Should I learn how to do basic care on my horse's feet???

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Should I learn how to do basic care on my horse's feet???

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    09-08-2012, 05:21 AM
Should I learn how to do basic care on my horse's feet???

Little bit about my mare, she's a thoroughbred I bought her back in March (March 8th 2012 to be exact) I noticed alot of chipping, flaring and she loves to stomp at a younger (equally as dominate mare). My horse is the alpha of the herd, ever since being brought into the 4 mare herd (her making 5) she has Quietly taken over the leader position. She loves the older mares and they follow her willingly with no issues. But the little Arabian Paint cross mare loves to test my horse, she try herding my mare along with the others which makes my mare stomp, then charge running the younger one off till she gets the hint "Go away leave the others alone" My mare will do the same when the younger one tries being pushy with me.

These make her stomp, so as recommended by a farrier I put her on a hoof supplement called "Horse Shoers Secrete" but it had alfalfa in it which made my usually calm mare EXTREMELY wonky. Which I had enough trouble with when she's in season. Farrier told me to change it to Horse Shine (which I'm allergic to YAY) This has given her an even better coat then what she already had and seems to have strengthen the hoof wall (less chips and break off pieces). But now this supplement makes her feet grow like Crazy. Four weeks ago her feet were professionally trimed. 2 not 3 not 4 TWO weeks later her hooves were flaring again and with her stomping she's managed to break pieces off.

Now when she had them done, I went over her feet with a fine tooth comb (i know nothing about how they do the feet other than filing and trimming but I know nothing if I had to do it myself) I know what I am looking for even thickness, concave sole, clean frog ect ect Her feet were PERFECT (at to me) I'm thinking I need to learn at least how to file them but have No idea where to start....
Any help out there from the community about how to start going about learning, I really do not want to have to bring the farrier down every two weeks for 30 bucks a crack. Good price, but not when its every two weeks -__- anyway her feet are terrible and Imma have to have the farrier back out.
(She's on the supplement Horse Shine, plus I use conditioner on her feet to since its been so dry out, the conditioner is the same brand as the first supplement. It works and doesn't smell like bad BarBQue sauce (lol)

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    09-08-2012, 11:07 AM
Without seeing pics it sounds like not enough flare is being removed at trim time. I don't worry about stomping breaking off bits when the hooves are trimmed right. A large bevel to keep the outer wall from ground contact is important. Perhaps the walls are being left too long as well. Would need to see pics to know that.
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    09-08-2012, 04:55 PM
That's too bad she doesn't do well on Horseshoer's Secret. That stuff is fantastic. Two other almost equally good ones are Farrier's Formula and Vitaflex Grand Hoof.

If you can have your farrier show you how to maintain a nice subtle bevel on your horse's hooves between trims, that would go a long way to preventing chipping. Just stay away from hoof oils and stuff of that nature. All they do is make wet, soupy hooves.
    09-08-2012, 09:14 PM
Yes, I think it is a really good idea for owners to learn how to maintain their horse's feet. Whether or not you plan to do the job yourself, just do 'brush ups' or just want to understand how/why, it's helpful for your horse. I do think that learning the principles, theories & pros & cons of different approaches is vital too though, so that's where I'd advise you start.

Agree with others that the flaring is probably more about how they were trimmed.

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