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I need boarding

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    04-14-2012, 05:09 AM
Exclamation I need boarding

I am looking for a place outside of Cheney, WA. Preferably on either Andrus Rd. Soda Rd. Or Spotted Rd. I am looking for someone with a vary kind heart because we don't have much money to board, but it is my dream to have a horse of my own I am only 14 but I am a vary good worker a know how to garden and I can muck stalls, clean, exercise horses, I can also babysit, walk dogs, clean tack etc. If we had the right fencing at our farm we would keep it here but we don't . My dad is vary bizy running a farm so we would need the person that lives at the farm that I would be boarding my horse to feed the horse every morning and evening. We would pay for all of the horses food tack and everything ells. Don't worry about Liability!!!!!!!! For one there is a law in Washington state that protects pretty much everyone that provides boarding lessons ridding etc!! But we also have a vary nicely worded liability waver that we can use to make shore that you don't get sewed or have to pay any money if I or anyone associated with me gets hert or killed while ridding or anything at your house/boarding place, and the same go's for the horse!! unless you personally on purpose inflicted anything twords me or my horse that cases injury or death you won't have to pay any money. Please if youor someone you know has a place were I could board my future horse please let me know. Just imagine if you have a horse, that one day you woke up and just had to give away your horse/horses that's how I feel because in my head I have a horse of my own that I ride into the sunset haha but when I open my eyes I'm still just trying to find a kind hearted willing person that is able and happy to help me out. Please don't hesitate to message and ask as many question as you have to ask And if you message me I will also give you my e-mail if you think you can help me out at all .
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    04-14-2012, 05:25 AM
Green Broke
If you don't have much money for board, how do you expect to pay for everything else? There's more to owning a horse than feed, tack and board. There's the vet bills, training, and farrier costs as well. Have you looked into leasing a horse? It would be cheaper to put up fencing on your own property than boarding a horse. Maybe not at first but in the long run.
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    04-14-2012, 07:48 AM
I'm going to try and be as gentle as I can with you, because I was a horse-crazy young girl once upon a time.

Unless you can afford to pay for board, most BOs aren't going to want to take on the liability of an underaged worker. Besides, what exactly is in it for them? They charge board because they're running a business. They're not in it to make sure a horse obsessed teen gets her wish.

At 14 your school work should take precedence, so even if someone were to be VERY generous and let you work off board, you'd only really be available on weekends. Hardly an ideal work for services arrangement.

As has already been stated, if you don't have money to board, what happens when the horse needs its teeth or feet done? How about if the animal colics or gets seriously ill or hurt?

If you already live on a farm, I don't see why your father wouldn't be willing to take on one more animal. It simply makes no sense that you live on acreage, but expect to board off site.

Methinks maybe you've been told no horse by the parental units, and you're trying to pull a fast one by putting one somewhere else. I could be wrong, but that's really the only thing that makes sense in this scenario.
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    04-14-2012, 11:45 AM
Here in MN there are a lot of people who have land and let people keep horses out there as long as it's maintenance free for them. Some of these people have only one horse and need a pasture buddy. Some just have land but no time for horses themselves but want one there to keep the pasture grazed. Some are older people who have lived there all thier lives and would be willing to exchange board if you did little chorse for them that they can't do for themselves like mowing the lawn etc. But if you're unable to go out there everyday, it may be asking too much for somebody to board it for free AND to take care of it for you. Maybe put an ad up in a major chain farm store and see if you get any hits. If you have a local riding club, they may even know somebody who has a horse to borrow. Why don't you have the right fences?
    04-14-2012, 02:59 PM
We vary much have enough money for all the feed and grain and the farrier and vet bills tack and everything ells. But we don't have much money for board!! I know there is more to owning a horse than boarding!!! Just cause I am 14 and I don't have much money for board does not mean that I am not knowledgeable about horses!!! But you might be right about it being cheaper to put fencing up at out place I will talk to my dad about that!! I have looked into leasing a horse I am not interested in doing that.

Lyra Freedom.
    04-14-2012, 03:23 PM
"Whats is it for them"-Some people need help around the farm more than they need money. I did not just post this post for people with boarding facilities I am also just looking for someone that has good fencing and a reasonable place for a horse, And allot of people I have talked to are so thankful for someone that can just help around with everything that they can't get to or that they can't do alone. There is was one person who I helped for about a year. Her husband works 12 hours at night everyday!! And he sleeps all day, And she takes care if her 4 year old grandson. She was SO thankful for a hand I babysat for her and helped with her garden and put up electric fences and a whole lot more!! And I got to ride her horse witch was another thing she needed help with. Her other horse was lame and she asked me for information that she did not have time to find. So I did a whole lot of researching on that for her!! And about the schooling part I am home schooled I only go to a school twice a week for 3 hours :) I have home work but it does not take much time to finish it with some help from dad!! We have money for all the vet bills and the farrier witch I already have lined up she is my 4-h leader she is a vary good farrier, And we have money for everything ells!! But not much for board!! We cannot have a horse on out farm because my dad says that horses compact the ground and we grow grass and other seeds for our goats to eat every year. But I will talk to him about that again. When I was three I made my dad promise me that someday he would get me a horse. I have not been hurrying to get a horse!!

Lyra Freedom.

    04-14-2012, 07:24 PM
You are vary write about that!!!! I have been talking to lots of people. I have a post on every site that has to do with horses and people around Spokane, WA and I have a flyer in a few tack stores and other places :) I don't want to barrow a horse :) We don't have the write fences cause we have goats and out fences are just tall enough to keep goats in.

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