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Thank you :)
I will post some more ASAP

The Orbs: The Dark Assassin. Read and comment or I eat your nose....just kidding.....sorta....not really......
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Chapter 6: The Dark Assassin

In the depths of the forest the mist hung in the trees tops but only wisps of it made it down to forest floor. The pine trees had stood for hundreds of years, the leaf litter thick and dense. The light on the forest floor was poor also, meaning Mcgrath and the small band of Queen Alices silver clad soldiers, he found himself with had to vigilant. To make matters worse they were dangerously close to the Barbarian borders, where some had been spotted trying to sneak across. Mcgrath walked with his hand on the grip of the dark sword, his eyes darting around and his ears tuned to the slightest noise. The six other soldiers were tense too, two had their bows drawn.
Six months had passed since Mcgrath had joined Malval. His regular training with Malval developed his skills and very quickly he was becoming known as a protégé. Although The Red Guards were at odds with Queen Alice, she recognized their skill and she needed all the help she could get driving the Barbarians from their lands. Up until now Mcgrath had only accompanied Malval on these trips to the border but today Malval sent Mcgrath alone to help the Mist Guards track the Barbarians down.
Mcgrath had met Sir Timothy Seamore a few miles from the border, the handsome warrior often led these checks along the border. Mcgrath knew through Malval that Sir Timothy had gained his title from being an expert archer. Malval also added that there had been rumours of a possible marriage between the two but when Queen Alice had to execute Sir Timothy’s younger brother for a serious crime, the engagement was off. Although he mostly lived in the Moon Kingdom, he still journeyed back to his home country to train Queen Alice’s archers or to help with missions like this one. He wore a lot of green which came from his time in the Land of the Druids.
Conversely Sir Timothy had heard a lot about Mcgrath, through his own men and the rogue Red Emperor who his cousin the Queen regularly hired. Quietly, he didn’t trust the young warrior, something about his shifty eyes, the dark armour he wore and his ties with the Red Guards made Sir Timothy nervous. But orders were orders and Queen Alice was not the kind of woman that anyone dared to disobey and didn’t he know it. So after a brief meeting, Sir Timothy sent the young warrior and a band of his men westwards before setting off in the opposite direction.
Very quickly they vanished into the Mist that seemed eerily silent. The Mist hung in a thin veil and even the birds seemed to be hiding. Mcgrath could sense that the enemy had been this way recently.
“Its too quiet,” whispered one.

Mcgrath bent down to examine the tracks in the soft dirt. “I agree. Even the birds are silent.”

The soldiers began to move on silently, Mcgrath straightening up. He glanced around. Something had moved, he could sense it. He took a step backwards staring breathlessly around himself, the sound of his heartbeat thundering through his ears.

A sudden shadow cast the wrong way and he spun on his heel. “Run!” he yelled as the Barbarians erupted from the undergrowth.

Immediately Mcgrath could tell they were outnumbered as the Barbarians who thankfully were on foot bore down on them, screaming and yelling, the mace’s and hatchets swinging around their heads.

The sight of the Barbarians who had been so close behind them spooked the men who scattered. Mcgrath ran at first but when he spotted that only two were running after him he stopped and drew his sword. The first didn’t have time to stop before Mcgrath drove the sword straight through him. He had a brief flashback to the day he ran from the mansion as the second one swung his sword down. The barbarian stood easily at six foot four or five but Mcgrath easily danced around him and soon the other Barbarian joined his partner on the forest floor. Suddenly the forest went eerily quiet again, Mcgrath turning slowly as he stared around himself.

Like a trigger response, an instinct, movement in the corner of his eye made him pull a dagger and fling it. But as soon as it left his fingers Mcgrath’s felt his heart stop. The soldier dressed in silver sank to the ground clutching the small dagger that Mcgrath had thrown. Mcgrath skidded beside him in the dirt but it was too late, the man had died before he could reach him.

“You! He’s dead!” roared one of the other soldiers erupting from the undergrowth.

Mcgrath stood to defend his actions but the soldier caught him by surprise, swinging a solid punch at the young man, knocking to the ground. Mcgrath clutched his jaw which burned painfully as the others arrived, staring stunned and with good reason, he was meant to be on their side. Queen Alice had asked for him specially only for this to happen.

“It was an accident, he shouldn’t have crept up on me,” Mcgrath wailed.

“Accident!” roared the one who had punched him sinking his boot into Mcgrath side. “Your death wont be an accident.”

In an instant Mcgrath saw the hatred, the blind hatred in their eyes and realized these men wouldn’t see sense. Before they could even drawn their sword, he had drawn four daggers, two in each hand and flung them, nailing each of them square in the chest. Mcgrath went for his sword but the last soldier had taken flight. Mcgrath stood, his jaw throbbed agonizingly and his side would be really bruised in the morning but that wasn’t his biggest worry. He knew the penalty for traitors of the state. Death. With a side of torture, usually hot oil, the rack or something similar. He had to get out of here and fast. The one soldier who had escaped would find Sir Timothy, they would return to Galtory before gathering a band of soldiers and trackers to hunt Mcgrath down.

Mcgrath retrieved his daggers before melting off into the woods. It would only take a matter of hours and there would be a price on his head, Queen Alice would make sure of that. Mcgrath knew he had a day at best to gather Cobra and his things and bolt. It didn’t help that Malval’s castle was in such an obvious place, that would certainly be the first place they looked.

The Orbs: The Dark Assassin. Read and comment or I eat your nose....just kidding.....sorta....not really......
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He didn’t even get that much.

It took him three days to get back to the Dark castle, he ended up having to hide deeper and deeper in the woods which meant being closer to enemy lines, in some cases over the border. But still the bounty hunters found him. On one he even found the poster declaring his arrest ‘Wanted dead or alive. The Dark assassin, enemy of state’ on one of the bounty hunters. As terrified as he was for his own safety, that name, The Dark Assassin stuck. He liked that.

He arrived at the Dark Castle to find it empty, apart from Malval. The servants, all the horses apart from Cyclops and most of the furniture had gone. Malval met him in the courtyard, the older man looking extremely worried. Mcgrath explained what had happened cautiously. For some reason, Mcgrath felt uneasy, surely the Emperor would favour the head of state‘s army over a kid. But he didn’t, he quietly listened and accepted the sleep deprived Mcgrath’s story.

“They have already come looking for you here but I managed to get rid of them for the time being. I know they will be back,” Malval said. “I have already sent the maids, cooks and stable boys on to my other castle in the Moon Kingdom.”

Mcgrath looked surprised. “I didn’t know you had a castle there.”

Malval nodded. “Its only just finished construction and is in a better spot than this castle. All my men, horses and weapons are there. We will leave immediately.”

Mcgrath stood leaning against his stallion who had dozed off as Malval prepared Cyclops for the journey. Mcgrath hadn’t slept in three days, his brain had taken on a foggy, surreal state. Everything seemed to be swimming under water and every sound felt like it were miles away. Mcgrath mounted clumsily as Malval tugged firmly at the straps of Cyclops’s breastplate. A sudden, loud slam echoed through the courtyard, jerking Mcgrath from his foggy state.

“What the-” he exclaimed, but Malval waved his hands to quieten him.

“That way,” the older man hissed pointing at the stables.

Unbeknownst to Mcgrath, Malval had an secret exit located behind the stables. Malval held the heavy canvas aside as Mcgrath vanished into the misty darkness behind the castle. They raced through a shallow patch of the moat, the spray flying from their horses hooves before vanishing into the darkness of the forest. The groundsloped away from the castle as they galloped up through the trees. At the top of the ridge they looked back as the Queen’s army burst into the castle with battering rams and flames began to appear inside. A loud crash sounded into the trees below them as catapults hurling large stones through the air that crashed into the trees below them. Cobra danced on his hind legs, Mcgrath struggling to contain the terrified stallion. Mcgrath felt bad, the Dark Castle had been the haunt of the Red Guard Army for 100 years and now it was being destroyed. Malval looked quietly upset.

“Lets go,” Malval said quietly.

They turned and fled. It took them a few days, clinging to the woods and hidden places, even bordering on the Orc lands before arriving at the Moon Kingdom. The mist thinned out, Mcgrath almost pleased to see it gone. When one was hiding mist could be a double edged sword, sure it could hide you but it could also hide your enemies.

The moon split through the trees like daggers of white light as Mcgrath and Malval emerged from the Forest of Change. Ahead of them burned paths of flames leading to a castle that stood on a small rise, its black stone glittering like jet in the moonlight. Mcgrath could see lights glowing in the windows of the castle. With a groan the chains slowly lowered the drawbridge so that Malval and Mcgrath could enter the castle. Mcgrath could heard water cascading from a waterfall into the moat but from what he could see there was no monstrous creature that he had to worry about.
The stableboys raised a cheer as Malval entered the courtyard as the Emperor waved them off good naturedly. Malval led Mcgrath into the castle, the hour being late so the only person they passed was a maid who curtsied to Malval. Mcgrath remembered little of the journey to his new quarters, collapsing sleepily into the four poster bed.

The Orbs: The Dark Assassin. Read and comment or I eat your nose....just kidding.....sorta....not really......
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Whatever happened to this? :[

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LOL I thought people lost interest I had no more comments......
I'll post the next chapter huh?

The Orbs: The Dark Assassin. Read and comment or I eat your nose....just kidding.....sorta....not really......
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Chapter 7: Red Generals 

Mcgrath didn’t wake until late the next morning. Sitting up, he stared blearily about his new quarters taking in the red velvet drapes, the curvaceous red chaise, the oak furniture and the four poster bed he had crashed into. Someone had removed his boots, perhaps Malval last night, Mcgrath couldn’t remember or possibly the pretty maid that Mcgrath vaguely remembered placed a tray of now cold food beside his bed and opened the drapes.

The fat had congealed on the meat so Mcgrath just ate the crusty bread but couldn’t bring himself to drink the cold tea. The castle stood silent as Mcgrath slipped into the hallway. He didn’t remember much of the night before, he had been so tired that everything seemed surreal and hazy. The hallways were well decorated with thick carpet, enormous ceramic pots decorated in unusual patterns and many paintings depicting everything to hunting scenes to fine blooded horses and warriors. There were also many doors with names engraved in gold into the timber. Mcgrath passed these wondering who Justin, Amos, Martin, Ma’k’a and so on were and why their names were engraved into the doors.

Mcgrath passed down a flight of stairs and entered a room in which an enormous round table stood encircled by fourteen high backed oak chairs. Once again scarlet seemed to be the common colour in the room from the heavy drapes that were pulled back over the windows, to the banners featuring a sword encircled in cloth to the candles that burned from gold candelabras. Mcgrath spotted Malval by the window, the bright sunshine pouring through the open window.

The Emperor looked across at Mcgrath, head held high with his gold crown twisted in its gothic patterns studded with rubies perched on his greying hair. From his shoulders swept a scarlet cloak, the ruff that rose around his neck made from a lions mane and the ceremonial Red Guard sword hung around his waist. He looked every bit the Red Emperor. Malval motioned for Mcgrath to come over with a relaxed smile.

“I thought you were going to sleep right through the day,” he grinned.

Mcgrath shook his head. “The maid woke me opening the blinds.”

Malval chuckled and motioned out the window. “Behold, the Red Guard Army.”

Mcgrath stared wide-eyed through the window at the moving sea of red below him. Soldiers marched to a fro, some sparred, others wheeled their horses through drills, smoke curled from the barracks huts and dust rose from the steeds hooves. Archers fired arrows at targets, other men seemed to building catapults, others chopped wood, all moving below him like thousands of red ants not a single one motionless. All were dressed in scarlet uniforms embroidered in gold, some carrying the banner of a sword wrapped in cloth. This was the banner of the Red Guards, depicting the Silent death Malval explained. Mcgrath had only seen a few Red Guards here and there but suddenly the whole Army spanned out before him.

“There’s millions! And they are all yours!” Mcgrath gasped.

Malval chuckled. “Well not quite. Every man down there is his own boss, they all came to me of their own accord. I value every single one of them and their contribution. I merely lead them by example and they choose to follow. Every single one of them is a tiny cog in a massive machine, and without them I would just be a nutcase who wears a crown. Many have left their countries armies because of this philosophy.”

“Emperor Malval,” a voice piped up behind them.

The soldier that had spoken was dressed in the same scarlet red uniform but with a sweeping red cloak adorned in Celtic like patterns embroidered in gold thread. He had icicle blue eyes set into a wide face and short cropped, dark blonde hair betraying a strong Nordic influence. He reminded Mcgrath of the war horses below, stocky and the heavy armour he wore accentuated this. He had an unflappable look about him, like anything could happen but he would remain calm and handle it with ease.

“Ah General Malis, glad to see you,” Malval grinned. “This is Mcgrath, the young protégé I was telling you about.”

Malis raised his eyebrows and shook Mcgrath’s outstretched hand. “Good to meet you lad.”

“Malis here will be training you over the coming months. He is an Imperial Paladin so he will do a much better job that I would,” Malval explained. “Now if you will excuse me, I will leave you in his capable hands.”

“You’re a Paladin?” Mcgrath asked wide-eyed as Malval strode off.

Malis nodded, sweeping his cloak over his shoulders and holding it open so Mcgrath could examine the intricate patterns. “I am from the Land of the Mist so there for I have the large pattern in the centre of the Mountain Goddess, Da chich Annan. As I am an commander I have the symbol of torque at the top and because I am an Imperial Paladin its embroidered in gold.”

Mcgrath examined the patterns eagerly. “Why did you leave the Paladins?”

Malis shifted nervously as he replaced the cloak around his shoulders. “Long story. Malval offered me a better chance so I took it.”

Mcgrath followed Malis outside into the glaring sunshine. Soldiers nodded at Malis as they marched or rode past as Malis led Mcgrath towards the barracks that stood away from the castle. Mcgrath looked back at the castle which rose up black against the clear blue sky, the banners of the Red Guards fluttering from the flagpoles. Mcgrath looked back ahead at the stables where a platoon of soldiers stood at attention ready for the days training.

“Ok you see those two blonde, squat brothers stood over there?” Malis pointed out.

Mcgrath nodded, watching as they clearly shared a private joke about something before bursting into laughter. “That’s Generals Amos and Fester. Amos is in charge of two battalions that are known as the Tacticians. They are highly skilled warriors that can climb vertical surfaces like geckos. His brother Fester has three Corps under his control, the Elite Red Guard Cavalry and some infantry which are trained to work alongside the cavalry.”

“Ok I will remember that,” Mcgrath nodded.

Malis led Mcgrath over to a scarlet coloured tent and stepped into the interior. The sun bled through the red cloth forming an unnatural red glow in the interior. A tall figure was bent over a table muttering darkly, his large hands rifling through a trunk on the table. He had plumy steel grey hair but unlike the generals, he didn’t dress in armour instead a red shirt and black pants.

“The philistines!” he declared with a refined accent throwing his hands up.

“Whose a philistine?” Malis enquired.

“Those philistines have been pilfering through my belongings again,” he grumbled angrily.

Malis looked at Mcgrath. “Mcgrath this is General Hyssop the Army’s doctor.”

General Hyssop shook Mcgrath’s hand cocking eyebrow as he stared down his broad nose at Mcgrath as if analysing him. “Pleased I’m sure. Now listen Malis, something must be done to curb the shenanigans of those larks. They must cease and desist, or at least leave my supplies alone. Understood?”

Malis nodded as Mcgrath tried to make sense of what Hyssop had just said. “I will try.”

Malis led Mcgrath from the tent towards some of the fixed buildings. “Hyssop is one of the best doctors in the land, if it weren’t for him many Red Guards would have died. You will learn to nod and smile at what he says then find the nearest dictionary and make sense of what he just said.”

Mcgrath laughed as Malis pointed at the walls where three more Generals stood having a serious discussion about something. Even from here, Mcgrath could sense resentment towards the shorter General with his sharp moustache and darting eyes. “That’s General Falmer, when Malval steps down or heaven forbid gets killed he will take over. He has two theatre Armies under his command half of it is infantry and the other is cavalry,” Malis explained. “The other two are Generals Justin and Noah, they are cousins and married two sisters. Between Noah has the largest amount of men in all of the army under his command, five theatre Armies that have a mixture of Calvary, infantry and archery.”

“Wow!” Mcgrath said impressed.

Malis nodded. “Justin on the other hand has two theatre Armies, mostly cavalry but with some infantry as well.”

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“Why wont you take charge?” Mcgrath asked. From what he gathered everyone respected Malis whereas the two Generals up on the wall clearly resented Falmer.

“A number of reasons lad,” Malis said. “Firstly I don’t want to, I was an Imperial Paladin which bad enough. That means I was in charge of all sectors of Paladins that are in the different lands, except of course the Dark Paladins in the Wastelands who are rogue Paladins and nothing to do with us. Secondly Falmer has been with the Red Guards longer than I have so its only fair. Allegedly Malval and Falmer have been friends since they were children, Malval became the Red Emperor and Falmer left, or was persuaded to leave the government in Melcoria and joined Malval.”

“Well how about General Noah then? He seems to have the most-” Mcgrath began.

Malis ruffled his hair, with a warning look. “Your full of questions aren’t you lad?”

Mcgrath took that as a friendly warning to shut-up as they went into a dark building that smelt of leather, wood fire and smelting metals. At the back of the room stood a forge, the embers glowing in the hearth as the implements lay around. Swords, spears, shields, maces, axes and other weapons were hung about, some broken others brand new as Mcgrath breathed in the heavy scent that filled the air.

“This is the forge, the blacksmith isn’t here at present but he will be back soon. If you need any weapons or anything fixed then come here,” Malis said. Mcgrath nodded as Malis handed him a pathetic looking wooden sword. “Now I have seen that handsome black sword but we wont be using that for training.”

“Why?” Mcgrath whimpered looking at the sword in his hand.

“Because we don’t want to hurt anyone that we don’t mean to. Swords are dangerous so only swing one if you mean to kill, they are not toys,” Malis said firmly. “Now come outside and I will see if what Malval has been saying about you is true.”

The sun was beginning to descend from the sky as Mcgrath and Malis lined up with their wooden swords. A handful of Red Guards gathered around as Mcgrath struck the first blow which Malis easily blocked. Malis swiped the younger mans sword away before striking a powerful blow at his legs which Mcgrath blocked but was surprised at the force behind it. Malis swung two more blows in quick succession which Mcgrath ducked and blocked before swinging his sword at Malis’s head which he only just ducked. The crowd oohed as Malis swung a final blow which Mcgrath blocked and twisted the sword out of Malis’s hand.

The General looked impressed as he picked up his dropped sword. “I don’t know how much more I can teach you,” he grinned. “Who else would like to take on our protégé?”

A handful more Red Guards all tried to beat Mcgrath but they all had their swords knocked from their hands eventually. He was simply too good. Malis watched him, conceding that he had never seen talent and skill like Mcgrath’s in someone of his age. It were almost as though the young man could anticipate every blow and prepare accordingly. Mcgrath shoved the last Red Guard over as Malis stepped in.

“Alright that’s enough for today,” Malis said. “Come along lad time to wash for dinner. You will meet the other Generals there.”

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Malis met Mcgrath at his quarters dressed in a scarlet shirt and black pants like General Hyssop had been wearing. Mcgrath had found a new set of clothes waiting for him when he got back to his quarters which he changed into after bathing but instead of wearing the scarlet shirt he pulled on a black one he found along with some other clothes stowed in the trunk that stood in the corner of his room. If it bothered Malis that Mcgrath wasn’t wearing scarlet like everyone else, he didn’t show it as they began to walk down the halls to the dining room.

“So do all the Generals live here?” Mcgrath said, recognizing that the names on the doors they passed belonged to the Generals.

“Not all the time,” Malis responded. “Like myself, most of the Generals have families who live elsewhere. My wife and kids live in Hamock but I come and go between here and there when I’m not needed. Every General gets a week off every month to see family or attend business unless of course there is a war or pressing business to attend to.”

“Unless of course you want to get away from your wife,” grumbled a voice behind them.

Mcgrath looked back at the tall, rake thin General. He stood much taller than both Malis and Mcgrath with thinning black hair, a sharp nose but warm brown eyes. A thick matting of dark hair covered his arms that hung out of his short sleeves and long fingers grasped Mcgrath’s hand as he shook it lazily.

“This is General Ma’k’a, commander of the Elite Cavalry and Elite infantry corps,” Malis introduced him. “And recent comer to the unhappily married brigade.”

Ma’k’a looked momentarily sheepish. “Its not that bad.”

“Or so he tells us,” Malis grinned.

“Look what Ska’fer left on my bed,” Ma’k’a said holding up a pouch that Mcgrath heard coins jingle inside.

Malis groaned. “You two are not still at that caper.” Malis then explained to Mcgrath about the time Ma’k’a loaned General Ska’fer his horse and as a thank you, Ska’fer left six gold coins in the saddlebag. Ma’k’a wouldn’t have it so snuck into Ska’fer’s quarters and hid them in his boot. Next thing Ma’k’a knew they had turned up in the pockets of one of his pants. And it had carried on ever since, either one finding more and more creative places to hide the six gold coins.

“You watch, he will never see where I’m going to hide them this time,” Ma’k’a grinned.

“Do I even want to know?” Malis asked as they entered the dining room.

A few other Generals were gathered as Mcgrath met the rest of them. General Justin, stood at about the same height as Mcgrath with dark brown hair that was dead straight and lazy looking green/brown eyes. His cousin General Noah on the other hand stood easily six foot with jet black curls and intense, dark green/gold eyes. Where Justin seemed to be casually listening to what Malis said, Noah appeared to be listening to every word he said but at the same time grinned broadly when Malis told them how Mcgrath knocked the sword from his hands.

Mcgrath also met General Asher, the baby faced General in charge of two Armies under his command comprised entirely of Infantry. He looked very different to the other Generals who one could tell had seen war and were defiantly battle scarred, whereas Asher had white blonde hair, a broad smile full of twinkling teeth and bright, sparkly blue eyes. He laughed constantly and seemed like a very happy person, so unlike what Mcgrath expected for a General. And yet as Malis told him, Asher had seen many battles and was a very skilled warrior.

“And whose this?” sneered a voice nearby.

Mcgrath turned and looked at the General Malis had pointed out earlier, Falmer. Something about his darting eyes and gingery moustache grated against Mcgrath and he could sense Malis felt the same.

“This is Mcgrath, the young protégé Malval-,” Malis said coldly.

Falmer snorted cutting off Malis‘s sentence. “He looks pretty weedy to me.”

“He killed nine of Queen Alice’s men in one hit,” Malis pointed out.

“Yes but he still let one get away which is pretty careless,” Falmer sneered before wandering off.

Mcgrath was too stunned to reply, up until now everyone had been friendly and accepting of Mcgrath’s presence but Falmer made it apparent that he didn’t share that view. Malis muttered darkly before leading Mcgrath over to be seated. Malis introduced Mcgrath to General Ska’fer, who Ma’k’a‘s closest friend on the table. Ska’fer stood at the same height as Ma’k’a but with a relaxed almost sleepy look about him. Ska’fer was still a new comer of sorts and only led one army of red guard infantry soldiers. Ska’fer and Ma’k’a both were comparing notes and sniggering about their wives but looked sheepish when Malis asked them what they were laughing about. Malis later explained the he didn’t like people sniggering about their wives to their friends, that same disloyal attitude could slip into their work.

Next to Ska’fer sat General Martin, the only dark skinned General on the table with deep brown eyes, rippling muscles and black wavy hair. He hailed from a distant land and had been kidnapped to these parts as a child. Malis warned Mcgrath not to get in between Martin and his battle axe, he was lethal on the battlefield. He led one army of infantry soldiers but also dabbled in the artillery sector.

The last General to arrive was Jacob, tall, broad shouldered with dark hair that was greying around his temples. He looked serious, and apparently was when it came to leading the elite Red Guard Infantry under his command. But as Mcgrath discovered as he sat next to him and stole the carving knife off Malis that he had a quick sense of humour. Jacob constantly butted into everyone’s conversations with something humorous before flitting off into someone else’s conversation.

Mcgrath sat back and let the conversations ebb and flow around him. All except Falmer cheered when Malval introduced Mcgrath to them. Fester leapt up with his mug cheering as everyone groaned and his brother muttered for him to sit down and shut up. Mcgrath decided very quickly that he didn’t like Falmer, there was something shifty about him. But this thought was quickly lost as the men laughed, traded dirty jokes and tales as the roasted meat steadily vanished.


Mcgrath pondered on this many months later as he knelt before Malval in the grand dining room as Malval knighted him into the Red Guards. Mcgrath’s heart hammered in his chest as Malval touched either shoulder with the blade of the ceremonial Red Guard sword, Malval beaming proudly. Mcgrath was dressed in his brand new armour, coal black breastplate, vambraces, leg guards and a sweeping black cloak that matched his dark sword. Scarlet red, everyone agreed wasn’t really Mcgrath’s colour and unlike everyone else he never wore it. When he finished the Generals leapt up cheering thunderously as Malval embraced Mcgrath, except Falmer who clapped slowly, the sneer never leaving his face.

After celebratory drinks Malval led Mcgrath away, wanting a private word with him in the Library. The Emperor bubbled excitedly when Mcgrath suddenly stopped, leaning against the wall for support. Gripping the door frame, Mcgrath tried to blink away the foggy sensation that had descended on his brain as Malval hurried back to him sensing that something was wrong. The room spun in a haze of black and white as Mcgrath broke into a cold sweat.

“What’s wrong lad?” Malval asked, the concern written all over his face.

“I….I…don’t know,” he said looking up.

Malval stared into his eyes with sudden understanding. “Your eyes have begun to glow red. it’s the orbs taking effect on you.”

Mcgrath gasped as he foggy sensation was replaced by a sharp stab of pain like a blinding migraine. “What do I do?”

“There’s nothing you can do. Just accept it,” Malval said. “Let me help you to your quarters.”

Malval helped Mcgrath through the corridors before letting him sit down on the edge of his bed. Malval pulled his boots off before looking at the young man. Mcgrath’s skin looked pale and clammy, like he was about to be violently ill.

“Is there anything I can get you?” Malval asked.

“Just go away,” a voice suddenly rumbled that didn’t seem to belong to Mcgrath. It was deeper, sinister even.

“Mcgrath?” Malval said wide eyed, he had never heard of the orbs taking this kind of effect before.

“I said go away and leave me alone,” Mcgrath snarled sitting up slightly, his eyes glowing like wildfire.

“Ok,” Malval said meekly backing out of the room.

The door clicked as Mcgrath collapsed back onto the bed blacking out, sinking into a haze of black light.

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I was just waiting. Didn't read it yet, but I'm sure it's great :]

"The art of riding is keeping a *horse* between you and the ground."
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