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Breeding grade mares?

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        08-12-2013, 06:29 PM
    If her sire and dam were registered and I knew what they were, then I might consider breeding the mare.

    Is there any way you can find out what her parents/grandparents were? Either way, I'd give her a few years to really get going under saddle and see where her talent lies. Then, if I could find out her bloodlines, I would probably revisit the idea of breeding her.

    I'd give her 4-5 years to prove herself in some discipline (or multiples, that would be even better). You never know, a perfect horse might just fall in your lap between now and then and save you having to spend all that money and time waiting for a baby to be born and grow up LOL.
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        08-12-2013, 06:57 PM
    True smrobs. I agree with very thing you said. No, I really don't think there is anyway to find anything out. Maybe with a DNA test? I don't know if that would prove anything. Wouldn't you have to have the DNA of te other horse(s)? Unless they already had the DNA in the database? I don't know.
        08-12-2013, 09:20 PM
    She's beautiful imo ^_^ What would you put her to? Good luck with whatever you end up doing with her.
        08-12-2013, 11:12 PM
    Boy, it would be awesome if they had a DNA test system for horses the way they do for people, so that you could have a horse tested and they could tell you with certainty "Yep, there's Doc O'Lena, Impressive, Zan Parr Bar, and Two Eyed Jack in there".

    Unfortunately, they can't.
        08-12-2013, 11:23 PM
    Originally Posted by EquineBovine    
    She's beautiful imo ^_^ What would you put her to? Good luck with whatever you end up doing with her.
    I plan on barrel racing her, but I've thought of trying some cow horse type sport. She's so incredibly cowy and quick that it would be a shame to waste that. It's absolutely amazing to watch her cut calves and herd tem around. I've never seen a horse cut calves by herself in a pasture. She'll just play with them, keep them cut until she gets tired of her game and wanders off. If cutting wasn't so expensive I'd jump on that! I've also considered team penning or sorting, but the only people I know that could teach me don't ride any longer soooo.
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        08-15-2013, 04:24 PM
    I just read the Original Post and in my opinion, all papers do is allow you to show in Breed shows and give you info on what horses are in their bloodlines.

    A good horse doesn't have to be registered to be able to do great things. Horses are horses. Who really needs a registered horse to do something. I always here people say 'O this is a good horse, he/she is registered!' but just because it is registered, doesn't make it a good horse, and just because it isn't registered doesn't make it a bad horse.

    Anyways, if you think this horse is worth breeding, and you know what you are doing, go right ahead.
        08-15-2013, 04:30 PM
    Originally Posted by Barrelracingllamalover    
    Simple opinion question: would you breed a grade mare if she had a ton if potential to throw an amazing baby for your sport?
    YES!!!--If she has amazing conformation and is a "natural" in her sport.
    People used to do this all of the time before all of these breed registries. IMHO, we have ruined breeds by looking ONLY at the papers and the names and not certifying them, the one thing that some Europeans (horse breeders) do RIGHT.
    I also do NOT like any kind of inbreeding, even if it's to cousins or once removed. I remember reading "Secretariat" and the author remarked that his lineage was about as out-crossed as possible. EVEN IN THE LATE 1960's, people KNEW that this was a problem.
    There is ANOTHER reason that I agree with this. Many QH's and other breeds just never get registered. "Corporal" (1982-2009,RIP) was a non-registered Arabian. My current QH, "Buster Brown" had a registered dam but I cannot register HIM. He has a lovely build. Were he a mare, I might consider breeding HIM bc of his athleticism.
    My KMH mare, "Warren's Cindy," has unregistered great grandparents in her background and papers. She, IMO is the most smooth of any of the gaited and gaited-x horses I've owned--smoother than my 7yo KMH, who has lots of names in his lineage. I can see why the man I bought her from bred her 4x.
        08-15-2013, 05:11 PM
    Personally I'm with Corporal and Breezy on this one. When you only look at registered horses you overlook some of the best ones who aren't 'pedigreed'. My mare's a QH but she isn't registered, she was bred (not by us) and had an amazing foal who would do anything. My boss has a paint mare that she bred and even out crossed some of her Morgans not because of any lineage or registration but because they had qualities which suited her needs.

    IMHO the registration and breeding for showing has gotten WAY out of hand. When your crossing mare's with their brothers, cousins or anything of that sort you're just asking to create more genetic problems then are good. A pedigreed horse doesn't necessarily mean it's a good one!

    I say ride her and see how well you like her and then consider breeding her if you find her qualities too good to pass up!

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