How to talk to a breeder when you know she may possibly die soon. Help.

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How to talk to a breeder when you know she may possibly die soon. Help.

This is a discussion on How to talk to a breeder when you know she may possibly die soon. Help. within the Horse Breeding forums, part of the Horse Breeds, Breeding, and Genetics category
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    09-30-2010, 03:01 PM
How to talk to a breeder when you know she may possibly die soon. Help.

Her name is Karen and she is one of the top breeders in Appaloosa/Quarter Horses. She has the best bloodlines I have ever found and I have always had my eye on one of her mares to produce my first filly for my breeding program.

My plan, as worked out for 5 months, is to contact Karen and arrange an in-utero buy. Yes I know the stipulations, but it is the only way to get the bloodlines I am searching for. The stallion is a gorgeous Quarter Horse who is at the top of his game right now. So thus the arrangement to mix the two to create this super foal.

So I have finally worked out my finances and was so excited to finally be contacting her. That's when it became difficult. Upon going to her site I learned by her monthly updates that she has cancer, and it isn't looking to good as of now.

I emailed her my sympathy but said nothing about my intentions, as I knew this would be hard pressed for her with the time being.

It has been about a month now since I am emailed her, and I cannot stop thing about the foal that could be my next world champion.

So here's my question, how to do I contact her again knowing that she is dying? I want to be sincere and kind, I just cannot come up with a way to ask for such a huge arrangement when I know she is at such a week state. Should I call it off, forget the foal and move on. Or should I ask in some very kind way? Help.
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    09-30-2010, 03:15 PM
Dear Karen,

I am a great admirer of your work and horses. I am interested in purchasing one of your in-utero foals. I am specifically interested in XYZ bloodline.

I read from your website that you haven't been feeling well. I know doing business deals can be stressful, and I was wondering if you would perfer if I did all the arrangements with another member of your business. Please let me know what would be easiest for you.

I am very interested in doing business with you. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.

Wishing you all the best in your recovery,

Jane Doe
    09-30-2010, 03:20 PM
Very nice! Hmm.. you don't think because I have already emailed her expressing my sympathy that she will think me odd to be emailing her again? Just might be my paranoia.
    09-30-2010, 03:31 PM
No, I think you would be fine. Even if she does think you are odd, chances are she wants your business. Take the risk of being odd for the horse of your dreams!
    09-30-2010, 03:32 PM
Not at all. I think pts letter was very appropriate. It would be extremely awkward if you either mentioned the C word too much or even more awkward if you never mentioned it at all. Cancer or not, I bet this woman is still trying to carry on with business.
    09-30-2010, 03:34 PM
Good points, thank you guys so much =)
Fingers crossed.
    10-01-2010, 07:34 AM
I'm absolutely positive she'll be very pleased if you contact her about possible foal telling her the honest reasons (about her being a great breeder).
    10-01-2010, 09:45 AM
Let us know how you make out and fingers crossed its win/win for all concerned!
    10-01-2010, 11:20 AM
I have met and spoken with Karen several times and she is a very open approachable person. She is absolutely open and communicative about her horses and her health. I am pretty sure that you will not offend her or bother her just by contacting her-- Appaloosas have been a lifelong passion of hers and if she is feeling up to it she will enjoy having a dialogue about her Appaloosas-- if she is not feeling up to it, she will let you know.

The suggested letter is very good.

Best of luck!
    10-01-2010, 12:36 PM
Thank you to all. No news as of yet but I did send the letter to her via email, now I wait. I'm so excited I can hardly stop myself from clicking my mail button at least 30 times a day just to check for a response. :roll:

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