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So...if you want all the bells and whistles, for $75/mo between 2 horses, pay it! If your friend is getting all that done for $200/mo, and you want it done, just pay the difference and get it done. Personally, I dont consider doing all the care for 2 horses, for what amounts to about $2.50 a day, a bargain.
So- why is moving your horse in other than an emergency, a problem? Unless it was unsafe, I cant imagine why it is an issue.
What do you want people here to SAY about your ex friend not doing what you want her to do... especially when you provided no specifics?
You resent your BO for taking in more horses? How do you get a say in that? As long as there is room and they are all given care, that is not your call.
And yes, I am sure it is hard to find boarding for a stud colt. You are lucky to find it. I assume he is pastured seperately? I personally would not board where there was a stud unless the facilities were set up for that. If I were boarding there, I would be complaining about it for sure!
I would also be very surprised if your BO " knows next to nothing about horses".
I suspect you have burned some bridges at other boarding facilities... you need to be realistic about what you expect for the $$ you are willing to pay.
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I'm paying $175 discounted board at the facility where my MINIATURE mare is, and she shares a 100 x 100 pen with two other mares right now. Small three sided shed for them to share and a tree, no stall available for her. Her water bucket is a 50 gallon tub that I bought and fill/scrub out every day myself, and she's fed once a day by a friend, once a day by me. I would be feeding her myself twice a day if my friend wasn't kind enough to rotate with me so that I fed both of our horses once a day and she fed both of our horses once a day. I have an outdoor grass arena and a slightly broken round pen available to me, and the only food provided for my mare is grass hay on the ground. If I want anything else, I buy it. I don't even have the option of paying for my mare to be turned out, blanketed, etc. My board would actually be $275 a month but I cut it down by offering to feed all of the horses once a day which takes me at least and hour and a half every day.

And I thought I was getting a good deal! Most places in my area charge $300 for pasture board, $400-500 for stall board.

if you want something better for your horses, pay more money. Running a farm costs a LOT of money and takes a LOT of time. Even feeding all of the horses makes me exhausted, and its just filling buckets of water and dumping hay/feed into troughs!

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I pay €100 per month per horse - I get a stall and a (very mucky at the moment) paddock. I have no outdoor arena, let alone an indoor. I muck out, I turn in and out, I feed - I do EVERYTHING. The man who keeps the yard doesnt look at my horses... granted if one needed something urgent lke medical attention, he would help and get in touch.

If I wanted top notch facilities, I would be paying a heck of a lot more for it. I can't afford that at the moment and while I have no facilities to ride and just use a field/the road - I make the best with what I have.

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I would be upset if the things listed in a contract didn't happen. When the BO signed the contract, she agreed to do these things at the price agreed upon. Cheap or not, thats what she agreed to. According to the OP, she's not doing them. So yes, if I was paying her an agreed amount to do those things and she was not, then I would be upset.

The OP has seen that the things the BO was contracted to do for a specific fee was not done. So instead of discussing that with the BO, the OP picks up the chores the BO should be doing. The BO sees that she is recieving money while someone else does her chores and she thinks thats a pretty sweet deal so she slacks off. She'll get a check every month and she won't have to do the chores.

I'm guessing the OP contracted the BO to never take the horse out of the pasture unless there is an emergency because of her previous experience where the old BO allowed someone to ride the horse without permission.

OP, the reason no one is listening to you is because you are approaching the matter very immaturely and in a child-like way. You are kicking and screaming, so to speak. I understand you are upset but you need to address this with a level head.

I'm presuming you never spoke calmly at your other boarding facilities and instead of problem solving, you left in a fiery huff of anger. I know plenty of people who's horses have colicked or gotten a leg injury at a boarding facility. Instead of kicking and screaming and storming out of the facility, they took precausions so it would never happen again.

Your maturity level needs to rise before anyone is going to take you seriously, and the first step is realizing that you are not entitled to anything. That BO has every right to kick you out on your rearend. She can do it for no reason what-so-ever. Then where would you go with such a limited budget and a stud colt you won't geld?

For once, it would benefit you to be reasonable and sensible. Approach the BO gracefully and with maturity because the fact of the matter is, you have nowhere else to go.

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I'm going to give the OP the benefit of the doubt regarding the stud colt. Lots of colts don't drop their testicals until they're 18 months old, and most low cost gelding clinics are only just starting to take place. My own colt is 10.5 months and was only gelded two weeks ago and the were BARELY dropped enough for the vet to find them, and conversely didn't act studish AT ALL.

But regarding the boarding situation. You're getting what you pay for. It's that simple.

In project management there's the magic triangle and the three sides are: Cost, Time, Quality. Or as you may have seen on bumperstickers, You can have it good, fast or cheap; pick two.

How does this relate to horses boarding?
You can have a high quality barn that is cheap, but its probably going to be VERY far away.
You can find a barn that is near you and cheap, but the quality of care is suspect and inconsistent.
You have a high quality facility close to you but it's probably going to cost most than you can afford.

So short of having them in your own barn in your back yard (which if you're boarding I am assuming is not an option) you're going to have to be flexible with your expectations of care and facility amenities, or be prepared to drive far, or pay more.

For what it's worth when I was weaning my aforementioned colt this past fall, I chose Quality and Cost. I placed an add on CraigsList and found a lady who had two geldings and a facility I liked, and paid $125 a month for full-care pasture board and brought my own supplemental hay. (The horses had a large open barn with hay and water in one side and straw bedding on the other, and was open to all 10 acres)

The trade off was the farm was 50 miles away. I didn't get to see my boy everyday like I was used to and I'm sure not everything was done how I would have done it. But he was safe, well cared for at a price I could be happy with.

A facility with an indoor arena might not be in the budget for now. The OP needs to prioritize and have realistic expectations, that are well communicated and agreed to by the BO. You may be the tennent by its the BO's world.
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If you're unhappy, by all means you should leave.

Just please don't come to my barn.
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First I would like to say that what you are paying in board is CRAZY CHEAP!!!

Figure in costs of insurance, hay, maintenance, upkeep/repairs, electric, water and use of facility and not to mention labor.

If you HAVE addressed these issues of concerns of yours with the BO and they have not been satisfied to your expectations then by all means, give a notice to vacate the property.

But before you make that decision remember that you have two horses and one is a stud colt. Not a lot (very few) offer boarding for studs period (I'm one of those places :) )
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Know what? I'm a barn hopper. Know what else? EVERY barn I have ever left said they would welcome me back with open arms.

I move a lot because I move locations. I bring Clem to school when it's school season and I live in the dorms, and she usually comes home with me. She's very used to moving, and in the 1.5 years I have owned her she has been to quite a few barns. Just recently, at where I was boarding when I moved to school there was a big issue where the barn was going to go under new management and they were going to jack prices way up (by more than I could afford). My wonderful barn owner invited, out of ALL of the boarders, me and one single other person to come and keep our horses at her place, full pasture board, for 100 dollars per month (and she is NOT a small horse, being a half draft). I'd only been boarding with her for three months at the time. I recently asked her about lessons and how much they would run - and she told me she would be happy to go out when the weather gets warmer and ride with me, do arena work, help me out with whatever I am having problems with free of charge. She said it would be nice to have a riding partner, and while she doesn't think I need full on lessons she can certainly work with me whenever we both have time to do so.

Do you know why? Because I am grateful for what I get and I don't ask for more. I offer my help when it seems needed and I offer to pay extra when I ask her for favors (Like can she hold Clem for the farrier, I can't be there, or can you worm her for me). I am incredibly lucky to be in this situation, and I couldn't be more grateful to her. I do realize that your barn owner needs to do what's in the contract but honestly you seem to be difficult to deal with and burning bridges. Talk to her like a mature adult and see what can be worked out. If you don't like it, leave. Your expectations are incredibly high for the dirt cheap board you are paying - Here it's at the VERY LEAST 200 for BASIC pasture, and if you go near the cities it's around $400. You have a fantastic boarding deal right now and you don't seem to appreciate it at all.

Especially with a stud - I won't ask why he isn't gelded but honestly you're getting more than you should be for what you're paying. Talk to your barn owner. Or leave. But you have to stop expecting so much. "Paying so much for so little" made me more angry than it should - you have it GOOD and you don't even seem to appreciate it.
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I used to board at a public barn here in my town that probably has THE CHEAPEST board ever. Complete self care, buying hay, shavings, everything. $25 a month! Haha, there was absolutely no pasture though. We just paid for the power and water. Where my horse is boarded now, I pay $150 a month for complete 24/7 outdoor board; hay, grain & minerals included. Plus you get your own tack box, there's a wash stall, 100 + acres of trails and an outdoor arena. I think I got lucky! But honestly, you really can't complain..

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I would be interested in what the other boarders think about the Stud Colt. I know I would be unhappy if one boarded at MY barn. ( unless of course it is set up for one...) If I were you, I would be careful about griping too much- it may not take much (if the other boarders are complaining about the colt as it is... ) for you to be asked again to find other boarding... not easy with the stud colt...
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