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        12-12-2007, 12:53 AM
    Originally Posted by PaintsAqha
    Make sure that anything you use on the baby you introduce to the mare first.
    If it has another foal or mares scent on it the mare might take an offensive stand.
    I have heard of mares going after their babies that are blanketed with an unwashed blanket. Or a washed blanket that has been put where it can pick up other scents.
    Always better to be safe.
    Hmmm, I've never heard of that before. I believe that's an old wives tale. We have too many horses (and babies) to buy them new stuff everytime a new horse (or foal) comes along. We've always used and reused what we've had without a problem. If you think about it, new tack has a "new" and unusuak (to a horse) smell to it. No telling HOW many people have handled it. From the manufacturer, to the store clerks to shoppers who have picked it up and put it back on the shelf.

    As for her crankiness, I have found that the bond you have with the mare goes a long way towards how she feels about you being near the baby. If you have a strong bond with your mare, she will trust you to be around the baby and know you won't hurt it, We don't ever have a problem with our mares trusting us. Now strangers, they may or may not tolerate near their faoals.
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        12-12-2007, 01:56 AM
    So I guess if she follows me everywhere like a little puppy dog and wont leave me alone and whinnies whenever I leave, that she might love me :) maybe we will be ok then
        12-12-2007, 07:57 AM
    When Sassafras (my husbands horse) had her baby she wouldn't let us in the stall with her. She would pin her ears and charge whenever we came near. This went on for 2 days till she settled down. We had only had her about 8 months when she gave birth so maybe we didn't have her complete trust. I do wish we had put a halter on her prior to giving birth so we could have gotten control of her. I didn't get a chance to check the baby right away or do any imprinting. It took till weaning time for me to "socialize" the foal to humans and it was a bit dicy for awhile. She is a sweet yearling now and the first to want a hug and scratch and is great with the farrier, grooming and on halter so who knows which is better, to get right in there or just leave them be.
        12-12-2007, 11:42 AM
    My mom had a mare yrs ago that was so sweet and loving until she has
    Had her foal than she became the mare from h*ll. She was very protective.
    Also I do not discount others stories because every horse is different. If you have a alpha mare that has issues with a lower mare than there could be a problem with putting a foal blanket on the alpha mares foal that the alpha could take offense to.

    Even things bought from the store should be washed first be because someone could have taken it home and tried it on their foal and maybe it did not fit so they brought it back to the store unwashed because it was clean and new. You never know what a mare is going to do when they are protecting their foal. Especially a mare that is fairly new to foaling.
    We have had horses for over 50 yrs we never had an issue like this either but that does not mean we have not heard of it happening.
        12-13-2007, 12:15 AM
    Well my mare certainly isnt alpha. She's somewhere around the bottom of the pack really :( poor darlin

    So basically I just have to see how things go I guess. I will try and make sure she has a halter on for birthing but if she does get cranky, is it acceptable for someone to hold her while I look over the foal or is it best to leave them be?

    Ill make sure anything I buy is washed at home and only goes near my girl. I don't want to run any risks seeing as the subject has been bought up.

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