Many questions about foaling

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Many questions about foaling

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    02-16-2008, 12:47 PM
Many questions about foaling

1. I have to 12*12 stalls that can be made into 1 12*24 stall but there is a little concrete hump in the middle the holds the bords in, can I tape down nice comfy foam over?

2. It is either that ^ or a small paddock out doors where dogs and coyotes may have access and I really don't want to risk that! Or its a 12*12 stall

3. I going to buy a video camera, my trainer I think said lowes has real good ones for a good amount of yards away. What is your opinion of the kind I should get

4. When we breed our mare, we were in real good shape money wise, then about the time it came around to check her we were not as great due to some personal issues, now were are almost back to the first state, but we never had her checked by the vets, its so very obvious that she is pregnant because her tummy is huge and so are her nipples and I really thought I heard another heartbeat(i may be dreaming :)) Should I still get her checked even though its only a month away?

4. Do you believe in imprinting the foal. I think I might because my trainers foals she doesnt mess with until later when trying to put a halter on and they hate it! Which one do you like better?

5. Last question, I promise! My mare has one other horse(her half brother, who is the calmest most gentle horse) and she is very attached to him. I know that mares usually like to be alone when foaling, but when the baby is a little bigger, can I let him out with her and the foal, because he is going to be the one, when I wean the foal, who is going to become the new mother.
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    02-17-2008, 08:22 AM
I can only draw from my experience and we have only had 3 babys born here. I think the 12x12 is fine for the foaling but I would turn them out soon after if you have someplace larger you can keep them for a few weeks seperate from the other horses. I tried containing all of them away from the others. Every one went passed the due date so I let them back in the herd. The night I put them back together they foaled In my humble opinion I don't think it matters if you seperate them for foaling. I do think its important to seperate mom and baby from the herd after foaling.
I have imprinted 2 of the 3 just don't over do it. I only do some rubbing and touching ears nose mouth feet a few times, and put a halter on and off for the first 24 hours. I know some say to get them used to clippers plastic bags and other scarry stuff but I think that's overdoing it. I also wait a few hours after birth so mom and baby bond first. I know they say it has to happen immediatly after birth but it has seemed to work for me to wait an hour or so. Don't be surprised if the mare doesnt let you in to do it though. Again my opinion but the one I didn't imprint (mare wouldnt let me) is just as friendly as the one I did. Although I did have to spend extra time with her after weaning to get her used to picking up feet, putting halter on, grooming etc.
I think imprinting can be done badly so do your research. If you don't think you can do it right, don't do it at all.
As far as the vet is concerned, we never had ours preg tested. I keep his number on speed dial for any problems but thank God we never had any. I just check the placenta to make sure it is all there, swab the umbilical cord with betadine. It should stand within 1 hour nurse within 2 hours and pass the meconium (first stool) within the first 3 hours. Its agoninzing to watch for the first poop so the last one we had I gave an enima to. I hate watching the new foal strain to pass it and the enima makes it much easier if you can do it.
I have gone on long enough. Here is a good site if you don't mind doing a lot of reading good luck and have fun with your birthing :)

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