Mare Worries-has anyone got a story?

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Mare Worries-has anyone got a story?

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    04-22-2012, 12:41 PM
Mare Worries-has anyone got a story?

Here's something I wanted to share. My maiden mare has been bred twice. All on silent heats. The first time I brought her home, she was in heat badly and was suppost to of ovulated that morning. The next day, it seemed like she was out of heat, but was visiting the boys on the other side, no tail up, no squating....but teasing then left. Didn't go around them till a few days before we took her in for an ultrasound. She was visiting once more but not going directly up to the fence, later that one day she was up there. My gelding keeping her away from them. Again no talking, squating etc....a few days later we took her for her ultrasound wiping it off. No pregnancy BUT both ovaries with early 30s sized another week of breeding. She comes out and comes home. She greets our gelding talking 90mph and my gelding excited. I get her in there. She pins her ears at him. I let her loose petting her. They wait till I get out before she takes off running, galloping all over the place with her tail up like an arabian (normal for her but she's quarter horse) and goes over to the boys, one of them is a 5yr old stallion and he starts screaming his head off and trying to get across the fence! We went in there and made sure he didn't attempt nothing. Dang thing. Thinking about gelding him because he's so grumpy and such, but not mean, not stud mean..anyways, she didn't stop over to chat instead she found multiple places to roll. We put a sheet on her thinking maybe she was throwing off due to the weather or that she had only boys around her sniffing her....
Well, we went full force, well I did, I observed her behaviors, and the other boys. Nothing to worry about. My gelding came up to me wanting attention aas she settles down grazing. I told him, "Zooie, you keep those boys away from her and you keep her away from them." Funny thing, she jogged over there and he took off getting inbetween them herding her away fighting and squeeling with the stud colt....amazing. I was impressed as he never did that unless he was threatened. He listened to what I told him.
I started to notice that the last few days she has been visiting around that hill just grazing and the two boys aren't far away. Bentley was in his stall so he just watched from there. He started to call out to us because we were searching the pasture for my grandma's keys to her all four met the fence. No fights no talking. The boys walk away. Nothing.
Next day, mom let's Bentley eat. After a while she let him out to eat. He has no interest in her at all just eats. Yesterday she was visiting but nothing. But she was vocal. Bentley was just listening. When I lead him around we were getting ready to put him in his stall. She comes up talking, but no squats, not tail. All ears and talking. Bentley was only ten foot away from her so if he wanted to he'd of gotten close enough to check her out. He only talked low, no screaming, no releasing his penis, nothing. But the five year old comes trotting along the fence calling and only may she talks to Bentley. He starts moving around. I bucked him up as we were teaching him to stand still. Never tossed him head, didn't disagree with me, all eyes on me...he didn't answer her, just the one time. I don't mind vocal, but we were in the middle of a lesson before putting him back in his stall and he started to move around. I don't think there was any interest, just a greeting.......wedesday is our ultrasound. She been standing kind of sprawed out but I think its because her feet need done. Our stupid farrier won't come out till Wednesday. I'm not very happy about it one bit..........anyways. Has anyone had this much fun? Anyone willing to share?
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