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Not sure what's going on...

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        05-08-2013, 01:36 PM
    Green Broke
    Hmm not sure, I never had to buy it, just was always at my barn but I don't remember what the label said. I would guess that you want the highest concentration so probably the 1%. Did you ever get pictures of the whole hoof not just the bottom?
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        05-08-2013, 01:48 PM
    Not since she got trimmed. The farrier was late and I left the next day for a business trip. But he did balance her one hoof out, the front left one, and said that the reason it does that is because of her conformation. She turns out from the shoulder, so she lands on the inside more that the outside, thus causing uneven wear. He said he will balance her at each trim, and we will do more frequent trims because of this, but other than that it doesn't cause her any discomfort.
        05-13-2013, 08:34 PM

    Don't just take my advice without checking it out with others, becuase I have only had one horse in my life and only had her for a little over a year.

    My horse has bad feet from my being uneducated about hooves and not knowing what to look for etc. I am working hard to get her back to having functional hooves now. It is a long process.

    Anyway, what I have found that works good as a thrush preventative type of thing, instead of the Dawn is a 50/50 mix of apple cider vinegar and water. I keep it in a spray bottle and after picking the feet I spray them with the vinegar mixture and so far it seems to be helping my horse allot. If there is a small area that I just can't get cleaned out all that well, I blast it with the spray bottle and it seems to work.

    I have only been doing this for the last couple of weeks, but so far it is working for me and it doesn't seem to dry her feet out to much. I stay away from the iodine because it seemed to be to harsh for my horses feet. I tried Dawn soap as well but had problems also with rinsing and it dried her feet out.

    I have, when the conditions have been really wet, used the medicated powder on her feet and legs as well and have not noticed a problem doing that.

    This is just what has seemed to work for me so far in regards to thrush. But, like I said don't just go on what I say, check everything out for yourself and research, read, and learn all you can about feet. There are so many different opinions out there and different ways of doing things. You can't take anyones word for anything. You have to try to learn as much as you can. (that goes for vets too.)

    As for the BO. Some people have a way of life where they feel if you don't state it is a problem it isn't. So, when my horse has anything wrong with her my BO always seems to be right there (20 ft away) telling me what ever it is I am concerned about is "nothing" and that my horse is "fine". So are hers when I let her know they are limping, laying down, not eating etc. It is just the way some people are and (not that it did) don't let it get to you and ignore it and don't place any value in their opinion.

    When my horse did a flying summersault through a pipe corral gate, the advise I got from "people" at the barn were to "give her bute", "let her graze in pasture", and the ever popular "she'll be fine, she's not lame!" Had I listened to that advise instead of making an emergency call to the vet my horse would be dead. She was in shock and the bute would have killed her kidneys. She was anemic and had internal injury.

    Sorry, don't mean to rant. (I do that a bit) I just get so irritated when I hear about people doing the "your over-reacting...she's fine" thing.

    Good luck with your horse. It sounds like you rescued her from a bad situation. That was good of you to do. She is a lucky horse.
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        05-13-2013, 08:37 PM
    Thank you :) I just feel like I can't win with her... It's one thing after the other...
        05-13-2013, 11:07 PM
    Trust me, I am right there with you!! It sucks. I keep hearing about this thing called "ride" that people do with their horses.....I wonder what that "ride".

    But really, my horse has had so many problems with her feet lately it isn't funny. I spend most of my time either wrapping, picking, soaking, spraying, stressing and of course paying. It is frustrating to say the least.

    All I can say is my horse had better be nickering when I pull in because she is glad to see me and not just cause she thinks I have carrots :)

    But really, you will learn so much from all of this. Your horse, like mine, is worth it all.

    Let me know how she does.
        05-13-2013, 11:37 PM

    Paintedmommy hang in there it will get better sooner or later. Believe me we all have our horse problems some more then others.

    Iv sure have had my own horse issues and its seems to never end. Iam beginning to think I won't be riding much. My horse isn't sound now so I know how you feel.

    I think maybe I should just find a diffrent horse that doesn't have issues. But I won't just give up on my boy he's to darn nice.
        05-14-2013, 12:36 AM
    Originally Posted by PaintMommy87    
    This is the first time it rained in a few weeks. Like REALLY rained. It drizzled for a couple of days last week, but not a torrential downpour like it has been last night and today. If it clears up a bit I'll go today.

    What kind of iodine did you buy? 1% or a mix? I'm not exactly sure what to look for...
    Betadine is easier to find. Povidine seems to be cheaper than things labeled as betadine. I am not sure why. You can get it at walgreens type places. I get it off line in the big bottles from Jeffers, or valley vet when I am ordering other stuff.

    Just a suggestion. You can use a really good water spray bottle to "rinse" after you pick it out and scrub (if you do the scrub step). And then spray on the betadine solution. It dries quickly. I personally use Lysol or povidone to scrub it down w first with scrub brush - and rinse well. The red stinky kind of Lysol heavily diluted, is cheap and effective. Try to dry it first before you put the betadine or 50/50 on. I use flour sack type t-towels, they are really absorbent.
        05-14-2013, 10:06 AM
    Thank you!

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