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Green Broke
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You know Troy on Swamp People? That's what my dad sounded like! He was just a down home country cajun, hard working and wonderful with the horses. I miss him :(
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Interesting thread! The way I'd describe my dad now is much different than how I'd have answered as a teen. As a teen I would have adamantly said he is the biggest jerk on the planet.

My dad was very, very strict growing up. He's not a big guy, so has always had a bit of a Napoleon complex. He's very much a my way or the highway kind of guy, though now that I am an adult and have a daughter that he very much adores he's a bit different in that respect. If I didn't have a child, he'd totally still try to control what I do even though I am in my 30s. He can be very intimidating and having black belts in several forms of martial arts (jiu-jitsu, kempo & judo)only adds to that. Growing up he was the master of the lecture, we're talking hours over menial things (like rolling your eyes or saying whatever lol). He'd be a good 45 minutes into chewing your butt and at that point you just don't hear a word.

That being said, he was extremely supportive of us and made sure that we knew how much he loved us. As tough as he was, he was soft on occasion too. We didn't want for much but we learned the value of hard work. He set an excellent example of strong work ethic. He has yet to slow down, he's go, go, go all the time. If he isn't at his real job, he's doing something at home (even if he doesn't have anything he HAS to do, he finds something - there have been a great many spur of the moment 'projects' come out of his boredom over the years - I'll post a picture of one of my favorites at the end of this) He did have his cool moments, have to love a dad that buys you a limited edition Camaro for your first car ;) My little sister got a beater hand me down because I pretty much ruined her chances of getting a sports car with my behavior. Nothing like getting your license pulled for 90 days at 16 for going 110 in a 30. So glad I wasn't paying for my insurance then. The only thing he wouldn't support us with as kids was jumping, he couldn't stomach watching us, he worried way too much. We got hurt doing dumb things in the pasture but never jumping, well I didn't anyway - my sister still has a bum knee from eating a standard.

I moved out of my parent's house in a huff after dad & I had a big blow up over my then boyfriend (who is still my hubby today, 12 years later and my dad calls him his son) We didn't talk for quite awhile but once he came around our relationship changed for the better and has stayed that way.

These days, my dad is pretty awesome. We still have our disagreements, I don't think we will ever get to the point that he is wrong...about anything. But he respects my opinion and doesn't force his on me anymore. He is the first person I call if I'm having a rough day and need a pull your boot straps up reality check to get over myself. He is an awesome grandpa. My daughter adores him, the sun rises & sets with Grandpa Bob. He is so different with her than he was with his own kids. It's fun seeing them together, it's hard to say which one acts more like a kid sometimes.

Here's an example of what happens when my dad gets bored. He got a wild hair up his butt that he should make a sled for the grandkids to ride behind the 4-wheeler. The runners are pvc pipe filled with foam, with a brock dock bench (leftovers from the fishing pier) with clear hose for oh sh*t handles, plexiglass snow shield and a "flag" for the grandkids - it's an old fishing rod with a stuffed frosty the snowman impaled on it Redneck ingenuity at it's finest, this thing is FUN!

My hubby driving, me & a friend with our kiddos on the sled - in our 10 layers of cold gear.
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My dad is frequently rude, aggressive, has a terrible, terrible temper, has no concept of personal hygiene whatsoever...but he's my daddy and he always will be.

My other siblings have very little love for him at all, and I don't think he treated them all that well growing up. I don't know why, though, but he acts a lot different around me. He's still angry and all that stuff, but he seems to...tone it down around me.

I have always been spoiled rotten by him. No matter how much he bitches and complains, he has always done his best to give me everything and do anything he can for me. He has got an explosive temper, but in a way it's almost good, because when he's angry you know it immediately, and then it's gone. My mom would always bottle up her anger and then explode at the most random times, going off on these week-long trips where you would be ignored and treated like scum...and then be expected to act like nothing happened the next week. I hate his temper, but it's still a lot more predictable and stable than my mom in general.

He's not the greatest horseman (he's capable enough), but through all my time with horses, he has always been the one there to give me that subtle little push when I began to feel uncertain or doubt myself. It is to him I owe being able to keep horses and get my education with them (through lessons and all that). That's probably one of the reasons we get along so well: I'm more interested in horses than he is, but he's still always willing to help or fund or take me somewhere with them. My mom had no love for the horses at all, so I just could not relate.

I got my looks and my personality from my dad. I'm like a female version of him, but with all the extremes of his personality dulled. I think of everyone in the family, we get along the best because we can understand each other. I know it's terrible to choose one parent over the other, but my dad is the one I always felt that unconditional, unexplainable bond to. He's never told me he loves me or he's proud of me, he's never even given me a hug, but neither of us are big on displays of affection like that. In a way it just makes me work harder for the day that I will finally have earned enough approval to get an: "I'm proud of you."

I'm sorry many of you seem to have had bad childhoods with your fathers.

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I love my dad dearly, but he is a difficult person to be around...

He loves to ramble on at length about his military service, retells stories every other week and anything and everything reminds him of it. A recent two hour conversation that was about an hour and 55 minutes longer than I wanted to have... started off because he heard a last name on the news. It went from how he knew a guy with a similar name, to his cousins pet sheep and the farm they had, to the kittens he helped raise, back to his military service in France to another guy who owned a bakery and the bakers wife was the sweetest old lady you ever met with the best baked beans. His stories go off on a million different tangents and he's hard of hearing, so you can't get a word in at all.

My sister avoids his phone calls at all costs. I try to do the same, except he happily shows up in the middle of a work day (I work from home!) and cannot take a social cue that I am busy if his life depended on it. You could stand at the door, constantly looking at your phone, going well... I gotta get back to work about 10 times, and he'll keep rambling on for an hour about his military service. It drives me insane!

... and worst of all, he's not disabled or senile or anything like that. He just has ZERO social manners and likes to talk! If anyone watches The Simpsons, people always joke that my dad is just like Abe Simpson.

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Fathers aren't saints, they're just people like everyone else. Becoming a parent doesn't magically turn them into a paragon of virtue. Remember that the next time you're ragging about either of your parents. I'm sure all of you have some annoying and not so nice traits as well.

I lost my father a year ago. He was a good man, and he and my my mother taught all their children that nobody owes you anything, the world is what you make of it, and family and those you love are the only truly important things in life. They also instilled morals and ethics, and were our models in living them.

That's not to say my father wasn't flawed. Like every human being, he did things that weren't always nice, but his good traits far outweighed his bad. I miss him, and wish he was still around to tell me his 'boring' military stories of WWII.
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I love my Dad!
He's really sarcastic and dry witted. I have some very fond memories of us singing to his mike and the mechanics CD's in the car lol! he's 56 and 5 foot 5. Both my parents are short so that's why I am lol.

People always think my dad is angry when he isn't which is something people say about me too, a lot of my friends were kind of scared of him for some reason, but he's honestly the nicest guy.

He's done so much for me I really appreciate him and everything he's done.
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My father was a member of, to paraphrase Tom Brokaw, the greatest generation society has ever produced.

Raised in the Great Depression, dropping out of college and enlisting at the beginning of WWII, and serving in the military during 3 wars, he was a hero, a patriot, and a true American. He was a man's man, a devoted and loyal husband, and a father to be respected, admired, and emulated. He worked hard for what little he had and never asked for, accepted, or expected, a handout. There were lots just like him at the time...and sadly all too few like him today...
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Well, my Dad is pretty cool.

One thing I don't like is his temper. You do something and BOOM he starts shouting, cussing, calling you every name under the sun. However, it usually only lasts for a few minutes and then he's alright.

He's also over-protective, but I guess that's just because he's a parent lol.

He is extremely funny, and he tries his best to support me. He ALWAYS keeps his promises.

He's the one always at my lessons, watching, taking videos, talking with me about horses, and he pays for my lessons/leasing by himself. He's actually starting to get interested in horses (knock on wood) and that has been awesome.

As for what I inherited:

It's kind of funny, actually. People who have not known who I am have said "Are you ____'s daughter?" Apparently I look A LOT like him. I always get "Wow, you are ___'s child," "you look just like him", and stuff like that. My mother often gets exasperated with me and goes: "You are just like your father!"

I don't know exactly what I inherited from him personality wise, though. I'll have to think about it!
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Man of few words, hates confrontation, socially awkward, doesnt care bout the rest of the family or me for that matter. Doesnt care about the past or ones in it... really pisses me off there. He doent really bond with anyone and can move right on after anything and its just not right. He will agree with what ever you say even though its not true at all. Hes intimidated by others easy though hes 6' 4". I really cant stand him.

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My dad and I aren't the closest, mainly because he was always working out of state, but he has always supported me in what I wanted to do. He worked very hard to give me, my mom, and my brothers the nicest life he could give us. I may not be able to talk to my dad like he's my best friend, but I know he's there if I need to.

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