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Crazy Barn Owners Trying to Keep Horses

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        09-18-2012, 09:01 PM
    All these horror stories have me undecided on whether I want to board or buy property with a barn on it to keep my horses there...something for me to seriously consider with all the negative situations some horse owners have found themselves in.
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        09-18-2012, 09:56 PM
    ABSitvita do your homework before settling on a place to board your horse.
    Get a contract or lease agreement and ask aroungd about the reputation of the faiclity and its owners.
    The only time I ever boarded the warning signs were there about the BO's problems. That is why I paid so much in advance before leaving even though all I was required to pay would have been a couple of months.
    Too many people had come and gone and the BO would gossip about everyone.
    That is not how professional people operate a business. Shalom
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        09-18-2012, 11:08 PM
    I feel very lucky. Clementine has been to 5 different stables since I got her a little over 1 year ago because she moves with me from school to where I live in the summer (The one I bought her from, the first one I boarded her at when I moved to school, the new stable that particular BO moved to, one down in the cities when I moved back home for the summer, and her current one again up by school (Is different from first school stable)). I have never had a problem, ever. All of them have the 30 day's notice, one even had 6 weeks, and it's not been an issue - even though I rarely remember to give the full 30 days. The 6-week-notice barn actually only got a week's notice, because I didn't know a solid move date, and she was fine with it.

    All of my barn owners have been wonderful, going above and beyone what I would have asked. Help with transport to or from a stable when I didn't have a trailer, offering to hold her for the farrier when I couldn't get out there, not minding when we mailed board check a few days late (My boyfriend pays it, and he usually pays when he comes to visit or mails it). Every single one has told me they hope I come back or offer to save a spot for me. Even if I tell them I won't be returning, if I need help they are always willing to answer my questions and help as best they can. Even though I may be off a few days on board or didn't give proper notice, we maintain a good relationship.

    I feel like I have been *very* lucky :p
        09-18-2012, 11:43 PM
    AAAAAA!!!! I'll tell you what I would have taken pictures and turned that BO IN!! YOU DO NOT EVER TAKE IT OUT ON THE HORSE!!! I can't stand that crap, I don't care how mad I am at someone, or how much I'm getting ripped off, I would never ever ever take it out on the horse!! I don't care who they are, what their excuse is...there is none NONE!! I mean turn them in!! Word of mouth whatever it takes to ruin their business!! This is the epitomy of passive aggressive behavior and they should go to jail for it!
        09-19-2012, 06:34 PM
    I did not know barns tried to keep horses! Mine just says okay that's fine... but the great thing is that no horse is leaving without the owner of the horse present, not the husband, ex-husband, daughter, ect. So I feel really safe with my horse there.
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        10-03-2012, 02:06 PM
    Originally Posted by WesternJake    
    I've never understood the whole 30 days notice thing, just because it seems kind of greedy for BO's to expect someone to pay for board when they are NOT going to be there.

    Not sure where you figure it's extra money? In MOST cases you give 30 days notice, and STAY the whole 30 days. You only forfeit it if you leave early.

    Say you pay board Sept 1st and give notice you will be leaving in 30 days, you stay till 9/30.

    I guess I'm a good BO, everyone gives their notice and they stay the whole 30 days. Have had boarders go to another barn that better suited their needs and then come back. Most boarders though have left because they have either sold their horse (3) or loved my farm so much (and think it's a good life, no matter what I try to tell them) they buy their own farm (6) or move out of state (3). Once who moved 2 hours away still kept her horses at my farm for a year because she couldn't find a barn she liked better, in my price range and had a sane BO.

    She was gone a year but came back 2 months ago.

    I am not going to withhold care or love to a horse because the owner is leaving. I used to take it personally but still remained kind and professional, now it's just business and I'm still kind and professional.

    They call my farm "Charlotte's Fat Farm" (because I do overfeed some, they are a little on the chubby side) and swear I take better care of them than they would.

    The horses here are happy, fat and not beat up. They come and greet everyone with ears up and bright eyes (because normally we all have treats) I provide treats and carrots for the boarders to give to their horses.

    I have had more than one boarder (5 that I can think of) who said their horses have changed since being here, that they are content and have a better attitude. At first I was like yea ok, all horses are happy! But after being told it several times I think it might be a little true.
        10-04-2012, 02:30 AM
    I moved barns this summer. I gave notice 7/18, I was ideally wanting to wait to move until 8/17 so I wasn't paying double board, however I felt that I had to move sooner than that for reasons I don't care to share, as I am trying hard to rise above her sharing her side of the story with someone I board with at my new barn, and not make it public knowledge.

    I moved around 7/20. July had already been paid as of 7/1, so after I had moved out with my horse I went back on 8/1 and paid what I owed for the remainder of the notice period. I removed my tack and supplies the day before I moved my horse, and I left her tack room key at that time. When Lucas was in the trailer, I sent her a text message to let her know that he was no longer on her property.

    It sucked to have to pay double board. And it sucked to have to pay the full costs for the month when the barn owner does not have the expense of having the horse on site. My former BO does not take in boarders, (except for me) so she didn't need time to fill the stall again. But I had no intention of screwing her out of the money that I was contractually obliged to give her.

    I felt the situation was serious enough to end a close friendship and move Lucas, however I was both morally and legally obliged to pay her for that period of time.

    If you want to move your horse before the end of the notice period, or in fact not have the horse there at all for the notice period - fine, do that, but pay for that time.
        10-04-2012, 10:36 AM
    Crimson: just do some research - first, about your state's agister's laws, then the actual barn you are going to, and finally, the contract. Go over it with a fine tooth comb. If there is anything you don't like, don't move there. DEFINITELY don't move without a clearly written contract that states exactly what you are paying for. Don't be scared, just be very diligent. No one will ever take care of your horse exactly as you would, but someone might come close :)
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        10-07-2012, 04:07 AM
    Am I getting this right?... When yall say 30 days notice are you referring to a heads up Or are you talking about paying for an additional month? From what Im concluding yall are saying pay extra which is very bizarre if that's right. I understand its the start of the month and saying "Hey Im moving my horse by the end of this month" and you pay it up but leave in the middle of the month there for you arent using the rest of the month so you lose it. But I don't see why you would pay extra even if you stayed till the 30/31st before moving your horse.

    When I was going into 6th grade me and my mom moved back to TX from KS for a job she got. We had been in KS 3yrs and had our 2 horses on a 100 acres but the old couple were moving to town and selling the place so we moved the horses to another 100 acres on the other side of town. My mom had been layed off right before having to move the horses and was looking for jobs back in TX. So when we moved the horses and the owner of the new place was well aware that we might not be there long if my mom found a job in TX which he said was fine. (She found this place by word of mouth from some old timers who knew of this guy who would maybe board. It wasnt a business) Well my mom did find a job in TX and gave notice to the guy which was a couple days less then a month. We packed the house and mom paid up for the next month for the boys and we headed to TX. We stayed at a suit till we found a house. The month passed and my mom had to mail payment for another month. A month and a half after being here we found a place with acreage so we let the guy know and headed up to KS to get the horses. When we got there the trailer had a pad lock on it where we couldnt hook it up. My mom called the guy and he said he would be there. He said we could take the horses but not the trailer. My mom was PO! His reason for keeping it was non payment of storage for the trailer. My mom was like WHAT?! It was a very heated argument where the sheriffs were called out. He changed his storying saying he was holding it for non payment of rent then said she sold him the trailer. Finally after my mom showing proof of everything he finally said "Whatever let her take it!" We loaded up the horses and headed back to TX hours behind schedule. Still to this day don't know what crawled up his butt. He was always a strange one though.
        10-07-2012, 10:40 AM
    Westernjake: many BO's have already paid for all if the expensive supplies to maintain your horse through the month, at the beginning of the month. Most bills related to farming (mortgage, electric, etc) are paid then, too. Farm stores often offer slight discounts when you buy feed/bedding in bulk. So basically, by not wanting to provide thirty days, you are saying you should be refunded for what has already been paid on your horse's behalf...

    You can't compare dog grooming, which has virtually no overhead and far less responsibility to horse boarding, which is all consuming and expensive. That is an irresponsible comparison, at best...
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