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AI or Natural Breeding?

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  • Which is most popular AI or natural covering
  • Should i ai or natural cover

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    05-25-2011, 03:00 PM
Regumate is what you give a mare when she needs Progesterone, a hormone that maintains pregnancy or a CL. We gave it to mares to help them keep an early pregnancy (until the fetus made its own progesterone) if they've had issues in the past or there's a risk of abortion. I think it's also given to mares to keep them from cycling during the show season, but don't quote me on that.

AI is considered far less dangerous for the stallion, mare, and handlers. With AI it's very simple, the semen is drawn up in a syringe, the tip of the syringe goes into her cervix, and then the semen is injected in. Live cover means contact between the mare and stallion, which can sometimes get a little iffy because they can both become unpredictable and lash out. It's true that rectal exams can hurt the mare when done improperly, which is why vets are only allowed to do it. (that's how it was at my internship anyway, no techs or interns were allowed EVER on client mares) I don't know what the price difference would be between AI and live cover, you'd probably have to call whoever will be doing your breeding to check prices.
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    05-26-2011, 04:33 PM
This year 4 of my mares are natural, the other AI. I personally have no problems with either. Personally, all the extra cost of AI turns me off, such as shipping charges, vet checks, and insemination can at times raise the cost by nearly half. Then of course there is the fun of making sure you get the heat cycle right so that your delivery and ovulation arrive near the same time.
With natural the mare will let you know when she's ready. Some places will truss up your mare and stallions like thanksgiving day turkeys. My mares are all good breeders and the stallions I've bred them to were experianced and easy going so no problems with anyone getting hurt.
I guess overall it depends on the mare and stallion... but in some cases, like my one AI, there is no choice.
    05-26-2011, 05:07 PM
I AI'd my Clydesdale. It's her first AI apparently and she didn't hold the first time so she's going back in today for try 2. AI is generally safer which is what was already said.
    05-27-2011, 12:59 AM
Originally Posted by NeedsBreedingHelp    
So, We are Wondering is It Best to Use Artificial Insemination, or Natural Breeding?
AI, hands down. Success is about 10% higher than live cover. Less risk to mare, handlers and stallion. It also allows you the opportunity to breed to stallions on the other side of the country, indeed, on the other side of the world! Probably more importantly, you will be hard pushed to find any well bred, expensive breeding stallion (other than the TB industry) that will even do AI.

And What are the Prices for Both?
Prices will vary significantly depending on where you are located and the facilities you are dealing with. We charge $10/day board for a dry mare and $15/day for a mare with a foal afoot. We charge a flat per cycle fee of $275 for fresh cooled semen and $375 for frozen. That includes all ultrasounds/palpations, cytologies, breeding, oxytocin, lavaging if necessary and pregnancy check.

I've also heard about Regumate, What Exactly is it?
Probably one of the most over prescribed reproductive drugs on the market Regumate (Altrenogest) is a synthetic progesterone. To understand more about it, I would suggest reading this article on our website :Does My Mare Need Regumate?

Hope the above helps!

Kathy St.Martin
Avalon Equine
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And, LLC
Equine Reproduction
    05-29-2011, 03:14 AM
Originally Posted by nrhareiner    
Just got done breeding 2 of my mares today. Out side stallions or on site all I do is AI. The risk is so much less with AI over live cover is so many ways. Also with AI you handle the stallion less so you take that risk out of the equation. Even when I have mares come in to be bred to my stallion they are bred AI and normally I only collect him one time and can breed several mares over several days.

In the end AI is safer cleaner and just all around better on all involved.
Agreed 100%. We use all AI as well, even when the stallion and the mare are on the same farm. It is just too risky for our very valuable animals.

In one collection, our stallion gives enough semen (concentration, motility, and volume) to breed 18 mares. About 10 of those doses get shipped to outside mare owners (popular stud ) or used by us, and the rest we freeze and stockpile our semen bank.
    08-02-2011, 06:07 AM

Hi there,
It's Lea's last owner here.... lovely to see the photos of her.

Her first foal was by natural covering and the second (organised by myself) was done by AI. I felt it was much safer and she took first time. That was by Cutsdean Centyfield, Polish warmblood.

Her son Shaughnessy (tricoloured) is now 4 and I am selling him. He has been backed and turned away for the last year but my goodness can he jump. He is very much like Lea but not quite as flighty which suggests a warmblood is a good idea. He is now 15.1 which is a good size as he has some substance to him without being remotely heavy - and he is so affectionate.

Good luck with what you do - I would love to hear how you get on (if you haven't done it already).
    08-05-2011, 09:52 AM
Just as a side-note for those who were worried about rectal tears from Ultrasound equipment, stallions can also cause rectal tears!

And, as far as I'm concerned, Ultrasound is an unavoidable diagnostic tool with breeding (regardless of whether its AI or natural) - both for its ability, early on, to detect pregnancy and to check for twins.
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    08-05-2011, 09:57 AM
What is AHS, if I may ask? I've never heard of it. My Arabians are registered with the AHA.
    08-05-2011, 10:01 AM
Speed Racer, I believe its the American Hanoverian Society but I could be totally wrong.

In South Africa, AHS stands for African Horse Sickness so I'm in way over my head with guessing!
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    08-05-2011, 10:03 AM
Originally Posted by munschk    
Speed Racer, I believe its the American Hanoverian Society but I could be totally wrong.
That's the only thing I could come up with too, but the OP says her horse is an Arabian. I don't believe the Hanoverian Society registers half bloods, but I could be wrong. I know the AHA (Arabian Horse Association) registers horses as Half Arabian.

breeding, help needed

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