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        08-22-2010, 10:55 PM

    Drove up to Yellowstone today, hadn't been there in about 10 years. Saw Old Faithful and drove around looking for animals. Saw a few, but the best was standing and watching a Grizzly sow and three cubs eating and guarding a bison kill from 3 wolves.. The one black wolf was HUGE and was not liking the grizzly at the kill. There was also another black wolf and a white one. That was pretty amazing to watch.
    Also watched a moose swimming across the lake.
    Unfortunately the wolves have sure made a huge difference in the amounts of wild elk and bison. You used to have to stop for them to cross the roads and they were standing in the open meadows. Today we saw about 10 bison and about 5 elk. The wolves have sure made an impact in the numbers .

    But it sure was a fun fun day.
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        08-23-2010, 12:07 AM
    Jealous! I'd love to go to Yellowstone. It's on my [rather long] list of things to see, but until I have the money, or I can convince my boyfriend that HE wants to go, I'll have to live vicariously through everyone else. It sounds like you got to see something pretty exciting, and probably not seen very often. I wonder if they do anything with the wolves... the wolves won't survive if they kill off everything... hmm. But still, fascinating. I'm glad someone got to go and enjoyed themselves. =]
        08-23-2010, 12:10 AM
    Nope, the wolves are running rampent. They have already left the park and been found as far as Utah, they are in our valley and up in Montana.
    Whomever thought the wolves would stay in Yellowstone was stupid, now they just run anywhere. I have even seen one trotting alongside the road when I was driving to the airport in Jackson. He didn't have a care in the world and was not afraid of anything.
    My husband has come face to face with wolves while hunting and they do not run off, they just stand and stare and dare you to move close to them.
        08-23-2010, 10:05 AM
    Wow... are you allowed to take action against them if you need to? If they come onto your property? It seems they've gotten quite a bit cocky.
        08-23-2010, 10:18 AM
    I adore the Yellowstone area of Wyoming.

    Grand Teton National Park is also one of my favorite spots to visit.

    I've never seen such breathtaking scenery before or since. I've been literally aching to get back.

    Wyoming, I hear you about the wolves. I know they were reintroduced in order to keep the balance of prey/predator more even, but why on earth anyone thought they'd 'know' to stay within Park boundaries is beyond me.

    As the packs grow they need more territory, and each pack won't willingly give up their own territory for another, so they expand to different areas. I'm no scientist, but I could have predicted what's been happening.

    They're thinking about reintroducing elk to Virginia. I have no idea why. We're frickin' overrun with white tail deer, so hey, let's bring back even BIGGER deer! The only predator we have that can take down a white tail is coyote, so I foresee an explosion of elk unless they reintroduce wolves.

    I wonder if these biologists actually think things through?
        08-23-2010, 10:23 AM
    Wow what an amazing experience for you!!
        08-23-2010, 11:04 AM
    Super Moderator
    Sounds like an awesome trip.

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