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I wrote this for my mother, who decided to convert to Catholisism as an adult and to celebrate her spiritual journey.

She walks the dawn hiway
Strikes the still stone
treads the dewed grass
this morning alone

She passes the pond
where the tall trees glide
on the brittle still surface
night's mists yet abide

In its' reflection
she sees the first day
of the rest of her life
and lives it that way.

Where the suns is just rising
where the day is brand new
I see the dawn walker
I see it is you.
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Ok, one more I wrote for my mom:

When Spring was with us, soft and sweet
you held me to your breast
comforted and scolded me
you dreamed for me the best.

And summer came with days filled fulll
of things to me so new
you watched me smiling lovingly,
and yet you always knew

That someday near the season's end
would Autumn's face be shown
and I, your freckled daughter,
would full adult be grown.

Gone the laughing, winking child
who tightly held your hand
Gone the sunburned sister
playing in the sand

But Mother, may you never think
my love for you gone too.
For there will always grow great love,
from me, your child, to you.
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Bottom of the Bottle

I can't see
I can't breath
My body is numb
My senses dulled
I'm at the bottom of the bottle
There is no where else to go
This world is to harsh
All I want is peace
Chaos is empty
Peace has no vacancy
I'm lonley
I'm tired
It's raining on me
And I'm at the bottom of the bottle

When In Doubt Let Your Horse Do The Thinkin
Originally Posted by spookychick13
What Lone said.
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I've some about unrequited love (when I was younger, I tended to unravel some of those feelings to poetry) and optimism... Feel free to critique if you feel so.

The Final goodbye

I stand here on a bridge
cold wind blows right through me
I hope it will numb my heart
so I won’t feel the pain
for the thing that I’m gonna do.
I look down from the bridge
water looks so gloomy and deep
I bet it’s freezing cold.

I have a picture.
A picture of you.
It brings so many sweet memories
back to me
But I know now it’s time
to let it all go.
So I kiss the picture
very last time
Gently as it could fade away
when my lips touch it.

“I’m sorry hun”
I whisper in wind
“I would have loved to carry on
But I know there will never be
you and me.
So I know now it’s time to give it up
I hope the life will treat you well
And somebody will make you happy”.

I lift my hand
And throw the picture down from the bridge.
I watch how wind pulls it in air
till it falls down
to gloomy water
and I stay watching
how black waves
Wash it finally away.

I know some tears
go down my face
but I don’t even feel
When them drop to same water
which just washed my heart away.
“I’m so sorry”
I try to say
but wind takes my words away.
“I’m so sorry
But I have to carry on
with my life
Without you”.

I turn around
And wrap my mantle
tighter around me.
While walking away
I know
I will carry the ghost of your picture
in my heart forever
But I couldn’t just carry you

Life must go on.

Road of memories

Flowers in the field
Sunshine coming down
Ladybirds on bushes around the road
All that reminds of you.

I reach a spring
Watch down
And see your face on water
That hot, shiny road is full of memories
All about you.

In my dreams
You once walked that road with me
I picked a flower and gave it to you
We sat around the spring
And let the sun warm our faces.

But you crushed all that one day
Let me know it’ll never be true
So who’d wipe that road clean
Blow shattered dreams away
Wash you out of it?

I know
The road will once be covered with snowflakes
But, you see, the problem is
That the snowflakes falling on the road
Have your face
Printed on their side.

Dark room

I watch out of my window
And see you walking there
It makes my heart fly so high
But I know I have no chance
There will never be you and me
Like you once told me.

You turn and look straight at me
I feel how my heart starts to cry
And turn away from the window
So you can’t see tears
Going down my face.

I sit down and see
How shadows of this long evening
Capture that room around me
And the heart inside my chest.

I listen a clock ticking minutes away
And imagine you continuing your way
Somewhere outside of that dark room.

Hate for love

I don’t need you
I hate you
So stay away from my life
I love myself and know I’m great person
I can do it myself
very well.

You don’t know what you’ll lose
with me.
But it isn’t my problem
Since I straighten my backbone
and walk away.
So just hope
that you won’t need me some day
Because I won’t be there then.

I’m alive
And proud of it.


No one can promise your life will be easy
But there’s no reason to be worried
You’re doing great
And tomorrow will hold you

As far as
You can take a breath
And feel wind on your face
You will be fine

No one can know what will happen
Or within few ten years
But there’s no reason to be worried
Since tomorrow will always hold you.

Carry on

Maybe the sun doesn’t shine every day
Maybe you fall and find hard
to get back on your feet again
Maybe you fail
and need to carry it with you
for years

or the rest of your life.

But remember,
Without rain
you can’t feel the sun
Without falling sometimes
you can’t know
the joy of going ahead
and standing on your own feet

You can carry something
very valuable
with the mistake you did.

"On hyviä vuosia, kauniita muistoja, mutta kuitenkaan, en saata unohtaa,
Että koskaan en ole yksin, varjo seuraa onneain.
Vaikka myrsky hetkeksi tyyntyykin, varjo seuraa onneain.
Ja pian taas uusin hönkäyksin, varjo seuraa onneain.
Hei tuu mun luo, pieneksi hetkeksi. Puhutaan, varjoni, valkoiseksi enkeliksi."

Pelle Miljoona - Varjo seuraa onneain

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Enjoy :) I've been published, both for my short stories and poetry in several different publications across Canada.

The Deep and Timeless Sea

She has a heart, of cracked
And bleeding sapphire, the color
Of the sea, with the
Silver moon fading in shrouds
of blackness wrapping it all in their

Blue lips, icy to the senses
Beautiful to the hear.
She lays alone and they tremble,
Like a child about to cry.
Sleepless - safety, she can find

She let go of the sunrise
To never see it again, she told me,
Is but a splint to my breaks but
No one, nothing, will heal me.
Or can try. Her voice makes the night

To burn away what love you had given her,
Innocence should not be tempered
With - but here you have done it.
Held the fine and fragile hand
Only to cast it away to the cold

She keeps her hair about her shoulders
and holds her heard in her palm,
Begging to the night to mend it.
Hush, she says, the day will come.
It has to come….
It just has to.

No. No is all she has known.
Icy water is all she feels,
Her skin pale and her eyes wet,
The blade in that fragile had
Shimmers like the ice she can feel,

Too easy it seems. Too easy to draw blood
When her skin, she cannot feel it.
Oh, how the water stings her skin
Numbing the pain. This time,
She knew it was infinite and just
Too easy.

Icy breath will pass her lips nevermore.
The heart will not bleed forevermore.
The sun cannot see her beauty evermore.
Pain will not haunt her anymore.
Peace, it seems was too easy to find
In the deep and timeless sea.

Fallen Glass

Falling glass
Laying broken on the floor
Unwilling to let air pass your heavenly lips
Dreams of you take wing
Soaring in my sad, sad mind
And yet, you’d rather lie,
Like fallen glass.

Falling glass
Is how my voice must sound,
As I call your name out to the sea
Relentless are my thoughts of you
And undying is my hate for myself
I know my words have cut you
Like fallen glass

Falling glass
Shards and edges sharp as blades
Grip my heart, holding it tight
Claimed by the sea are my tears
So you never have to see them
As I saw you, laying there
Like fallen glass

Falling glass
Its tortured beauty is your own
Never will I feel your arms
Never will I be able to unmake the past
Never will I expect you to forgive me
Because I left you laying there
Like fallen glass

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You Told Me

you told me you loved me
to get in my head
you told me you want me
to get me in bed
you told me forever
to soothe my doubt
you told me your sorry
so i wouldnt shout
you told me you'll always
so i wouldnt fear
you told me everything
so i wouldnt hear
the lies you were whispering
in my ear.

You Lied

You've left me empty
I have no tears to cry
My heart is broken
You said forever
You lied

When In Doubt Let Your Horse Do The Thinkin
Originally Posted by spookychick13
What Lone said.
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Giving this a bump.

Anyone have a poem to share?

When In Doubt Let Your Horse Do The Thinkin
Originally Posted by spookychick13
What Lone said.
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I do have one! I'll try to type it out as soon as possible! Right now its in my notebook, and Im too lazy to type it...

E v e r y horse is good for something. You dont throw a whole life away just cause he's banged up a little...
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That was amazing, Spyder.

Here's one of mine:

Master of Myth

Midnight hair, so sleek and fair
With eyes so baleful and raw.
A lordly countenance does he bear,
Graced with a vindictive, grinning maw.
Bringer of omens both evil and benign
True sovereign of legend is he.
A foreboding sight in Western lore
Yet in ancient Egypt, a deity.

He was the most silent of sufferers
For when the Plague began
It took naught to invoke the wrath
Of a superstitious clan.
Amid the carnage of the Black Death
Rose one accordant cry:
“Kill them, hang them, burn them all,
The witches all must die!”

At the strike of the witching hour
Into a boiling cauldron he was thrown
By a heartless voodoo conjurer
To procure his coveted magic bone.

Celtic myth is his domain,
Haunted by the spectral cait sith
And the mountains of Dublin menaced
By the terror of Killakee.

Nightfall is his sanctum,
For in darkness he is content.
Long has he remained the core
Of many a storyteller’s lament.

He is a living silhouette,
An emblem of All Hallows Eve.
Should he ever cross your path,
You are fortunate indeed.
If at night, you glance outside
And discern two eyes of gold,
The Master of Myth has chosen you
And your luck shall increase tenfold.
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"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is ultimately to be at peace with himself.
What a man can be, he must be.
" Abraham Maslow, 1968
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I read a quote the other day, and it ended was something along the lines of, "Thou shall fly without wings and conquer without any sword."

So, at 2 in the morning, I jotted this down.

My Wings, My Sword.

My wings are covered in copper hairs,
My sword in a chestnut flame.

My wings are never weathered or dull,
My sword faces all terrain.

My wings need not leave ground to catch air,
My sword rarely leaves its scabbard.

My wings are always steady and fair,
My sword never withdraws from hazard.

My wings fly to their own accord,
My sword is never to be off guard.

My wings have forever soared,
My sword has always been a regard.

My wings have nothing to prove,
My sword never utters a lie.

My wings hum beats of rhythmical hooves,
My sword echoes the whinny of pride.

-Tay Runyon

I say it's a work-in-progress, but I doubt I'll work on it anymore.
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