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    11-24-2011, 01:59 PM
Avoid high sugar feeds, such as corn, molasses, barley, oats, and any other cereal grains, but if you need to gain some weight feed rice bran or beet pulp (without molasses.) Make sure your horses diet is high in Magnesiuim, essential fatty acids, and minerals. Good luck getting through this crisis.
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    11-24-2011, 10:29 PM
Are you able to give us more information? Were x-rays done? Is there rotation? If so, to what degree? What options and treatment plan did the veterinarian give you?

First, get the diet under control. You've been given some good suggestions here already but mainly make sure the horse is off grass (use a dry turn-out lot or grazing muzzle) and grain. Feed hay only.

Get her comfortable. You can use hoof boots, or foam pads as Bubba suggested.

Cold horse the feet as often as you can. There are I've found online to rig up an area the horse can soak its own feet in colder water as it feels necessary. The suggested cold mud works too.

I agree and disagree with is restricting movement, once they are comfortable by using hoof boots or foam pads, you should encourage walking on soft ground (or even turn-out on a dry lot) if you restrict movement you are restricting circulation. Make sure the horse is comfortable (ie boots or foam pads) and landing heel first.

The horse may or may not need corrective shoeing, I feel it's important an owner knows all their options. There are studies being done using natural barefoot trimming (the wild horse model) to reverse rotation and treat laminitic and founder cases. There is a lot of information provided by Pete Ramey on his website and Jamie Jackson offers a wonderful book on laminitis/founder. If you can find a trimmer in your area it may be worth looking into - but not something I would recommend as a "do it yourself" job. I am a barefoot advocate but this may be something to look into if money is a concern - I find barefoot to be a lot cheaper then using shoes.

For pain and inflammation I have found white willow bark to be effective, it's natures aprin but does not have the long-term negative side effects that other drugs like bute may cause. I feed to a 1200lb QH 1tsp twice daily as recommended by our trimmer.
    11-25-2011, 10:09 PM
Founder is ALL about horse management and restoring proper hoof form and boney alignment to the horse as well as minimizing wall load and allowing the foot to work as a whole unit. I have rehabbed ALOT of founder cases now, both acute and chronic, and in EVERY case so far I have been able to achieve soundness and even rideability..... usually within 3 months max for the worst of the worst, but typically within a few weeks to a month. The feet were not even completely rehabbed in all cases and yet they were still sound and rideable with boots or other alternative rehabilitative means.

We need more info however to give you any real advice as stated above. Pictures would help also.
    11-26-2011, 08:33 PM
Good Lord DON'T put that horse down !!! Give us some more info. How early is it? What symptoms is the horse showing? Are you sure this is founder? How old is she? If it's founder, do you know what caused it?

I hardly ever run across a case of founder that can't be corrected and it's not that expensive.

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