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Frustrated with Boarding

Hi there I don't post a lot here, mainly read threads and lurk. This is mainly a little rant of rant...feel free to ignore.

I have a horse, he is big but not huge. (16.3 hand high) hes an American Cream/Lusitno and is a cuddly horse who just loves to please. Hes a great horse to ride and be around. I can crawl all over him and he just stands still and lets me do anything. I give my boyfriend Lessons on him (and I use the term lessons VERY lightly, its mainly me walking obi around while my poor boyfriend tries to control him haha)

I have gone through 2 barns. On my thrid at the moment I always look for horse boarding in fear hes gonna be a horrible nightmare with the new barns i join and I even tell/warn the barn owners what others and even the previous owner has told me of him. And tell them my situations I am in. I do not get upset if the barn I am looking at declines me over it.

First barn: (New Lesson Barn)
I bought him back in 2010. And moved him to a friends barn and started taking lessons with him, he was trained in Dressage and jumping. I was excited to do trail riding and training with her and her horses. not even 3 weeks being there another horse attacked him. and he still has the scars on his butt and sides and one on his show for it. I moved him to a private section while he was healing and dismissed it as horses will be horses and didn't let it get to me. He was happy being in his own little feild and I visited him almost everyday to every other day.

A few months later we tried to re unit him with the other horses in the field beside him and all seemed well. me and my friend as well as the barn owner checked on them and at night would seperate them. One day he was chased through a fence, and hurt his leg. I fixed the fence and apologized, offering to pay for any damages. Everything settled again and we went on with keeping him away from the others.

I asked when the farrier would be coming and she told me the day, and a vauge time. I had to work so I told her my situation and she said they could handle him. I was relived as I worked with him for weeks to be good with picking his feet up (I have had horses who rear up and flail around and hate it so good feet manners is a must!) I got a e-mail saying that my horse was crazy, trying to lay down on the farrier, and they had to twitch and sedate him...which startled me. On top of it my horse was out for a few weeks because the farrier effed up his feet and he was really sore >.>

a few weeks later I get an e-mail "Your horse isn't safe and I want him gone in the morning" this is at the middle of the month. I tell her to give me to the end of the month while me and my best friend are confused as hell. I even showed her hes good with his feet you just have to take it slow and from what people have said about this farrier hes really rough with horses =/ but she still wanted him gone....heavy hearted I left...

Second barn: (Private barn - not a lesson barn)
This barn I loooove! Indoor arena, outdoor arena, dressage ring. 4 seperate paddocks 2 HUGE feilds. and 6 indoor spaces (which I dont use) and the lady is amazing! She has drafts, and a clyde as well as barrel racers and other animals.

No problems for 6 months. All the horses are getting along no fits or injuries on my horse. I go riding with her and her son and even go to the rodeos with her! Then Winter hits for the first 2 months everything is fine. I notice problems with the barn - metal sticking out dangerously, hay twine laying everywhere. I do my best to keep things clean and tidy. I always clean the barn, even if I don't use the arena I clean it up. I am always helpful to the other boarders and respect there space.

One day I go out and see another horse has cut himself on the jaggedy metal. I bring the horse in clean it up and wrap it gently. Texting his owner that there is a sligh cut on his leg and I badaged him up. Its also the day I notice my horse is in the wrong field...he broke the fence - its a black plastic covered wire fence with 2 strings. I could break it if I wanted to haha. I fix it up and inform the barn owner what happened. She is ok with it.

A few weeks after winter has ended and its started to get nice I got a email about fixing the fence and it would cost 150$ confused because I am out there every day almost I ask for what? He apparently ran through a fence so I pay. I don;t mind paying for damages.

then a few months later, after months and months of me and her riding her helping me improve with him and everything! she sends me a text at 11pm that says "Your horse is to big, and he needs to neighbour can board him for you" Upset I asked what he did, did he destroy something? Hurt someone? Hurt a horse? no response other then "hes just to big" which is bull crap she has 3 17hh+ horses there..

Sooo I moved him again!
I have only been at the new barn a few months but so far, He lets the owner halter him, walk him, put fly spray! (which I cannot believe because he use to run as far away as possible for that) tack him (she even rides him when I can't make it out to see him which I think is awesome), farrier handles him without me with no problem. She can put a fly mask on him, cross tie him, anything...and not one complaint....yet...And he seems to be getting along with the small little herd of Appys

I am starting to dislike the horse community...and I know its only been a few barns...and I shouldn't be all upset with the community as a whole. but its upsetting when this happens. I hate moving barns constantly....I am a shy person and get nervous when meeting new people, it feels like I have to start all over again :(

I am a flexible person. I am a safe person. I am resonable and I help out as much as I can. I do not complain or whine and I am not rude to others. When people don't even give me a good reason as to WHY they want me to move its a little hurtful...Because it makes me think the worst, and dosen't help me FIX the problem. Is he destroying fences? Hurting horses? Hurting people? destroying buildings, objects? I pay board on time, I pay any damages (which I NEVER had to do owning my Arabian !@#$% years back and she was a nightmare!) vet bills, lessons, trailering, worming, farrier, all on time and I never EVER complain about it.

Uhg....anywho /end rant. better go to the barn and cool off >.<
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Green Broke
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Every time I read a post like this I'm reminded how lucky I am to have my horses here at home with me and DW. The drama would kill me.

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Me pay a boarding barn because my horse ran through the fence???? Not likely. Seems like you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find a good boarding barn? I am with gunslinger on this, no boarding for me.
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to be honest, I almost didnt end up getting into horses. another forum I tried out was downright nasty and discouraging, both of me, and my proposed buy. Not even just because she was a baby, but her looks. Some of it was conformation, but....looks?

I talked to one barn where they were predominantly English riders, and the barn manager seemed nice. When I went out to visit, she tore down my horse, said I paid "more than she'd get from a meat buyer", said my filly looked like a mule, and said she normally wouldnt do this, but directed me to the TBs.

I called one last place. The lady was just starting to board, and she was awesome. Sweet lady, always helpful, and triea to weed out drama queens. I've heard her flat out nicely discourage people from her facility. Honestly if it wasnt for her, I wouldnt hav3 horses at all. There seems to be a lot of drama and pig headedness in the horse community,
PS, I moved one of my horses across country to a boarding facility that sounded nice over the phone, but was a flat out nightmare in person....stayed 2 months and pulled my horse out of there. Lady fed them like crap, barbed wire everywhere, big holes in the fence with wires poking out towards my horse, crap everywherw, my horse3 beat the heck only because she supposedly had no bank account?, Oh and she'd demand I come out to see my horse NOW because she had loose poo, then when I made the drive, told me it was the change in hay? Then that id have to pay more because my horse ate an extra flake? Oh funny we couldnt get her to answer the phone when we gave notice, so she charged us extra, claiming we never called....

Anyway, lots of drama, and good places can be a pain to find. So much better to keep em at home, even with the extra work involved.

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When I use to own my two horses (Arab and Quarter horse) I never EVER paid for repairs...I have seen horses run through metal gates and rip poles out, kick in stall doors/walls, even rip cross ties out and were never bugged to pay for damages =/ so when I was told to pay for the fence I was kinda shocked. I mean I payed 320$ a month, outdoor board, no grain (which I think is insanly high...but I was willing to pay for all the stuff there was to do)

Even when I had horses on my property and friends/family boarded there horses for a few months (winter usually) I never asked for repair money...repairs come with horses xD - Only reason I do not keep my horse at my house is he would be all alone and hes always been around other horses, and my barn got destroyed by my brother -.-;;

I am moving next year to the states (Maryland then Missouri for a few months then BACK to Maryland xD I hope i can find a good barn for temporary boarding down there!)
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Originally Posted by gunslinger View Post
Every time I read a post like this I'm reminded how lucky I am to have my horses here at home with me and DW. The drama would kill me.
I completely agree! Isn't this the 4th or 5th thread on unhappy boarders? The only drama I have to put up with is getting my teenage boys to go out and work with the horses.
Khoas, I am so sorry you are going through this. I can only imagine what it must be like to have to change barns so often not to mention on such short notice.
I really do feel sorry for all of you that are having such a hard time at your barns, if you were close to me I would let you turn your horses out with mine.
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Thank you MsLady :) makes me feel better knowing there are awesome people out there! I am trying hard not to get discouraged, as I love riding more then anything. I get told by many people horse people are a crazy bunch xD

I have met some really awesome people in the horse community and some not so nice people as well. I mean I have been taking lessons/coaching for over 15 years! I never had barn conflics or drama before now and when drama starts I lose confidence in everything. And question everything I do...and my coach, mom and barn owner point it out...even my horse acts differently (slow....VERY....slow....and lazy like hes babysitting a child XD hahaha)
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It is to bad there is so much drama boarding. When I boarded i moved because I was friends worked with the land owner.. not a good thing. She thought she had the right to boss me and my animals constantly. So I moved. Second place was good for a while, the manager was a drunk fences in bad shape, and I found booze Bottles in my pens. So I moved. Third place was great for a while, one or two small problems, i stayed there until I purchased my own place.
I do 'board' for work for a relative , and I did board to 2 outside people. One gal paid full board on time was polite and great, she moved back to NJ. 2nd person was a Pain .. constantly broke rules, constantly complained .. Constant . she left in a month , Thank Goodness she said she was leaving so I did not have to tell her to get the h out ! ;) She just liked drama .
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I feel your pain. I have never liked boarding. It's been a long 11 years of it. The small private barns are best if you can find them. The large show/lesson barns are tough. If I had the land, I would keep my horse at home without question.
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Well those are stupid reasons to kick you out.. better off not at those barns.

There are such wonderful people in the horse community but it seems the majority of people meet the jerks (as I have) before the lovely people (which I know now as well.)

OP I wish you the best and hope this new barn works out for you guys. 3 barns is nothing... I barn hopped 6 times here in New Zealand hahaha!
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horse boarding drama

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