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Barefoot vs. Shod...two weeks off shoes...

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    04-26-2012, 11:49 PM
Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for all of your insight. It has been a process with Tuckers feet and my only goal is that he have the best healthiest feet he is possible of growing. I don't mind waiting and I feel very fortunate that he has not been lame or unridable.

In fact, he gave me one of the best rides tonight beging barefoot than he ever has! He is moving forward and confident and seems comfortable with his balance. I really appreciate all of your guys's support in helping us make this transition better and easier for Tucker. He seems very happy and we are going to continue this barefoot journey. The farrier is coming tomorrow to rebalance him. I will continue to post pictures as his feet change :)
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    04-27-2012, 10:07 AM
Thank you for sharing this journey with us. It's fascinating to see how different horses and situations fare. I personally have one shod horse, one barefoot youngster and my last horse will be shod in two weeks as for the life of me I can't seem to get him to be totally happy barefoot (he's been barefoot for ~4 years now). I have a new farrier that I really like so maybe he'll have some thoughts on how to keep the gelding barefoot but if not, shoes it is.

Anyways - thank you again for sharing and I look forward to following your journey! :)
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    04-28-2012, 03:25 AM
My horse has been barefoot for over 2 years now. It started when I first rescued him... he was kept in a straight stall for 2 years with no hoof care and the stall was never cleaned. Needless to say he was a mess when I got him. He literally had NO frogs and his hooves were crumbling from the inside out. I'll let the pictures tell the story... I'll try to get more pics when the farrier comes out in a week or two since I really haven't taken any current pictures of his progress lately..

The beginning... still brings tears to my eyes... He was in so much pain!

His first trim: The pink is all bruising... July 2010

August 2010: had to go with a special wrap because we couldn't keep his hooves from breaking apart

10/2010: the "dent" looking area is where the new growth is finally coming in a bit stronger although not perfect yet...

4/2012: Trail riding barefoot!!! Last farrier report said his back hooves are like rocks and she had trouble trimming his frogs. His front hooves are almost normal hardness! (can't really see much in the pictures but the first one is my boyfriend riding-his second time ever on a horse-with Sir Galahad barefoot. You can see by the pics the terrain is quite rocky where we are...

This pic was taken a couple days ago (photo shopped his eye because my sister sucks at photography and it was glowing to the point that the whole picture was almost too dark)

    05-04-2012, 12:14 AM
Well, I haven't read every post and I am not an forgive me if I repeat what has already been said. His feet look pretty good to me...except for how oval they are and the separation. I am guessing the two are related and can easily be addressed over time with well done barefoot trims. I think abrasive ground is the best for hooves, personally. They toughen up and stay well shaped (given that they have well thought out trims). His foot will probably get wider in time w/o shoes - and less "oval".
It is hard to say if they are too long. I personally think that what is too long for one horse may be too short for another. I purposely leave my horses soles alone, and let their hoof wall stay just a tiny "long" for potection (they are on hot tough ground). Chipping happens, but generally not so much after they have toughened and are beveled. My horses have been barefoot for years (I use boots), and have never had any issues.

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