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frog shedding

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  • VERY wet frogs and it looks like its "pealing".
  • Frog of hoof looks hairy

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    03-17-2013, 05:20 PM
Oh and its very wet here right now since the snow is melting. Most of her pasture is soft but there are sections with lava rocks. Most of the pasture is smooth and nonabrasive but not all of it.
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    03-17-2013, 05:57 PM
Could it be possible that due to the wetness, the frog softened and as she stepped intermittently on the lava rocks, it scraped some frog off?
    03-17-2013, 08:21 PM
Originally Posted by Deschutes    
Could it be possible that due to the wetness, the frog softened and as she stepped intermittently on the lava rocks, it scraped some frog off?
Could very well be possible... the lava rocks are in big piles but we all know how horses are, accident prone little buggers lol

Got more pics and will post soon. My phone is dying.
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    03-17-2013, 10:55 PM
DISCLAIMER: I know her feet need to be done and we have an appointment on Friday. Due to life circumstances such as injury and unexpected travel, it got put off a few weeks. She has good hooves but boy do they grow quick. Yes I know it shouldn't have been put off. So please disregard the length (which isn't bad just due for a trim) unless it contributes to the subject at hand: the frog and missing chunks. Thanks :) I feel pretty guilty already that I failed to prevent a problem. Horses though... maybe we should just bubble wrap them LoL

OK So I did get more pictures but they aren't the greatest. It is very hard to do alone. I had to hold her foot and take the pictures at the same time and she didnt want me messing with it after I finished cleaning it, which is when I got the pics but... I don't have a mat or cement to stand her on and after I cleaned her hooves I tried to get it dry but before I could grab my camera she managed to get it dirty again lol but I think these are a bit better and although I think its bad my farrier said I was just being a paranoid mommy. So here are the new pics...

Any opinions? Advice? Similar stories?
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    03-18-2013, 12:45 AM
Green Broke
I think the frog shedding is just a symptom of the hoof being very long and overgrown. There is probably a lot of retained sole. The reason I say that is look at the collateral grooves. They are VERY deep. So I think the whole foot is overgrown and the frog just trimmed itself. Really, a lot more frog looks ratty and could also be trimmed out. I don't normally like to trim out more frog than necessary, but what is there at the back of the heels doesn't look very healthy.

This foot looks really long to me, even though the sole isn't shedding at the moment. That always makes trimming a bit awkward for me personally, because I like to use the sole plane as a guide. But hopefully your farrier won't have the same problem.

I did have a gelding who would shed his entire frogs. You could just peel them up like a big flap. But every horse since then I just sort of trim and pull off bits and pieces here and there.
    03-18-2013, 01:05 AM
I had bill after bill pile up and I admit her back feet got put on hold. He front feet were just done 3-4 weeks ago because of a conformation thing they need extra attention. And long story short is I am looking for a new farrier due to a disagreement over her front conformation issue and how to deal with it. He was scheduled to do her back feet 2 weeks ago but I cancelled. I have a guy I trust and like and am going to give him a try. Besides the multiple appointments was annoying, I'm sure a way to get money. I feel awful that I let this happen to my poor girl :(

Lesson learned!!
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    03-18-2013, 01:07 AM
FWIW I know diddly squat about feet but the basics. I'm learning a lot and researching as much as possible.
I was taken advantage of once, so I was leary but Im learning enough to know my last farrier really sucked... and I failed by not knowing any better :(
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    03-18-2013, 01:40 AM
I agree with trailhorse. Looking from the hairline to the bottom of the heels - they are quite long. I would guess that she has quite a bit of false sole biuld up. It almost looks like the sole around the apex is the highest point of her sole plain. Not sure, pics can be decieving. If it is, I would imagine it would be a very uncomfy landing.
I hope you can locate a good farrier and he can get her taken care of. Keep us posted!
    03-26-2013, 12:58 AM
Its awesome that your learning. I've gone through 4 farriers now with my friend's mares and the last one is now missing so on the hunt again.

As for frog shedding. I've honestly seen it go either way, but when thrush is involved I've seen the whole frog but fresh bits come off. Its like the whole callous just sloughs off all at once from being to wet. When its dry though, their frogs just peel in bits. Atleast down here and in my experience. It scared the bejeebers outta me the first time I took a whole frog off with the pick. I was like 12. And my trainer couldn't stop laughing cause I was in a panic. Lol. Started trying to pack and wrap her foot. Im still just as spaztic but I understand WHAT to be spazzy about now, for the most part. Feet will always be something I question though.
    03-26-2013, 01:33 AM
My guys feet grown tremendously fast and he has big solid sturdy hooves. He must be trimmed every six weeks. I have lifted his foot to clean it and either had the frog shed (kinda gross, kinda fun to peel) or I've picked up a foot and you can see that the frog has just shed off. I guess he just sheds them whole!! He's got very very healthy feet. I don't supplement for his feed for his feet either. The farrier loves him!

Also, what I've found interesting is the same time he sheds his frog, he is also ready to shed his chestnuts and those little nubs they get on the back of the fetlock all coincides. I love picking those things off.....weird I know!!

So, I guess frogs can partially shed and fully shed.....

But when I look at the pics of your horses feet, it doesn't so much look as though there is an issue with the frog as there is with the sole.....interesting...

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