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Anyone seen this before?

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        09-21-2013, 12:51 PM
    Also the picture you drew on was NOT my farrier or my vets work. That is what he was like when he came to me. That job was awful and had causes him major problems. But no one I am affiliated with had anything to do with that
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        09-21-2013, 06:12 PM
    Good to know the picture I drew on was not your horse..but at least it is still educational...

    BTW I have nothing against plywood shoes/clogs and have used quite a few myself. But there are much better ways to shape and fit them that would ease the leverage on the toe and toe corners instead of adding to it.
        09-22-2013, 03:14 AM
    the glue and shoe shown will not help at all. The shoe is way forward still. The mechanical CAUSE of the cracks has not been addressed. So sad that a VET who sees this crap hasn't a clue either.
    Yeah, sad AND unfortunately common IME that vets & farriers sometimes have no clue. I think the 'shoe' will help tho, by protecting/supporting the weak sole & frog. It won't help the crack though, unless the walls are bevelled so they aren't under any ground pressure at all.

    Originally Posted by Patty Stiller    
    PS I will be surprized if both of those shoes stay on more than a week or two because the toes are soooo long that his breakover is badly delayed and the forefeet can't get out of the way of the hinds in time. Good luck.
    While I can speculate, not so clear to me from last pics, whether the toe is way long, even with the glue in the way, looks like quarters & toe quarters are obviously still way long & shoes sticking out even further tho.
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        10-02-2013, 09:25 PM
    Okay! The shoes held, and he officially got real shoes again yesterday. I fractured two bones in my leg thanks to a freak out sans Drifter last week, so it was my first visit back out to the barn.

    Thankfully my vet was also there at the time, and we discussed whiskeys feet. The cracks are growing out and we are still making good progress. I have noticed that where it used to look like his frogs were sunken in below his sole, they are starting to spread out and look somewhat normal.

    He wears his back feet down on his own great, but his front feet seem to be growing out rather than down. We're having to trim him about every 3 or 4 weeks right now. Is there something I can suggest to help him feet begin to grow correctly? His heels have a way to go, but they are spreading. My vet commented on how much better he seems to be moving now then how he was during his PPE exam.

    I didnt get too great of pics today because I can't maneuver too well on crutches. I'll try to get some better ones with a friend out to help soon.

    Front Left:
    front left.jpg

    Front Right:
    front right.jpg

    Both Fronts:

    Rear Left
    rear left.jpg

    Rear Right:
    rear right.jpg

    And here is a picture of him from 7/26 (the first day he was at my barn) and 3 pics taken very recently. He is making quite the progression. Thank goodness we've grown into our butt. I guess I could have used him for a water slide

        10-03-2013, 03:31 AM
    You're right that pics aren't great to tell too much, but you can tell they're a LOT better, with toes back around where they should be.

    Can't tell whether flares elsewhere besides toes have been addressed, whether cracks have been addressed adequately. Appears the hinds may need more attention. As for what else you can do to help them grow down tight, diet plays a huge part. He's obviously not overweight, but low NSC diet is still important. And keeping mechanics functioning optimally is big. That means *maintaining* functional feet, not the norm of allowing them to overgrow before getting them trimmed. I find 3-4 weekly trims are generally adequate for this. I do feel that peripherally loading the hooves with conventional rims is not helpful - the walls need to be relieved in order to allow them to grow down strongly without distortion, so depending how & type of shoe, I think they're generally contraindicated for these type problems.
        10-03-2013, 08:16 AM
    Thanks loosie!

    I will definitely try to get some better pictures this week. I have ordered him hoof boots because my farrier said he would rather he be in those. These shoes are just to help him until they get in.

    And my farrier has been encouraging trims every 3 weeks and I thought he was possibly overdoing it- guess not! Good to know!

    As always, thank you! I will have better pictures for you soon
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