom that" rather than "my parents." If someone does ask, I'll explain and they're usually all sympathetic, but it's not like I've known any differently.

Physically, the only thing I really got from him is hazel eyes. I look very much like my mom and her family.

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Awwww.... you guys are making me so sad :(
I didn't realize it could turn out this way!
My dad is a bad alcoholic actually....I try to ignore it.
He drinks wine for 2 weeks straight....then when he runs out of money he gets a horrible attitude and you'd be lucky if you made it through a day without him yelling at you at least 5 times for something small you did wrong.
His favorite pastime when he's out of wine is to yell at me and tell me how he feels like he's wasting 10k on my future highschool and how he thinks I'm stupid and I'll never make straight A's like my sister did...
Yeah, I do cry more than he thinks.
But I don't tell any secrets to my parents or ANYTHING for that matter.
There are some serious things that any parent should know but I wouldn't dare tell mine....1.) My dad would tell me to shut up and that I'm crazy, 2.) My mom would think I'm insane and bring me to a shrink.

My dad is only horrible 25% of the time, so I can only pray that he stays away from alcohol and doesn't end up being an ass.

Anywho, I try to stay positive.
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OP, I LOVED reading about your dad. I'm someone who also has a special relationship with mine. I feel awful for those who don't.

My old man is a mullet-crowned bad-ass looking dude who builds and drives trucks. Seriously, his latest rig is so big the floor reaches my chin. He's always been fastidious and clean, organized and anal about details. Quick to react and strong to love, he never bottles anything up. You ALWAYS know where you stand with him. He called me a tattooed up sack of sh*t when I got my first one and I loved it. He values the real things in life and has no time or patience for those who don't. He's not big on affectionate displays... I've can count on one hand the number of hugs I've had from him and I cried each time. From about the time I hit puberty, we started having true conversations, discusssions and debates about everything from the best pasta dish to wold issues. He was the first person to validate my existance as my own person, to make me proud of my own mind and to show me that I can be whatever I work to be. He's the absolute last person on this planet that I ever want to disappoint in my life.

I'm saddened to see him age more recently. He suffered a very minor stroke that has left him with no effect other then some numbness. Still, he's not as tall as he used to be, not as massive and he's getting "old man arms". I despise aging and how it's forcing me to grow up.
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My dad is either acting like a six year old boy or a total, complete ass. When he gets mad, he doesn't just a little mad..He gets red-in-the-face, screaming mad.

To be honest, I've always had a brother relationship as opposed to a father relationship. He picks on me like a little kid. I tolerate it until I just can't handle it anymore and when I ask him to stop he gets mad. He does little things like pinpoint where you don't like being touched or tickled, then poke and prod until he gets a rise out of you. >.> I've asked him nicely a hundred freakin' times NOT to touch my feet, but nothing works and when I finally yell at him he gets mad and yells at me, saying some kid don't ever have a father and that I should be grateful and wahtever. ALL I WANT IS FOR YOU TO NOT TOUCH MY FEET, GOD MAN, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!?! >.> THAT, among many, many MANY other things. That's just an example of his personality.

Doesn't know anything about horses. Not a **** clue. But he thinks he's the freakin' horse whisperer. I cringe watching him ride. It's actually painful. And when I try to instruct him, nicely even, he gets mad and yells.

Nothing is ever his fault. It's always my fault, or my mother's fault, or the dog's fault, or the neighbor's fault. >.>

On that note, he is the rafiest person I know. He made a full bumper and ATV rack for his truck out of old scrap metal from the junkyard. Built an arch for our friends wedding. Rebuilt the front of our horse trailer. Built the arena gate at our trainer's barn.

The atv rack and bumper he made, hauls three quads, has an automatic button to lift the ramp:

Yeahwell. I think we'll get along better after I move out so I won't be the source of his "attention" anymore. I can't handle NORMAL little kids, let alone a full-size one who is of the opinion he owns me. And I realize most of you parent-readers are going to say that's just because he's a parent and that's what parents do, but I can't even go outside to feed the horses without getting interrogated. Yeppp.

Soooo we're love/hate right now.

Pssh.I didn't pick up the wrong lead
It's called a counter canter...
...A very advanced maneuver.
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My dad is the most amazing man in my life!
i grew up doing everything with him. he bought me my first gun, my first set of knives.
we went to the shooting range every weekend. we could go outside and be doing the worst job on the farm (mucking stalls ) and wed end up having a poop fight or telling jokes till we were crying. he was always (and still is) the one i go to for all my problems. i can tell him anything

now that im an ocean away from him, if i dont call him everyday i text him or get on FB just to say hi. hes basically my best friend.
my hero, and i try to model myself after him.

everybody always says,,,my sister is my moms daugther and i am my fathers daughter.
i got really lucky to have him as a dad
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My dad tries, in his own way. But he doesn't understand the whole concept. My parents divorced when I was 9, so half my life he was here, half not. He cheated on my ma with her best friend. We don't get along and tend to butt heads way too often. With him, it's an accomplishment for him to remember my bday.

I get my inability to sit all day from him. As well as my love of outdoors and ability to be a pack leader for dogs that's from him as well
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My dad, is amazing. We have always had a close, open relationship. About 95% of the time he is just joking around and being a goofball. He gets mad and grumpy a few times a year where you just avoid him.

Hes a big softie. Tells us not to pick up strays on the side of the road, but hell spend an hour trying to pick up a scared yorkie. (True story)

My dad and i like the same things, gamblings, outdoors, golfing, sarcastically joking with my mom. (She gets so mad at us when we get on a roll)

During high school, my mom was going through a phase. She never came to watch me play sports. (I played year round so there was ample opportunity) but every game, track meet, volleyball match, i knew my dad would show up. And he did. I think he missed 5 in my whole high school career. My mom did some to the state track meet when i made state, but my dad was at state, regionals, country, and the rest of the meets. Hes always been supportive and wanted the best for my brother and i. But, i am the baby girl...

In 8th grade we made a deal that for my Senior Spring Break, wed go to Hawaii. And 5 years later, i got to go on the most amazing vacation ever. First time flying. First real vacation. It was awesome.

My dad owns his own business painting airplanes. So he works 7 days a week. Very rarely does he take days off. Hes a workaholic.
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My dad is CRAZY active. He's retired from teaching/being a principal now, but he's working harder than ever - he's guiding bear and moose hunters, and works out of a fishing camp up North for the summer. He hunts and traps and cuts down firewood. Some of my best childhood memories are going hunting with him or around the trap line on the snowmobile.

His dad was very abusive to him and his brothers, so sometimes I think he's not sure HOW to be a dad. There are times when he's VERY hard on me, and times when he blows up and starts yelling. Those used to make me run away and cry, but I learned when I was around 12 to just yell back. Once it blows over it's over, no hard feelings.

He's on his second hip replacement (he had a bad waterskiing accident in the 80s - it was the only time I can ever remember seeing my dad cry) and does everything the doctor tells him not to do - going out for hours on the 4-wheeler or snowmobile, horseback riding, tramping around in the bush - but I think he'd curl up and die if he couldn't be active.

My mom grew up in Arkansas and my dad grew up in northern Manitoba (near the border with Nunavut) and the middle of Manitoba was as far south as he would go. He's always half-joked that he'd like to move to Yellowknife or Whitehorse. If it weren't for my mom, I think he would spend his entire life out in the bush somewhere!

I am definitely my dad's daughter - I look almost exactly like younger pictures of his mom, and I would WAY rather be skinning a coyote with him than cooking in the kitchen with mom.
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