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Frustrated with Boarding

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        07-27-2013, 08:28 PM
    I'm heading off to barn #3 and was feeling a bit horrid, I don't feel so bad now lol.

    For me its quality of care, my current barn is full of drama and the barn manager goes to party at night so isn't on the grounds on Thursday Friday and Saturday from 5:30 pm till 5am....(not all the time but most of the time.) so the horses are left to their own devices in their stalls. The barn owner is constantly complaining about him to the boarders, so I'm switching barns, again...hopefully 3rd time is the charm.
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        07-28-2013, 01:34 AM
    One of the reasons I gave up horse ownership is having to board. I'm not a people person anyway, and it was always drama, drama, drama. When we were looking at one place to board, we saw two totally broken beyond use webbed lawn chairs, all the webbing was gone, nothing left but metal. We all laughed about why someone would leave them there. After we had been there a few months, the unofficial "boss" of the barn's 7 yr. Old smarty pants daughter brought the chairs down to our stalls and said "My mom said to bring these chairs down here, since it was you who broke them." She was constantly telling my little 4 yr.old that she "stunk", which she didn't, and when I hired a trainer to give my kids lessons, the lady saddled up and took over our lessons!!! I've known a lot of people who board, and very rarely have any of them been happy. And, the complaints are almost always the same, drama, lies, and theft. My daughter has her own place, and I went last week and it was such a pleasure to groom and love on my mare without any nosiness or unwanted advice. I will never board again. There's aplace not too far from me, called Almost Heaven, and I once rode by there, and how they have the nerve to call it that, I'll never know, it was so dirty and trashy.
        07-28-2013, 02:33 PM
    Your the kind of boarder I'd love to have. I always appreciated when a boarder would roll up their sleeves and pitch in because with horses something always needs fixing.
        07-28-2013, 02:55 PM
    We've been at the same facility for 3 years. My daughter started with lessons, then we leased, and finally, we own.

    After speaking to other boarders and people with their own land I've come to the conclusion that each has their own pros and cons. My DH and I have decided that boarding is best for us.

    The bottom line, as a boarder, is to decide what is most important and what you can let go. Our barn is not perfect. It's not fancy and there are some parts that are bothersome. But, overall, my horse is well cared for and safe. We have two covered arenas to ride in and are allowed to do our own thing. It works for us. If I ever felt my horse was in danger or not receiving proper care, I would remove her without a second thought.
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        07-28-2013, 03:01 PM
    This makes me feel lucky! Clementine is 17 something hands and she HAS to be head of the pasture (and thus has been seen chasing. Kicking, picking on the lower horses). But I've never been asked to leave over it! I've been to a lot of barns, and had 4 different barn owners (because she moved to and from school with me) and all of them have said they'd invite us back with open arms. We're a prettty easy pair, though, and don't need anything beyond pasture, hay, and an arena. I've already told my BO where I came back this summer that I'm more than willing to help out if she ever needs it.

    The one barn I had trouble with. I contacted them - it was primarily an English barn, and had a dressage trainer on site. Which wasn't my thing (I ride western) I would suck it up because it was a good price. Contacted the owner, she was really nice. Set up a time to come out and look at the facility, as she had a good number of pasture spots available. She asked if I would be taking lessons from the on site trainer or using a different one and if so who? And I told her I wouldn't be, as I ride Western.

    That's where things went WAY downhill, FAST. She stopped contact with me. I sent numerous emails and called, and when she finally answered, the first paragraph was about how she can't board my horse because she's too big (even though that's the first thing I told her and she was okay with it) and the second paragraph was about how she can't have someone at the barn with "my kind of horse." Um. So I reminded her that she'd already okayed her size, and SUDDENLY the pasture board was FULL UP! No more spaces!

    I look back and think I was lucky she turned me away, I don't think I could handle boarding somewhere where the BO is so atrocious.
        09-15-2013, 02:38 PM
    Originally Posted by Skyseternalangel    
    Well those are stupid reasons to kick you out.. better off not at those barns.

    There are such wonderful people in the horse community but it seems the majority of people meet the jerks (as I have) before the lovely people (which I know now as well.)

    OP I wish you the best and hope this new barn works out for you guys. 3 barns is nothing... I barn hopped 6 times here in New Zealand hahaha!

    I'm in NZ too, can you recommend any barns in the Auckland area?
        09-15-2013, 04:32 PM
    Originally Posted by iRide Ponies    
    I'm in NZ too, can you recommend any barns in the Auckland area?
    Unfortunately I'm in Wellington, which is clear South of you. However you should call up a few trekking places in Rotorua and see if they know of lesson barns. I went there for a short vacation
        09-15-2013, 04:45 PM
    Yikes, I hope this barn continues to work for you. My barn (and my first in Oregon) is lovely filled with kind people boarding and caring for my boy. If the barn you're in now isn't that for you, you'll find one that is! Don't get discouraged.
        09-15-2013, 08:49 PM
    I live in DC and can help you find a barn in the Maryland area! Actually, I will be needing to find one myself in November. I also have a friend in Amissville, Va who is a vet and does pasture boarding on her property; depending on where in MD you end up moving to it might be a good place for you to try. If you want you are more than welcome to message me for contact info :)
        09-22-2013, 12:11 AM
    Originally Posted by Skyseternalangel    
    Unfortunately I'm in Wellington, which is clear South of you. However you should call up a few trekking places in Rotorua and see if they know of lesson barns. I went there for a short vacation
    I'm thinking more the north shore area, wouldn't wan tot go all the way to rotoura to brush my pony! Thanks anyhow.

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