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Originally Posted by loosie View Post
While IMO it's imperative the heels are raised to correct this situation, this needs to be done with support *under* the foot, not under the walls, which especially when already crushed, can just allow the rest of the foot to 'sink' further.
I wanted to highlight this point. So many farriers completely and utterly miss this. When the frog is on the ground and loaded, it will actually raise the angle of the coffin bone as it is now inflated in the back of the foot there thus realigning the joint more properly. The exception would be rotted out thrush infected frogs but any hors ewith a halfway decent fropg should be pretty well off. To make this happen you HAVE to trim the heels back to the back of the frog. Support under the frog is WAY more important than simply wedging up the heels. Often all that is needed is a pour in pad on a regular shoe or simply trimming the foot properly tp the actual live sole and leaving it bare. What once appeared deficient suddenly gets inflated from the pressure of the frog on the ground and voila. Fixed. Youll still have things to grow out but often its enough to start moving forward.
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So, I guess I have to get a good barefoot trimmer to help her. Oldhorselady gave me the name of her's as we are in the same general area.

I don't know if it is worth it for me to try to get the current farrier to do anything different and I don't know that I want him to if he doesn't understand my horse's feet.

I feel like I have once again really let my horse down with my "care" of her. When I look at her hooves now it makes me ill.

She also has swelling below the knee in the front legs along both sides of the cannon bone and I wonder if this is due to the shoes and pads or an unrelated issue. But being as the strain on her tendons and ligaments, which are already compromised (via ultrasound) these wedge pads and unbalanced hoof with a squished heel are at the very least somewhat responsable.

I started thinking about more things with her. Like the way when I have her tied on the concrete she will always walk around the pole and stand on the dirt hill that is next to the concrete. She likes to stand there with her front feet lower than her back feet. Then I thought about her favorite spot to rest in her corral and it is also with her back feet higher than her fronts in very soft dirt/sand.

In her barn I have the regular stall mats and then I put softer mats on top and on top of that I put the mats with the circles cut out of them. I think they are called anti fatigue mats. She spends allot of time in the barn. (I had removed them for the photo shoot).

She had a really rough life being bounced around and used by people who didn't understand her or even try to. She has been traded and bred and then given away once the foal was sold. She has sat for years doing nothing in a 10x10. She spent 1 to 4 years of age in a box stall. She has been abused with a lunge whip at some time and she has been roughed up. Yet with all that she still wants to interact with people. She still is happy to see me. She is owed so much more than my limited experience can provide for her. But I cannot part with her. I just have to try to do what is best for her.

Sorry for the rant. Going down to see her now.

Thank you to everyone who has tried to help me with her.

Loosie, I looked on that site and I think it helped me understand a bit more. Thank you
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I know the feeling, of learning curves leading you to feeling like you're a negligent owner & feeling guilty - but just think about it objectively - you can't know better if the 'experts' you employ to help you don't know better themselves, & we all(generally) do the best with the knowledge we have at the time. So just remember that you've been doing your best by her & that's all anyone can ask. Just now you know you need to learn more, so educating yourself is now part of doing your best

So don't be hard on yourself, but congratulate yourself on wanting to learn more & not accepting the 'experts' at hand on blind faith(that goes for us too - I want people to make objective decisions, not trust me blindly either)
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Thank you Loose for your kind words.

I had the vet out today because of the swollen area on her front leg. The vet pulled the shoes. I have the farrier that helped Oldhorselady's Percheron with the split hoof, coming to the ranch in the morning to trim her.

The swelling is a check ligament and should be okay with every other day work and hand walking on the days she is off. Since our "work" doesn't involve more than walk and trot anyway, he thinks she will be fine. I am to wrap all four legs at night.

He thought her gait abnormality that I noticed was a general pain from her feet. The splits in her front heels from the pads he thought were bad and said they don't heel well. There was no support under her heels at all. Her heel on her right foot was growing over the pad.

With the shoes off now her front frogs look deformed and shrunken. The toe of her hoof is splaying out and splitting in some areas.

So, with this new farrier, I am going to ask that she be kept barefoot even if it means she can't be ridden. I never want another shoe on her again. I am also going to find out what he can do about pulling the heels back.

I will take pictures after she is done.

Thanks again.
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Great. Be interested to see pics of before as well as after a trim??
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Sorry, the pictures aren't good. I did the best I could with a my broken phone and annoyed mare. I can't preview the pictures until I get home due to my phone's broken screen and now I can see they really suck. I tried to get frog pictures but that resulted in her actually touching my leg with her foot when she threatened to kick me. She was done and I can't say I blame her.

So the farrier came out (#4) and said he couldn't do much with her feet since there is so little hoof left. He said he will see her again in 6 weeks and see what can be done then. I am supposed to call him if she is lame or to painful. He found a deep abscess in her left front foot and told me to soak it in epsom salts and warm water. That was allot of fun!! I think she may have one in her other front foot as well since it is smelling like the abscess one. I soaked that one too. She almost killed herself on the tall thing I was soaking her in so I had to ice her leg after that. The farrier said i could ride her but she is pretty sore. So I will cancel her lesson for this Friday. I asked about hoof boots and he said no.

Her hooves are chipping and there is a chunk out of one of them where the abscess was. She also has a bruise on one of her rear feet on the sole of the hoof. I applied a mixture of betadine and epsoms salts to the front feet and had her stand on the concrete for about an hour while it soaked in. I probably shouldn't do that again i am thinking because I know the betadine is really harsh and the salt will be drying.

I let her walk around the arena today. She didn't want to walk, just stood at the gate. So, I got about 4 carrots and played her favorite game "who's got the carrot" but I only walked around the arena with her following me.

She was kicking the barn walls again. She had not done that for a while. One of the horses at the ranch is let out on occasion to wander around and bug my horse so I am sure that is why she was kicking. Also the Arabian herd (5 horses) were running around in the arena which her stall backs up to so that could have done it too.

I will see her again tonight. Hopefully more hoof isn't gone.
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Her ergot(sp) fell off. Is that normal?
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Those toes still look to long to me not sure id be happpy with that trim job..

Tough finding good farriers iv got same problem.
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Yes, normal for ergots & chestnuts to come off periodically.

Yes, bevelling those long toes could/should have been done IMO, but apart from that, as a rule, I believe it's a good move to do little trimming to a hoof newly deshod. I'd give it a week or few. But the backs... why couldn't he do them?

Re abscesses & smelly feet, I imagine that they'd be thrushy at least & that can smell really rotten, so that may be what you're smelling. Can't comment on that more, hoof bruises, etc without sole pics tho. Does concern me that the hairline on the right fore apparently has a dip at the front tho.

The hind right bugs me the most I think, with that bullnose appearance. I know they're expensive, but I'd be getting xrays done if I were you, at least of the 2 right feet which appear worst. If you do, get the vet to mark the dorsal wall, dorsal hairline and apex of frog at least. It's also helpful if rads are done with the horse standing on a board with nails in, evenly spaced, so you can make accurate measurements.

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Hi; I tried to get some more pictures, but could only upload these. The sole pictures go in the order: LF, LR, RR, RF.

I don't know how much info they will provide as they are not very good. It is hard to do with one person and one horse.

The farrier said he didn't want to touch her back feet because there isn't enough hoof on there to do anything. He said her soles ion the rear feet were really flat. They have changed and now have very deep grooves which are so tight it is hard to get a hoof pick into them. I have been using a denture brush for her hooves as well as a pick. He found one abscess in a front hoof. He told me to soak the foot in epsoms salt but it didn't go very well

He said he would check her again in 8 weeks, at which point I said what about 4 weeks and we compromised at 6 weeks. I asked him about the rear feet and asked if he could get them better balanced and he said at her age she will never be balanced and all we could hope for was comfortable.

He said I could ride her if I wanted and I did bareback with just a halter at a walk for about 3 minutes until she started striking the right foot out which I know now is a pain response like I always had thought it was (but I 'm not bitter) anyway I got off of her then and just let her roll etc,

It doesn't show on the pictures but there are pink areas on her soles. I would assume they are bruises.

I will do the radiographs just as soon as I can. I have had alot of expense with her lately and all this on top of the recent colic episode and other hoof abscess. I am not making excuses, just if it is not totally needed then I would rather wait unless you think it is vital and would change what is done with her. Then I will figure something out to get the money to do it.

I just want her to be comfortable and happy. She is not on any anti-inflamatory medication. Do you think she should be? I do have previcox and bute. I give her biotin hoof and msm and glucosamine and u-gaurd pellets as well as electrolyte pellets. She eats bermuda hay and triple crown lite complete feed. She gets carrots daily in her feeder toy and also hand fed to her through out the day. She also gets alfalfa like a 1/8 flake if it looks good and I feel sorry for her. But that is only every now and then. She gets to graze about 15 minutes a day so she can act like a horse.

Anything I should be doing different to encourage the feet to grow. Also on her hoof walls on the outside near the coronet band there are areas that feel soft to me and seem like they are scraped away or something. Almost like a thumb print dishing into the hoof wall. should I use some sort of topical hardener?

Sorry for all the questions. Thank you for all the help.
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