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Since I am on a defending spree of the OP tonight... Here goes..

I know each of these stallions personally, as well as the OP and her mare. The mare is NOT underweight. She WAS last winter due to a bad feeding program which has been fixed and the mare has been perfectly fine all year. As on Monday, she is a solid 5 on a BCS. I wouldn't say that is "underweight", at all. As for the OP, she is capable of caring for the mare whether she is in foal or not.

So, firstly, the red studs name is not "Last Chance". Idc what his owner says, OP. Last Chance passed in 1985. His name is "Fast Chance", and if I remember correctly, he is one of only 2 stallions with his particular blood line left in the US. While he himself is not much to look at in the photo, he is built correctly FOR HIS BREED. Also, he has yet failed to produce a foal that was not excellent quality. Every foal of his has been very well gaited, properly conformed, and had a wonderful mind with a good work ethic and trainability.
Secondly, the champagne colt is only a 2 y/o and has only just been bred this year to two "test mares". He had a bit of a rough start before his current owner got him, which is why he is a bit thin. He is startingg his under saddle career now and will be shown and campaigned.
Thirdly, the photos of the cremello tobi stud do NOT do this guy justice! They were also from his long yearling year, and why the OP picked those out of all of his others, I do not know. This stud is a proven, winning show horse at only 3. He also carries super bloodlines. His first foal crop has only just hit the ground, but each one has been nothing but quality.
Fourthly, the black/white stud is a real Walking Horse! Also old pictures. He is my pick out of the lot simply due to the foals he has produced. He is AMAZING in every aspect and his foals are no exception. I rode his very first colt and that guy is a walking, shaking, natural fool with the mind of a 20 y/o and built like a brick house!
Not a single foal from this stallion has been anything less than great.

Now, as for the stud fees. There is absolutely nothing wrong with $250. The pleasure bred side of TWH and SSH are lower than the performance/"big lick" side. This is not uncommon or a sign that these are low quality horses. These studs' owner produces some of the nicest foals around every year. And no, the color is NOT what made them be left studs. The color is just the icing on the cake. But, if you aren't knowledgable in the TWH world, it is quite common for horses of this breed to be "colored" and many are homozygous for this and that. But these horses combine the best of all the qualities of the TWH/SSH. Conformation, trainability, mind, and color LAST. As a good friend of their owner, I can assure you they strive to produce quality offspring and work hard with their horses. They also set their fees low to allow the "common man" to get a breeding to an exceptional stallion at a low price. Money is not the object to them, bettering the breed is.

I'm truely sorry if I sound hostile, but it is only due to frustration at the lack of simply being able to answer the question asked. It is the OP's perogative to breed her mare to whatever she wants and no manner of online "don't do its!" make a large difference. I'm posetive she knows the pros and cons of what she's doing. And she IS trying to find the best match for her mare to produce the best she can.
ANE finally, IMO, OP should cross the mare on the 4th horse. He suits her the best, and he wilproduce a gaited spotted foal WHO WILL BE ELIGABLE TO BE REGISTERED as a NSSH and SSHBEA. NOT a grade foal!

*steps off soapbox for the night*
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*steals soapbox*

There is a reason why there is a warning on this section of the board, it is the toughest area of the board. There are those of us who are passionate about breeding or not breeding, and for us it is not a personal attack, but somewhat of a crusade to try and reduce the amount breeding that goes on "just because"

Yes when it comes down to it it is the ops right to breed to who ever she wants to, but you come here to ask questions you will get answers, but you may not like them.

As to all teh background stories, well you know I forgot to plug my crystal ball in, so missed seeing all that you have now told us, should of picked it up from one or two pics I guess.

*gets off soap box* dusts it off and parks it for the next person
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OP, sorry you cant just get an answer without a million soapbox speeches... I have seen people on this very forum breed far more unfortunate looking horses than yours without receiving near the flack. Especially after you posted with your disclaimer that you were going to breed no matter what and that you arent asking for criticism... which everyone seems more than happy to give anyway.

I would choose stallion 3. I think he has many flaws, but over all has heavier bone (ideal for a trail horse imo) and decent conformation for a TWH. I like his front end (which compliments your mares weaker one).

Remember to think your decision through with plenty of thought to the future of this foal before you breed. Good luck!

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I'm not saying anyone is attacking. I respect the opinions 100% here. There is a wealth of knowledge in this place. The OP should have elaborated on the horses more than she did. That's why I did. I think very ighly of their owner, and just feel they were a bit misrepresented here.
I am only speaking for the OP here as a friend. I too have some concerns about the mares age, but there is a planned breeding soundness check in order before anything is set in stone. That is what I'm told. I know The OP has a "history" here that isn't exactly squeaky clean. Lol. But she is trying to go about this the "right way", and if she is going to do that, at least she's trying. Right?

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I don't necessarily have an issue with the breeding itself(though I do feel that she could find a much, much better cross for her mare and at 19, it would not be worth the risk, IMO), however the issue is MONEY. She cannot even afford to geld a mini STUD COLT who could very well get her mare pregnant. If you cannot afford to geld($150-400, tops), you can't afford to breed. There's vet visits, shots, extra feed, the mare is older so will require much more intense care. What if something goes wrong? If you do not have at LEAST enough money for a euth/removal in the bank you should not be breeding, period. It is highly irresponsible and puts your mare in danger of losing her life or the life of her foal.

My mare is 20, I had the chance to breed her. Do I regret not doing it? Yes and no. She is worth way more to me than taking the chance to get a foal. Would I absolutely LOVE a replacement? Sure! But I value her life and her role in MY life more than that.
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Tthe mini is not anywhere near her mare. Totally different area. Just fwiw.

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A 19 year old seasoned broodmare in good condition is still a good candidate for breeding. Mares are bred well into their 20's safely . In fact I have bred mares at the age of 25 without issue.
When anyone asks total strangers to pick a stallion from a photo to breed to their mare of course it raises eyebrows and makes people wonder about the ability of someone to breed and raise a foal.
Thats to be expected.
Concern about breeding a healthy 19 yo mare makes me wonder about the OPs and her defenders experience breeding horses.
The OP has given the other members plenty of reason to question her knowledge and abilities.
That is not saying that certain information might have been given in a nicer tone but hey after reading other thread in the breeding section what should one expect but some very blunt and forward answers.. My concerns are many about this planned breeding.
Since the OP has already stated she is going to breed her mare to one of these stallions my only recourse is to wish her luck. Also to pray for the future of this foal. Shalom
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IMO-it is unfortunate that some here put their "I WANT......." ahead of what is in the best interest of their horse. Really sad and selfish. Go buy one on the ground. their are plenty out there. I happen to have one-a TWH X, as it turns out, who easily could have been at the meat mans by now.

Looking at stud fees I am familiar with-starting at $1K......$250 is nothing, and I am not convinced that the OP can afford the health care necessary for both mare and foal, just judging from previous posts. Again-goes back to the selfish entitled mentality. "She is mine, therefore I can do what I want.". Yeah-you can, but don't expect us all to be thrilled at your lack of sensibility, no less support it.

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TheNinja, thanks for fixing the mistake with Leroy's name. I knew after I had written it that I'd done it wrong, but I had to go to work and didn't have time to fix it.

I am not putting my mare's health behind my own wants. I am planning on talking to the vet and layin out which issues she has (arthritis- she's on a supplement, etc...) and making sure the vet thinks she's breeding sound. If he doesn't think she'd be ok, I won't breed her.

I asked about which stud would be best suited for my mare because I'm horrible at looking and being able to tell. All I know for a fact is that the stud needs to have a nicer shoulder and better neck/shoulder tie-in. I needed opinions on which one was best suited for her because I couldn't tell anything besides what was glaringly obvious.

As for the miniature, his owners know I really don't want him that much, so I'm just working with him here and there trying to get him calmed down. Gelding him isn't my business because he's not really mine. I'm basically just training him and taming him down a little. I don't want him, I've got other horses to work with and care for and they know it.

Vet bills and such I'll be able to afford by saving a quarter of each paycheck and putting it away. My vet also does half-payments (pay half the cost at the time of seeing the mare, pay the next half later after another paycheck comes in).

Yes, the studs are registered.

I didn't put all that information on that TheNinja did because I didn't know all of that information. I just knew that the cremello stud was a reserve world champ as a two year old.

Anyway, gotta go to work. I'll check this and answer any questions when I get home at six.

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"Concern about breeding a healthy 19 yo mare makes me wonder about the OPs and her defenders experience breeding horses."

Idk about you, but I get concerned with every mare bred. Just me. No I don't have a ton of breeding experience because that's not my area that I delve into regularly. I know plenty about it, as does the OP, but we don't know it first hand. She has more than a few mentors and very good vets adept in breeding very near by to help if and when needed.

Every well bred, well conformed Walking youngster I have seen are not going for pennies. The stallion owners sell their foals for anywhere from $1200- $3500 as weanlings and yearlings. Their 3-4 y/o trail horses go for more than that. You are hard pressed to get quality at a sale barn, at least not these around here. You might get lucky to pull a decent quality, but skinny, bad mannered, unhandled two year old for $600.

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