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I think he's a gray!!!

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    09-23-2010, 07:29 PM
Green Broke
Super! I'm thrilled he is a gray. I am actually a firm believer that color doesn't matter, however if you get a color you like it's icing on the cake, right?

Yeah, every time the vet sees him he says "he's going to be a big horse," lol!

Right now he is 10 weeks and he weighs 300 lbs according to the weight tape. He grows like a weed!!! But I have not been pushing for growth because I am worried about ephyisitis, and he's my first foal so I don't want to screw him up. I initially started giving him a little grain mix formulated for foals but I cut it out completely and am feeding him and his mom about a 50/50 alfalfa bermuda mix hay. So hopefully he will grow just right and not too fast. (They also have free choice to a mineral block and a salt block)

Is there anywhere I can find out what is "normal" as far as weight/height for a particular age foal? Like how I can know how my foal compares to his peers of the same age? Because he is my first and I am pretty clueless, other than everyone says he's big, lol!

I am so happy with my little boy! Even his behavior has been better lately (the nippy-ness was driving me crazy, but he's been better lately).

I am so happy to have a foal of my own!

I have him tying, grooming, picking up his feet, leading, ponying and doesn't mind wearing tarps, saddle blankets, etc. So I'm very proud of him! And his mom is a sweetheart too! She gets a bit hyper at times under saddle, but I actually rode her for an hour today away from the baby and she did super, other than being a little barn sour, but she has always been that way even before he was born.

But what a miracle that she came pregnant and I got the foal I always dreamed of. It wasn't easy the first couple of weeks, but I feel like we are over most of the medical issues now (he was born with a deformed cannon bone and patent urachus). Thank you for letting me share my joy!
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    09-23-2010, 08:27 PM
We love to share that joy with you. I know the feeling of having your first baby experience and how exciting that can be. I would happily compare my baby's size to yours but I think it would be a little unfair LOL. I am just so happy that your little guy is doing well and growing nicely.
    10-10-2010, 04:45 PM
I went through the same thing with mine! My mare at 5yrs was a beautiful dapple grey, now she's totally fleabitten, not a dapple on her. (she's 15) We bred her 6 years ago to a big sorrel QH, foal came out BLACK! Now, he's 5 and after going through some really unusual color changes, he was a sort of rose steel grey for a bit, (he had lots of red tones) he's now a beautiful dapple grey. Unfortunatly I know he will end up "white" (fleabitten) like his momma, but it sure is fun watching them change. We did breed my mare again to a very red bay stud, and we have a really cute brown filly. (she was born a red/bay).
    10-19-2010, 12:10 AM
Green Broke
What color is he now?

Here are some more recent photos.

When he was born I swore he was bay as his points were a dark smokey color. But now that he has shed into his winter coal I am thinking liver chestnut? His points aren't black, but he is darker in color than any chestnut I have seen in person.

So although he is gray, what is his genetic base coat color? Must be chestnut, right?
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    10-19-2010, 01:33 PM
Aw, he's growing up so great. I would say that, yes, he is a chestnut base.
    10-19-2010, 01:41 PM
Try this link to see a general "area" for growth:

Growth Monitoring Chart
    10-19-2010, 10:13 PM
Green Broke
Thank you smrobs and DubyaS6!

DubyaS6, I had found and printed the same chart already and have been tracking his growth. He is 357 lbs at 3 months old, so according to the chart he will grow up to be over 1300 lbs. Everyone who sees him also says he will be tall, so I think I have a little giant in the making!

But his Mom is around 1200 lbs. (Fox Trotter) and his daddy is a Quarter Horse, so I guess that shouldn't be a big surprise. So maybe that estimate isn't too far off. But, if he does get that big, he will be the biggest horse I have owned thus far! Now if only I can get the little fart respecting me like he should.
    10-21-2010, 02:02 PM
This is a picture of our gray that was born BLACK. This was last summer, and he is a LOT lighter now, but it's fun to watch them change. :) (This was his FIRST trailride ever, and my husband took him out in a halter! He was a perfect gentleman. This is also our first foal we've ever had, and we have done all the training ourselves. Pretty exciting! :) )
    10-21-2010, 05:08 PM
Your foal is so cute =) definitely going grey.
    10-21-2010, 09:29 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by HUSAngel    
This is a picture of our gray that was born BLACK. This was last summer, and he is a LOT lighter now, but it's fun to watch them change. :) (This was his FIRST trailride ever, and my husband took him out in a halter! He was a perfect gentleman. This is also our first foal we've ever had, and we have done all the training ourselves. Pretty exciting! :) )
That's awesome! How old was he when this picture was taken?

I have a fantasy of training Zane myself, but we'll see how it goes. Right now he is a handful just doing normal things like leading. But I figure I have 2-3 years to decided if I can saddle break him myself. At that point I should know if I have what it takes and if I'm comfortable enough with the horse. If not, my neighbor has a really good trainer she uses, so I could always use him. But I hope that's me and Zane in a few years.

Right now I can either pony him or let him loose while I ride his mom, and I put a hunting vest on him so he's easy for everyone to see (including me) because we live in a wooded area. And today I snugged a belt on him to simulate a cinch. Not too tight, just tight enough to stay on, and he took it all in stride like he didn't even notice it. So I let him run loose wearing his "cinch" for the first time.

So everything I do with him is with the idea of getting him ready to be a trail horse someday. He already jumps over downed tree limbs and ducks under trees (at a run) when he is loose following his mom. He should be very used to all sorts of natural trail obstacles by the time he is old enough to ride!

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