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My first time on foal watch! **The colt is here!**

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    01-19-2014, 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by SunnyDraco    
I hope she isn't pastured with Jack the gelded donkey. Donkeys (especially males) are notorious for attacking newborns foals as part of their herd protection instincts. Please make sure the donkey is separated from the foal until he recognizes that it is part of the herd and not a threat to the herd.
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Thank you! I wasn't aware of that, but it makes sense! We have two pastures and Don't and her baby will likely remain in the east pasture (or in the round pen, if the snow doesn't melt by then).(ETA jack and Gus will be in the west pasture. The pastures connect, but are separate so they can see and smell each other, but no touching!) I was more worried about Don't hurting someone to protect her baby (she is clearly the leader), but now I'll be sure to pay extra attention to Jack. Though he's good with dogs and is horrible at protecting against coyotes, so hopefully it won't be a problem. Thanks again for the heads up.
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    01-19-2014, 11:32 AM
Aww she looks so pretty!!!
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    01-21-2014, 12:52 AM
I got pictures from my mom today and immediately went to the farm to look for myself. (She took them in a hurry before work and the vulva pic was at an angle but looked super loose and the udder pic looked full, which made me excited and paranoid.) I got some better pictures and looked at her. I swear her belly grew three sizes in two days and one side of her udder looks full. The other side isn't. Her vulva is more relaxed and looks "longer."

I couldn't peek inside to see if the inside of her vulva was darker and I didn't try to express milk. Mom would've killed me for trying those things without her there in case don't kicked.

I hooked up the video baby monitor and watched for an hour and a half. No pacing or restless behavior, but she wa holding her tail up and swishing it more than normal. Had my sister check on her again and watch her an she says Don't was acting fairly normally. Eating, drinking, no pacing. It's all I can do not to drive out and check on her again, but I know I'm jumping the gun! Lol

BUT we have progress and my guess is we'll have a bay soonish. I said one week. (It'll probably be four months. Lol). She's about day 338.
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    01-21-2014, 09:45 PM
YEEEEE! Sounds like she's getting closer!!! Change is a great indicator that she's getting closer! How exciting!
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    01-22-2014, 09:21 AM
Originally Posted by juju112293    
YEEEEE! Sounds like she's getting closer!!! Change is a great indicator that she's getting closer! How exciting!
I KNOW! I'm so excited! I'm sure she'll just stop progressing now, just so I can never sleep again. I've added at 1:30-2 am text to my mom to my routine to check on Don't. It's not time for me to move myself and the kids into her barn, but we're getting closer. Lol

I left a note on the barn door for my sister with "Signs to look for." I'm getting frustrated because she said she saw it, but didn't read it. I'm trying to come up with a tactful way of telling her she really needs to read it because she clearly doesn't know what to look for. Her updates consist of, "She's still eating, so I don't think you need to worry tonight."

She's been around the animals a lot, but when something has a baby, she's kind of the one who just shows up when Mom or I say the animal is in labor and watches the final stages. She knows our dogs almost always quit eating, so she thinks Don't will definitely stop eating, too. If she DOES stop eating, that's a good indicator, but she might not stop soon enough and that seems to be all my sis is looking for! I know she's thinking, "You've never seen a horse foal before, either, so I know just as much as you," but she KNOWS I've been researching nonstop for months and she hasn't, so I wish she'd just swallow her pride and consider that MAYBE I know a tiny bit more about this particular thing than her. Big sisters are difficult. (To clarify, I'm 31 years old and she is 35 lmao... We're not kids with some weird sibling rivalry. She knows more than me about other things, but when it comes to the animals, I just know THEM better. I spend more time with them, despite not living there, and I connect with them better.) Uuuuuuugh! (To be fair, I ended the list of things to look for with "legs coming out of vagina," but that was just to make her laugh.) lmao
    01-22-2014, 11:48 AM
Hahaha I know what you mean! Dakota ate 75% of her hay right before she foaled! So labor did not slow her eating down LOL like I said hardly any sign that she was going into labor other than her water breaking! Hope you get to see her give birth:))
    01-22-2014, 07:55 PM
Well, we have more progress! I've officially moved into the barn. Hopefully I'm not here for the next month! Today the front of Dont's udder is full and hard. Behind her teats is not yet full (one side is getting close and is hard and tight, but the other side is soft.)

Her vulva looks super loose, and she had some bloody discharge. (Cue me freaking out with excitement)

She seems a bit restless, but nothing major. I'm watching her on the baby monitor now. She's definitely been pacing more than usual, but not an extreme amount. I've seen her biting at her belly only twice, and no belly kicking at all. She's not digging at the floor, and I haven't seen her lay down. (I've actually NEVER seen her lay down. Mom has caught her laying down, but she jumps up when she sees you, I guess and I must have bad timing or she jumps up when she hears me coming).

She's holding her tail higher than normal, too, and occassionally swishes it like she's shooing invisible flies.

Will keep you updated, but I think it's safe to say, she's probably not going to be pregnant a month from now.

Udder day 337:

Udder today (Day 340)

(I know it's hard to see from that angle, but her belly and thighs are so big, it's really hard to get a side picture! Both are from basically the same angle, though, so it's pretty easy to compare I hope.)
    01-23-2014, 11:52 AM
No baby last night (which wasn't surprising, since her udder isn't completely full yet and I figure she'll wait like 3 months). We're at day 341.

I haven't checked her up close this morning (can't go into the stall with grumpy pants until my Mom wakes up in case Don't goes all crazy-pregnant mare on me). I've been watching on the monitor, though.

She's pooping a lot. It's a solid, regular consistency. I haven't seen her peeing a lot. She's really holding her tail up, almost constantly, and she's swishing her tail big time. (It's kind of funny to watch because her tail is braided so it looks extra exaggerated). She's pacing more than normal, but not excessively. She's biting at her belly now-and-then, and stomping her back feet more than normal. She didn't lay down at all last night, which is different for her. (Actually, I just realized that we switched from wood shavings to straw, so there's a possibility that she laid down at some point and I just can't tell because there are no wood shavings on her back... But I watched until 3am and checked on her again every hour and a half and never saw her laying down.)

So, yeah... Really not a lot to report, but she's showing some signs that could mean she's getting close, or it could mean she's still got weeks to go. Either way, I've moved into the barn. Lol Fingers crossed... Tonight would be REALLY convenient!
    01-23-2014, 05:28 PM

The inside of Dont's vulva has changed dramatically from
Light pink to red. I know this is a sign she's getting closer, but does anyone know if this is usually something that happens close to foaling, or does it often happen weeks and weeks out. I know you can't give me an exact time, but I'm
Just wondering if anyone has an approximate time frame like "hours to days" or "weeks to months!" Thanks in advance!
    01-23-2014, 05:35 PM
This is what I found: There will be a gradual elongation of the mares vulva during the last few weeks, then within 24 to 48 hours prior to foaling, the mare’s vulva becomes significantly swollen, relaxed and elongated. The membranes within the vulva will be bright red (as if she is in heat) verses the usual gum color.

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