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Boarding barn problems

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        02-03-2014, 11:40 PM
    ^ before the barn had new employees and management, there was at least 2 empty stalls for pasture horses so if they got hurt the owner could pay for a stall boarding while that horse heals. I don't expect to have a stall for just my horse but I expect an option for all the pasture horses to have a stall in case one got hurt.

    Also to some people that may not seem like a small space but to me that is tiny pasture. I believe if horses are going to be outside they should have more room to at least trot around, and not walk in a circle. My personal opinion though.

    Luckily I will not be doing any of the talking at the county board meeting. 3 boarders will be representing the boarders and the are very smart business people, ( one is the president of a big company) so I believe they will be smart in what they will say. I don't know if I will move but if nothing changes there is a good possibility so I stay happy and more horse!

    Thanks everyone!
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        02-04-2014, 01:44 AM
    If pasture horses are entitled to a stall should they get sick or injured are you and the other outdoor boarders willing to have their board raised to cover the revenue the facility would receive if they rented it out monthly? (Here indoor goes for $700.00 month). You can't expect a facility to not rent out a stall on the whim it may be needed. Very few facilities can give up that kind of revenue. You pay for outdoor board, that is what you get, shelter, water, feed. If they have a stall free for that purpose "bonus".
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        02-04-2014, 06:52 AM
    Haley...this may be the exact reason why there is new management and employees.

    Running a business efficiently and making money is what this place probably needed. You possibly have a business manager in place to stop the "bleeding" and make it a money-making not losing scenario trying to save it.
    You are not use to it being run as such, neither is the employee and the fact that the decisions may be being made in a cost constructive and loss prevention way is very different than how it was run. Even "new" employees may not like the cost cutting measures and balk at some things, hence disharmony in the work place.
    Cost containment, stopping the losing $$ fiasco is not pleasant to see or be part of for either side, but with you not knowing if this place had a chopping block put on it for cost over-run...these measures may be being done to keep this barn alive, open and running.

    Some of the illness just happens when horses come and go...and it may not be the horses that brought it but a human made contact and carried the ailment in on them.

    Where I am from pasture to stall board is more than a $250 difference in cost. Stall board is over $800++ a month for a so-so boarding facility not a "backyard barn".
    Horses are in dry lots, paddock not pasture. There are very few barns with pasture turnout of any kind as land values are astronomical. {No stall is left open for a "what-if" when it can be filled and make money...just the way it is.}
    Their needs of feed, hay and water are all brought to them
    {in fact they have round bales 24/7 and baled hay also given to them}, they don't need to "graze" on grass and they have a very large run-in for weather nastiness and a few trees. A paddock around 150' x 150' has 8 horses... they don't often look to run around anyway so it rarely is a issue...they just mosey around for the most part if not out being ridden by their owners.
    They do have a quarantine 30' round pen under trees, no stall for 21 days or even near another horse and they are the last one fed everyday then the worker goes and changes clothes and washes up before starting their regular assigned work. They are completely off limits to everyone.
    They have had horses colic for no apparent reason, many in a few weeks time and no changes in anything, just happened...and some did die or were put down.
    Horses injured in the pasture board scenario are given a choice of in or out if a stall is available and the owner will pay the $$ difference, otherwise care is given {you pay for that if done by a worker} and the horse stays in their pasture.
    The place is a business and is run like a business...friends is friends, business is business and the two shall not cross if you wish to retain both interests.


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