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post #11 of 50 Old 08-28-2012, 10:42 PM
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Well, my parents bought me a horse by surprise when I was younger. And A SURPRISE SHE WAS!! A two and a half year old unbroke Haflinger mare, who was LAME! Woohoo. I still own her, and she turned out to be a great little jumper.

Actually, I showed her 3 months after buying her (She ended up sound), she was awful, it was more for the experience. She was so jumpy and spooky, she needed to be taken out more. I took first and second! I was just praying she didn't break out bucking during the classes. We didn't do amazing, but the only other Haflinger showing that day also took only firsts.. So we think it was a Haffie loving judge. It was funny because my extrainer was trying to get me to GIVE her to her, saying I can't handle a green horse.

I don't "click" with her, but we make an.. interesting team.

However, I own a little curly filly I am in LOVE with! I walked into this lady's barn who had some horses for sale, and BAM, horse nose to my face -- It was love at first headache.
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Skye is and always will be my heart horse. An exhousemate bought her from a "rescue" because she hoped she was in foal to the hideous Pali paint crypto stallion the rescue lady owned. Turns out she wasn't thank goodness. I was agisting at the same place as my exhousemate and was there when Skye was delivered. She flew down the ramp and swung around at the end of the lead snorting. It was love at first sight for me and we formed a bond quickly. luckily once she was found not be pregnant I bought her. Still have her though she's unrideable and will keep her until she's no longer pasture sound.
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I was looking for a green horse to take on to get back into riding. I went into the dimly lit barn and saw his sweet face. He was gentle and I just felt it. In my stomach. I got on him and I never wanted to get off. He and I have just clicked ever since. He's my baby and he definitely takes care of me. He tries his heart out ALWAYS for me. *sigh* Makes me smile just thinking about him. We have just always clicked. There is nothing better than that between a horse and rider.
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They most Definitely choose us! I currently have 2 horses. I spent months searching to buy my first horse. 3 deals on horses fell through horrifically, they were all nice horses, but none that really clicked. I figured 'that click thing doesn't really happen, this horse is nice enough', but then for some reason or other the owner would back out. I was so distraught I was ready to give up.

Then I saw this tiny ad on petfinder, with a picture taken a mile away from the horse. I wanted a big, well feathered draft horse, well this horse was a 'perch cross'. Not either of those things that I wanted. She was 2 hours away and I was going to my certification for therapeutic riding instruction that weekend, so I figured it wasn't meant to be. But the moment I passed my tests I left the room and for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about that tiny ad. So I called up the guy in the ad he told me the horse was broke everything up to ground driving, but hadn't been backed yet. Well I was looking for a completely untrained horses that I could start, but eh, I'll take the head start :P.

I drive the 2 hour drive to see this small, not well feathered horse, under the promise that he had other drafts for sale if I didn't like her. I arrived at his property and NO one was home!! Despite our scheduled time. So I took a walk around the outside of his property. I saw this little black mare and thought I would die - she was SO magnificent!! Her face, neck, belly and mane were completely rubbed bald, feathers were nothing to speak of, what little there was was doing nothing to hide her horrifying hooves - but she was the most beautiful horse I'd ever seen!

I finally found the man's wife who told me he was at a golf tournament (despite our scheduled meeting!) I told her I didn't care about their free-to-good-home horse, I wanted THAT mare! She laughed and told me that was the one they needed to get rid of xD I was ready to explode - I didn't care if the guy was there or not. The woman found me some brushes and a halter - the horse politely followed me around the paddock with or without the halter, stood quietly to get groomed despite the bugs air chiseling holes in her. I soaked her in bug spray before I left - distraught that I couldn't tell this guy I wanted the horse today - horrified it would be yet another horse I'd loose - but this horse was Different! She's the most incredible horse in the world!!!

I called him over and over all night. I told him I loved this horse and wanted to take her home - he said, well you gotta get her before this Saturday, she's going to auction - AHH!! I got everything ready as fast as possible, the next morning, bright and early she arrived in all her horrifying glory xD

She was horrifically untrained - but time and energy we have come very far together. I love her more than anything <3

When I first went to see her:

Us now:

She was chasing the ribbons in her hair xD:
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I picked my horse. I am not really sure why I picked her. She is one of the moodiest mares I have ever met. She is also super lazy. The day I was going to ask my boss about her the boy that had been riding her said he would like to buy her. I was sadden by the thought of her going to someone else. I finally found a horse I liked and was too late! I told my boss it must be her lucky day because I was going to ask to buy her. The boss said okay and the next week I bought her.
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well I have had a few horses in my life ( a few very bad choices also) This time it was time to find a pony for my daughter. I had not been really ridding since my daughter was born but she stuck with her year of lessons with a crappy teacher and I felt it was time I started teaching her which mint we needed a horse. I had planned to just find a nice pony for lease. We got talked into a almost 16 hand old paint mare. I rode her a couple times and thought she was super stubbern but maybe would be ok untill we found something else. Well It didnt work my daughter could not control her and all she wanted to do was stand in one spot.
I decided to just take a look on craigslist which I try not to do but saw a pony at a rescue she looked gray and all the add said is bomb proof 13 hand mustang. something about her just made me have to go see. ( plus I had kinda always wanted a mustang) I went to the rescue which was at the nastiest dirty ranch I had ever been to. It was a rescue but she was in a stall with a good two feet of manure to stand in. They brought her out and my daughter tried to give her a treat she smelt my daughters hand so gentle and did not even have a clue what a carrot or apple treat was. She is the most gentle treat taker I have ever had then she walked to my daughter and just stood there my daughter was able to lead her without her pulling all around. The people were rude and I noticed she had issues picking up her feet . I was working with her and the people told me that If I was going to mess with her so much maybe she was not the right horse for me ( ok really how many people buy a horse without checking them out ) I kinda know something was off with these people. but my daughter rode her and she was amazing to make a long story short We both feel in love with her and told them she was going home with us. She is the sweetest little mare ever she will listen to my daughters every command on and off her and she calls to us every time we pull up. Plus she know that I have had her I know a few things she was for sure beatin by a wipe because as soon as she sees one she get so scared she shakes and tences up but I have with in two weeks gotten her to now come to me while Im holding awipe and I can rub it all over her without her jumping out her skin. She also would not pick her feet up for anyone. within a week I can bend over and she hands me all her feet I dont even have to ask. I also got lucky the add was a little wrong and she is almost 14 hands sooo close so I get to ride her to. She is the best pony ever and as much as my daughter says she is hers I know she is mine lol. I have never had a connection to a horse like I have with this one and I have had over 6 in my life.

I love my MUSTANG !
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I didn't choose her, and she didn't choose me, but my mom said I needed to get her....

I went out looking for a horse for my middle daughter. I was looking for a gelding, 8-15 years old, pleasure trained, to help my daughter learn to ride. The horse I went to look at had a serious injury previously and his hoof/leg twisted when I picked up the left hind. So of course I said no. We'd traveled a ways, across a ferry (with truck and trailer) to look at the horse. My dad (who invited himself to come with my mom, my daughter and me) said: 'I just really don't believe we came here for nothing, we passed a cenex (feed store), lets go back and look on their board.' The only thing there was a 5 year old MARE, cross country/eventing horse. I called, to appease my dad. She was at a pasture away from the owner's house and they said they could meet us in a couple of hours, I said no, has to be now, because I had appointments (two ferry rides away) to look at other horses. So they said, well go down and look at her and we'll meet you in a half an hour. So I asked if it would be ok to catch, groom and tack up and wait for them to arrive. They were surprised that I had tack with me, and said sure, and while you're at it, go ahead and ride her and if you're interested, then go ahead and call us and we'll come down, oh, and don't mind the pony out there with her, you won't be able to catch the pony. Needless to say, I was a bit weirded out, but went anyway. After riding her (with the pony following behind and trying to bite her) I told my mom that I didn't think she was right for my daughter, and I'd have to pass. My mom looked at me and said "offer her two hundred dollars less, send her to the trainer for a couple of weeks to work on the things you didn't like and get her anyway, if you still think its not a match at the end of summer, sell her on and keep looking, what do you have to lose?"

So I did, and I can't even begin to imagine a better horse for me (though she did not work for my daughter, who now has her own, equally high spirited horse). I regularly thank my mom for not letting me pass up my own 'perfect horse' in the quest for the perfect horse for my daughter...
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I was given my gelding Shadow, my mom gave him to me. We have a bond, but he's my husband horse. Simply put. As soon as he met my husband they clicked and i knew it, but my husband doesn't ride. So i take care of him, and hubby just likes to go out and spend time with him and his yearling. You can't tell in the pics they aren't perfect for each other can you. LOLAttachment 111075

Attachment 111076

Our yearling Stormy was given to my husband because he was sick, and his dad didn't want a sick colt. So we took him. I don't know if we have a bond, but he listens very well to me and will try anything i ask of him. He loves my husband too, he stopped to see me when i was giving our colt a lesson, and he stuck his head in the truck window to say hi!! It was too funny.

As for my mare Looney. I saw an add for a unbroke 3yo paint mare not far from my house. And i was looking for a younger horse to start, and train for barrels. I called and set up a day to go and visit. Meanwhile i had gone and seen 4 other horses. Well i went and visit the first time, i was kind of eeehhh, she was skinny and rude, and reared when you led her out of her stall. The look in her eyes, made me consider going to see her a second time, and get to know each other. So i went again, i groomed her, picked up her feet, and she led like a dream. I was sold, her and i clicked on the second meeting. She came home in April, a skinny, half wild, ornery girl. She ran right through the fence on the first day, while her former owner was still standing there watching, she led like an angel, and never tested the fence again. She's been a sweet heart ever since, though stubborn. I couldn't believe how much she changed since i've had her. Wouldn't trade her for the world!!!
Me and Looney.jpg

~Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can steal.~
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Here's the pics that didn't upload for some reason. My husband and his two horses and him and Shadow.Bubbles 005.jpg

Bubbles 002.jpg

~Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can steal.~
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We clicked from the start, but I tried to fight it. I was looking for a teenaged/older, well trained, steady eddie horse to be my first horse and to train me. I figured on a sorrel or a bay and was actively avoiding looking at anything flashy or popular colored on the basis that "pretty" horses are often allowed to get away with murder and just sold on over and over again for looks.

I rode this supposedly 8 year old dun gelding with little more than basic trail training just because I figured I'd at least try all the horses the guy had for sale since what people say about the horse and the ride you get from the horse often don't match up. The ride went well, but he wasn't really what I was looking for in the training me department, and dun was more color than I was looking for. That's what I told myself anyway. Inside I LOVED him, his personality and mine worked well together, he was just enough forward and very social.

I went away, tried a bunch of other horses, and then came back and rode him again. A couple of friends said he looked like a good horse, better than the others that had made my short list, and that was finally enough push and permission to get the horse I knew I *wanted* over the older horse I was trying to convince myself I should get.

When I saw his papers and saw he was only 6 I got a bit nervous again. I had figured that I might get a schoolmaster and then sell him after a couple of years of learning. That's not gonna happen with this guy. He's stolen my heart completely and despite all the stupid s*** we've done with both of us barely past green, he's kept me safe and meets me at the gait waiting and ready to go every day. Here's to the next 20 years hopefully.
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