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        10-24-2012, 12:46 PM
    Originally Posted by jaydee    
    Its possible to cross two breeds to get an animal that might be more useful in some competitive nature - a lot of arabian cross breeds are an example of that as are the UK native ponies crossed with TB's and arabs and draft horses crossed in the same way to get a smaller sturdy compact cob that can carry any weight and live on next to nothing but no need to make a whole new breed of them
    Exactly, this is the cross breeding that I am used to, keep the native ponies true to type, they are a great tradition, and still useful in their original role as a multi purpose horse. If you want a competition pony, cross with Arab or TB and you often get great little handy ponies, who usually find their niche in some sort of competition.

    As you say no need to try and create a breed there are people who have spent years perfecting these sorts of crosses and their success rate is high.
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        10-24-2012, 12:49 PM
    Ok, I got halfway through this thread......and then the theme music from the Twilight Zone got so loud I couldn't read any longer.

    : shock::s hock:
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        10-24-2012, 04:08 PM
    I think someone mentioned me in passing, without using my name.

    My big point was that, to me, it doesn't matter if I own a champion-lined purebred or a rescue mutt from a shelter. I love all my pets no matter where they come from. I don't mind people owning purebreds, mutts, or designer animals as long as they are knowledgeable. It's when people get something and expect it to be perfect forever without any effort on their part...that's when I have an issue.

    And the extremes in breeds really does bug me. They look so uncomfortable :c
        10-25-2012, 10:09 PM

    Okay, BlazingFameStables, I don't even know if you are reading this thread anymore. But let me say this;

    I realize you have been bombarded with negative comments and you were maybe just being curious and getting information, while a argument started. No person is going to change their mind if they are given negative feed back, it naturally puts up a shield. It was the wrong way for all of the commenters to act, thinking they were over you, does not help anybody.

    All that said, I don't know anything about you, your age, background, horse knowledge. Anything. I realize you plan to just create a breed (kind of confused if you are focusing on dog or horse..) of your own, and if it becomes a breed then so be it. Alright.

    You obviously care about horses/dogs right? I assume so.
    You are aware of the large amount of animals in need of homes sitting in cages/stalls looking out hoping for someone to come along and at least talk to them? Most likely.

    Then with this in mind, why would you worry about breeding your own and just adding to this growing population? It is quite possible that the breed you are wishing to find is already made, very much so. A great breed that is full of those things are Arabian Warmbloods, a great example! They I don't believe have a true registry yet, at least not one I have seen, so they would be an unregisterable breed?

    Sort of what you are trying to do I suppose.
    I honestly get the feeling that the root reason of this is to 'Zing' those who breed purebreds and are very biased against mixed breeds, dogs or horses.

    I completely agree with your ideals, an animal shouldn't be limited by its pedigree. That statement rings so, so true. But hey, you wouldn't make a mixed without a purebred, so technically you would be supporting the breeding of purebreds. But that bias has caused those who resent them to breed. This in turn causes overpopulation.

    So by adopting one of the needing animals you could train and have that animal grow as a being and show up to one of those fancy shows with all their fancy Arabians and Hanoverian's and maybe, just maybe, you and your trusty steed can blow everyone away! They will all stare out at your horse doing their thing and say... "What breed is that?" You can turn to them and say, "Why should it matter?" and trot off knowing you made a great thing adopting that skinny animal years before and now he pridefully sits between your legs in full trust of you and only you.

    Wouldn't that be just a beautiful experience?
    I think so.

    So before you take on a enormous responsibility, not to mention the enormous expense, of breeding and raising a horse, and what happens when that horse does not follow your expectations? That is something you need to think about.

    I do very much hope you read this.
    And those who do, thank you for reading my words!
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