Okay.. NOW I'm nervous/excited!

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Okay.. NOW I'm nervous/excited!

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    01-14-2010, 07:04 PM
Okay.. NOW I'm nervous/excited!

We bought Rizer's mom (Rizer=my super sweet mini colt)- who is currently in foal by an overo stallion. She's due in May, and I wasn't really anticipating actually having a baby until I realized - it's MID JANUARY and the months are flying by!

She's reportedly foaled very easily and very predictably. But I'm excited, and incredibly nervous already now that's she's finally home! And big! 8O

This will be the first foal I'm going to be responsible for. I'm really considering letting her stay at our friends house before she's due - they breed, they're knowledgeable and she use to be a vet tech. Maybe I'm just paranoid!
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    01-14-2010, 07:15 PM
I would board her there and just stay there on stand-by, so for your first birthing you have people that are available to help if something does happen, otherwise ask them if you can call them when she goes into labor and see if they can just come to you. Do you have the facilities for it?
    01-14-2010, 07:20 PM
I've got stalls and a barn. I'm sure we're going to ambush them with questions when they're due back out to trim feet. We always do! They're far too knowledgable and educating not to.
    01-14-2010, 07:26 PM
Defiantly take advantage of any knowledge that is available to you
    01-14-2010, 08:39 PM
Congrats! I'm expecting my first foal in April also.... Good luck to you and I hope all goes well for both our mares...
    01-14-2010, 08:44 PM
Good luck with the pregnancy! I've also got my first foal coming, but in april. I would keep her wherever you feel is best. If it were me, I'd keep her somewhere that an exerienced person is on hand just in case something goes wrong. Even if she is an easy fowler, you never know.
    01-17-2010, 08:35 PM
Is that the same mini colt you bought at that auction?
    01-17-2010, 08:50 PM
Hell no! Rizer is correct, conformed and has an unbeatable disposition. Orion is the one you're thinking about.

I think we've pretty much decided to keep her at our friends house. We're going to talk to them about it when the horses get trimmed.
    01-18-2010, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by PaintsPwn    
Hell no! Rizer is correct, conformed and has an unbeatable disposition. Orion is the one you're thinking about.

I think we've pretty much decided to keep her at our friends house. We're going to talk to them about it when the horses get trimmed.
lol ok. You never said that other colts name so I wasnt sure lol. I was hoping it wasnt though. What did you end up doing with him? And good luck with the foal
    01-19-2010, 07:51 PM
Here is a funny thing,lol!

The mare's secret code of honor is as old as horses themselves and is ultimately the species best kept secret.
No mare shall ever produce a foal before it's time.(It's time being determined by the following factors):
1. No foal shall be born until total chaos has been reached by all involved. Your house must be a wreck, your family hungry and desperate for clean clothes, and your social life nonexistent.
2. Midwives must reach the babbling fool status before you foal out. Bloodshot eyes, tangled hair and the inability to form a sentence mean you re getting close.
3. For every bell, beeper, camera or whistle they attach to you, foaling must be delayed by at least one day for each item.
4. Vet check, add a day, internal add three. If you hear the words, "She's nowhere near ready. You'll be fine while I'm away for the weekend," Wait 12 to 16 hours and pop that baby out!
5. Owner stress must be at an all time high! If you are in the care of someone else, ten to fifteen phone calls a day is a sign you're getting close. When you hear the words "I can't take it anymore!" wait three days and produce a foal.
6. You must keep this waiting game interesting. False alarms are necessary! Little teasers such as looking at your stomach, pushing your food around in the bucket and then walking away from it are always good for a rise. Be creative and find new things to do to keep the adrenaline pumping in those who wait.
7. The honor of all horses is now in your hands. Use this time to avenge all of your stable mates. Think about your friend who had to wear that silly costume in front of those people. Hang onto that baby for another day. OH they made him do tricks too! Three more days seems fair. Late feedings,
The dreaded diet, bad haircuts, those awful wormings can also be avenged at this time.
8. If you have fulfilled all of the above and are still not sure when to have this foal, listen to the weather forecast on the radio that has been so generously provided by those who wait. Severe storm warning is what you're waiting for. In the heart of the storm jump into action! The power could go out and you could have the last laugh. You have a good chance of those who wait missing the whole thing while searching for a flashlight that works!
9. Make the most of your interrupted nights. Beg for food each time someone comes into the stable to check you. Your stable mates will love you as the extra goodies fall their way too.
10. Remember, this code of honor was designed to remind man of how truly special horses are. Do your best to reward those who wait with a beautiful filly to carry on the mare code of honor for the next generation of those who wait!

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