Trim after acute laminitis attack

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Trim after acute laminitis attack

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  • Acute laminitis attack

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    12-04-2013, 04:00 PM
Trim after acute laminitis attack

My horse is currently in an acute laminitis phase. The vet came out yesterday and took x-rays, no rotation. She said the toes need to be shortened (or beveled?) and the heels need to be higher (will put shoes on later to help the heel grow faster and to distribute the weight evenly on his feet) The way his hooves are now is causing strain on his tendons making him sore. It's been 7 wks since his last trim and I'm not sure if I should wait for the laminitis phase to pass before I get him trimmed or if I can get them trimmed next week or the following. But if I get him trimmed now won't it help take the strain of his legs? I know I should have asked the vet but I forgot and I'm waiting for her to call me back. Just wanting a little input.
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    12-04-2013, 04:15 PM
Duplicate sorry
    12-04-2013, 04:16 PM
The X rays are essential in the acute phase both as a baseline for future monitoring of the bone position and to see where the bones are at the moment. This will help the farrier do the right trim and not endanger the foot any more than it already is.

That said though, if the toe is stretched forward at all ,even without Xrays then bevelling the toe back some will reduce the pull from the deep flexor tendon on the bone and help prevent or limit bone rotation. The bevel should be 1/4" in front of where the end of the bone is . In the absence of Xrays, using hoof testers on the sole will easily reveal that line because the horse will be screaming sore right under the edge of the bone. So the practitioner needs to be careful using the hoof testers.

As to the heels, growing more heel is generally considered the wrong thing to do whether dealing with laminitis or not .

However *temporary* WEDGING may be needed in the acute phase to help also reduce the bone rotation even more by reducing the tendon pull even further. But whether to wedge depends on the HORSE and how he is standing and moving in response to the pain. If he is slapping his heels on the ground hard when he tries to walk he does not need any raising of the heels .
But he should have some kind of temporary support taped on or booted on the feet at the first sign of pain or at least at the vet visit. Did the vet do that? If not then you need a new vet who is better informed about the proper first aide for laminitis.
    12-04-2013, 04:17 PM
Also if you can post the Xrays I can mark them up for you to explain some stuff. .
    12-04-2013, 05:02 PM
Hi Patty, I haven't heard back from the vet and they haven't emailed the x-rays yet. Getting a little irritated that no one has called me back. I have so many questions I didn't ask when they were out. I do have a picture of his feet that I can post when I get home. And he has temporary padding on his front feet. Vet said they should last a couple days and if he still needs them I could reuse the "putty" and wrap it with duct tape. I really just want to know if I can have his feet trimmed next week or if I need to wait till he's walking fine.
    12-04-2013, 07:13 PM
nd he has temporary padding on his front feet. Vet said they should last a couple days and if he still needs them I could reuse the "putty" and wrap it with duct tape.
If he used the two part impression material(putty that mixes together in your hand then set up like rubber) that is good stuff.
as to I really just want to know if I can have his feet trimmed next week or if I need to wait till he's walking fine.
You can (and should) get the toe bevelled any time but do not touch the back half of the foot at all (frog and bars included) if you are going to re use the putty.
If the farrier trims anything at all in the back part of the foot then you can not re use the putty because it has to fit perfectly in and around the frog where it molded originally. If you try to re use it after anything it was molded to is changed it may create pressure points and make the horse sore.
Later on you can trim the rest of the foot as needed then change to a different support material or new putty.
loosie and its lbs not miles like this.
    12-04-2013, 11:42 PM

Re trimming, heel height, etc, agree with Patty - I'd be getting the horse *well* trimmed ASAP. Of course, general rule here, without seeing xrays, etc, but when people talk about 'needing to grow higher heels' especially combined with run forward toes, it is usually the case that the horse actually has too long, but crushed forward heels. Especially if they're chronically deformed at all, keeping hassling the vets for the rads so the farrier can look at them before trimming would be good.

Did the vet discuss other factors & reasons, such as insulin resistance, etc?
    12-05-2013, 11:01 AM
Still waiting on x-rays, will post as soon as I get them. I already knew he was IR. He foundered 2 yrs ago. Just not sure why he's having an attack now. Unless the grass is not dead yet. She did mention it could have been the grass. It looks dead to me.....very deceiving. It seems like his attack was caused by both issues, the sugar from the grass and his hooves.

I've been told that I should wait to get him trimmed. Wait till he's walking fine, no heat in his hooves and decreased pulse. How long does it usually take for a horse to get over this phase? I really think a trim (mainly shortening his toe, giving him a break over) will help. I found a new farrier and waiting for the x-rays from the vet so I can send them to the farrier.

Does anyone know when grass is safe enough (in the winter time)? Safe enough to let him out for an hour or so. Obviously I'm not going to let him out until he is passed this.
    12-05-2013, 11:28 AM
Katy Watts |
So, if he's confirmed IR, what's his diet?
    12-05-2013, 11:39 AM
Just bermuda grass hay. I'm going to start him on Platinum Performance (vet suggested that) and the vet said it would be okay to mix it with a handful of timothy pellets. Vet didn't seem to have a problem with the diet he is on.

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