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    08-02-2008, 07:55 PM
I believe blood tests should be able to tell you.


(this is for everyone, not just the OP.)
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    08-02-2008, 09:35 PM
    08-03-2008, 10:07 AM
Ok I went and look at Luke and Babe pedigree and realizes that my horse Luke has Poco Bueno and I started to freak out, then I remember hey wait well if Luke is trace back to Poco Bueno then he when he was a yearling while I was in GA for a visit, when I got back home Luke wasn't there and I scream asking dad were is Luke and he said that he at Mr. Buck places, Mr.buck is doctor Luke nose and I said what happen and dad told me that while I was away, my neighbor dogs was chasing Luke and the other horse and Luke ran into the fence and bust a little pieces of a meat of his nose and Mr. Buck had to doctor him and stitches his noes. Luke got well and came back home and his nose was heal, and plus I realizes hey well Luke is broke to ride and so no skin falling off and plus one time he was running around in the pastern having fun and he run next to the tree and scrap a little skin off and I had to doctor him and he got well and is heals so I guessing that mean he doesn't have herda b/c he heals on every scrap and cut he has had and I doctor him. Plus my mom and dad said there nothing wrong with Luke and he doesnt have herda and they told me if he did then while he has cut and scrap a little then his skin would had pull apart and that mean he has herda, and not to worry about that and that Luke is fine and healthy and he does not have herda.
    08-03-2008, 11:48 AM
Green Broke
Most herda horses you can tell very early and they don't live very long. If Luke had Herda then barrel racing would leave his back a complete mess of skin and everything. So because he doesn't have problems with his skin where the saddle rubs I would say he doesn't have HERDA.
    08-03-2008, 11:50 AM
It can lay dormant for a number of years, then show up.
Are the parents negative for HERDA? If they are n/n (completely negative) then there is no way your horse has it. If the parents are both affected, however (h/h) or even carriers (n/h) then your horse might be affected.
Again, only a blood test will tell.
    08-22-2008, 04:17 PM
There is a lot of confusion about this disorder. 2 days ago on my daughters 13th birthday we had to have her 2 year old QH put down due to this disorder. The skin on the horse literally rips from its body. We couldnt brush him, even with a soft brush because the skin would bunch under the brush and even rip open. You could pinch the skin on his neck and pull it out about 6 inches from his body. His mane bleached out and most of it fell out. When my daughter tried to ride him bareback (she only weighs about 60lbs) it would cause blisters on his back that tore open and left huge open sores. We had to finally put him down due to cutting a hind leg below the hock. The skin was so thin and stretchy that it just fell down around his ankle like a loose sock. Infection set in very quickly and there was nothing that could be done for him. UC Davis, and Cornell University will test for this disorder by submitting a hair sample from the horses mane or tail. This is a very easy, quick and inexpensive way (only 40.00) to know for sure if your horse is affected or a carrier. PLEASE do not breed to affected or carrier horses. This is extremely painful for the horse and always fatal, usually before the horse is 4 years old. AQHA registered this colt knowing that the sire and dam were both carriers of this disorder and they do not require testing of the foal before registration. Beware when purchasing young foals because this disorder usually appears when the horse is about 2 and progresses very quickly. Our horse would have been 3 in November. His breeding included Poco Bueno and Zippo Pine Bar crossed several times. Both of these stallions are confirmed carriers, and with the huge number of their offspring, the spread of this gene is massive. I have voiced my frustration and sadness of our loss to AQHA who have chosen not to reply. I hope this information will help others and eventually something can be done to eliminate the inbreeding that produces the disorder.

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