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X-Ray Technician?

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    01-05-2009, 11:25 PM
X-Ray Technician?

I'm having a very hard time choosing a career path...
Today, one of my friends mentioned something about x-ray techs, and got me interested.
So basically all they do is prepare patients for filming and they operate the x-ray machine? Nothing else?
I've been looking around online, but I'm having a hard time finding a little more info.
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    01-05-2009, 11:53 PM
They do more than that. My sis-in-law started out as an x-ray tech and I worked in the Radiology office of a hospital for 2 years.

They deal with all sorts of tests that you have probably never heard of, some are kind of...Umm... Yucky?!?...Like barium enema's to illuminate the colon and lower intestine to look for problems...so the soft tissue of the body shows up on the films.

Usually Techs are required to process their films too, and get them to the Radiologists. ( Processing is just a matter of putting the film cassette into a machine and waiting for the finished product to come out.

Occasionally, Techs need to take and re-take and re-take again until the Doctors can get a good look at what they're trying to see.

If you're queasy to blood you may want to re-think the choice, you will need to tend to ER patients, what ever their condition. Usually the first things that Dr's order are X-rays for Neck and Chest...Some of the patients are pretty beat up.

Techs also go to surgery to take films so the Dr. Can see what's up with whatever he's working on. ( Setting broken limbs etc.)

Also, a lot of hospitals like to have their female techs certified to do Mammography too. Mammograms suck, no one likes to have them done and no body I worked with could actually say they liked squishin' boobs...but it can be a life saving chore...So the pros' out weigh the cons' by far.

After being certified for your basic Radiology degree, you can pursue all sorts of further education in the radiology field, a lot of times the hospital you go to work for will help pay or even give you on the job training for Cat Scans, MRI, Ultrasound and sometimes even Nuclear Medicine.

My SIL, got her basic degree, worked at a hospital that taught her mammography, and then ultrasound, she eventually took another job for more pay at a larger hospital and then went on to work for a company that hires out temporary positions to hospitals that have workers out or are short staffed. For example if a smaller hospital or even a busy one, has a tech that is off of work for something like maternity leave, she would fly to that hospital, be put up in nice accomodations and roll in the money!!!! She made a large 6 figure salary the year she spent traveling. She is now working from home with a sweet gig with GE to show and sell ultrasound equipment, GE pays her handsomly and she works 3-4 days a week flying all over the country. She is also working for the company arranging people to fill in for hospitals. (No longer traveling, now managing the traveling techs)

I would encourage you to go to a local hospital and go to the Radiology dept and ask some questions. Never have I met a better bunch of people in a hospital than in the radiology dept. (No offence to any other depts)

Check into it some more and see what you think... Mine of course is only one opinion.
    01-06-2009, 12:03 AM
I think they can also get extra training and do sonograms. Can be very interesting but hours may stink at first. Good pay and schooling not too terribly long.

Nursing pays well and offers a lot of opportunity.

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